Friday, February 11, 2011

10-Feb-11 pro-life Sarah Palin

In the 38 years since Roe V. Wade was passed, 50,000,000 babies have been murdered. The brilliant Mark Steyn calls it Big Government Back Alley.
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50 million. Ummm, that is a helluva lot of souls sucked out of the safety of a womb...
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Lloyd Marcus reminds us of the dirtly little secret which I posted about before: "Black women abort their children at 3 times the rate of white women. Over 50% of black pregnancies end in abortion. Thus, according to the numbers, abortion in America is racist. This black genocide is so severe, black babies could be classified as an endangered species due to abortion.

And yet, abortion obsessed liberal Democrats are praised as champions of black America. Meanwhile, MLK's niece, Dr Alveda King who has committed her life to ending the genocide of black babies is vilified, called a 'traitor to her race" and a "sellout" because she is a black Republican.

I feel like I am living in Bizarro World. Enemies of black America are promoted as heroes; true friends are trashed."
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Pro-life Sarah Palin had the COURAGE to give birth to a Down's Syndrome baby. If you knew you were giving birth to a defective baby, would you go through with it? Think about the courage that would take.. I don't know if I could do it. It takes a lot of courage, strength just to raise a normal child let alone one that has any type of genetic defect.
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Sarah Palin would make a great POTUS because she is pro-life.
Isn't there is enough death in the USA and the world? There is and there is PLENTY of room for more people... If EVERY single person was put in ONE location on the planet, the entire population would fit in the state of Texas. Visualize it... There IS more room!
In May-Jun 2008 Governor Palin accomplished:


  1. Lisa,

    Good post.

    We on the right need to redefine Pro-Choice as Pro-Abortion. The left likes to change the labels to make it more palatable.

    We need to call it what it is.

    Rowe v Wade needs to be abolished and the states need to address the issue. Then it will die except in ultra-liberal states.

    50 million dead babies is an abomination of the highest order.

  2. 90% of taxpayer $ should go to ADOPTION organizations...
    10% remaining to last-resort death-clinics in case the mother's life is at stake, she was raped or incest, etc...

    see, I can be reasonable...

  3. My wife and I have 3 lovely children (15,12,10yrs). She suffered two miscarriages between 15 & 12.
    Married life has shown and taught me the burden that women carry in this world of ours.

    The pill has been available for what- 50 years?.
    And the alternatives are many, so why this dreadful toll of 'terminations'?.
    The tragedy of it is that we the living have the means to avoid this that our forebears never had and we are simply not doing so.

    Abortion is NOT contraception

  4. thanks for the comments nzgarry... sorry to hear about the miscarriages, those are tough. You are correct about the availability of contraception... abstinence is also another option esp for unwed teenagers, eh

  5. Thats right, its about taking responsibilty for ones actions.
    I should have got to the point in my previous comment. In my view, a woman should have access to abortion, but for genuine reasons!.


  6. Oh yes also.. Marriage is a great protection to the unborn child of an unplanned pregnancy.

  7. responsibility for ones actions, nzgarry:


    it should also be SHAMEFUL for young, stupid teenagers to be having SEX not CELEBRATED... (avoid most hollyweird movies and shows these days... those lefties are promoting NO morality ever)