Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Feewings not facts: rebuttals to anti Trumpisms

DISCLAIMER:  I support President Trump.

I subscribe to President Ronald Reagan's method and agree with about 80% of what Trump says and does. For example, I fully supported exiting the "Paris accord" wealth distribution scheme.  If I was in charge, I would go further and CLOSE several Federal departments including the EPA instead of "fixing" them like the President's appointees and ministers are tasked to do.  So, no, I am not a "blind" supporter.


How much do I NOT believe ANYTHING Hillary or Bill Clinton say or do?  100%  America dodged a NUKE by electing Mr. Trump.  CLOSE one ... pheeeeeew!  Scary to even entertain the demise of the USA, who I love, if she had gotten her greedy paws on our beloved country...

The Clintons are both corrupt criminals - someone should file RICO charges against their 'foundation'.  WHERE IS THE HAITI money, EH?!  Inquiring minds, especially the hurting people of Haiti, want to know. 

Anyway, below is from someone I know in Chicago who still apparently believes the media is not lying to her 95% of the time ... *sigh*... This Chicagoan sent me a BIG run on paragraph full of leftist propaganda and half truths...  so below are my rebuttals to each leftist "meme" out there circulating the net trying to promote HATE and  LEFTIST propaganda.

First sentence sections are LEFTIST MEME followed by (my opinions on the right in parenthesis).

Am I 100% 'correct' in my opinions?  Well probably not, but I'm still HAPPY AS LARRY President Trump beat out OLD lyin' Hillary.  THANK God and Hallelujah!

"The list continues"

Insulting sitting judges (don't know which judge was 'insulted', but who cares?  Obummer's regime installed two LEFT WING JUDGES - if 'they' were insulted by something? I don't care...)

Expressing joy at grabbing women by their genitalia, (I didn't see this as the "huge" deal the LEFT thought it was. To me it was male locker room 'boasting' / ONLY TALK. Are "starlets" and wanna be Hollywood "actresses" sluts who throw themselves at men?  OF COURSE they are. Beyond TALK, Bill Clinton ACTUALLY RAPED, molsted many women AND had sex with Monica Lewinsky in White House for goodness sake. Clinton's ACTIONS are WAY worse than Trump's "TALK")

Thrice wed; Multiple baby mommas; (This is a "criticism"? I mean who cares? Divorce is common practice in the USA. At least President Trump's kids are AWESOME!)

blood coming out of a TV host's wherever, (this was in response to OPENLY HOSTILE press aka Megyn-no-longer-at-Fox-Kelly - and Trump's speaking style: abrupt. Most rational people think he meant the expression "blood coming out of (her) eyes (side?) (pores?)" in anger - just a failed attempt at a biblical reference...)

spinning a conspiracy theory, by design, to attract a particular base that #44's birth certificate was fake, (if you use Adobe software, MANY people pointed out the "official" birth certificate was a fraud. Not a conspiracy, but again, who cares, this truth never stopped Obummer from being in the White House for eight very long anti American years, did it... Obummer BLOCKED all his records - so where this Manchurian candidate came from or who actually fathered this guy - will probably never be known 100%...)

insulting the Mexican people by accusing them of crimes without any factual basis to do so, (FUNNY! being in the USA or ANY country ILLEGALLY is a CRIME! There are drugs and gun running - besides REGULAR crimes illegal aliens do while they sponge off the taxpayer... the left thinks there are no 'facts' to back up the crimes by ILLEGALS?  they are dreaming....)

asserting, without an iota of of evidence, that millions of "illegal" votes is why he lost the popular vote, (there is voter fraud and everyone knows it. There are court cases PROVING this already in Ohio. Check out "True the Vote" a non partisan group. Did Trump overstate this? Maybe - but doesn't bother me. Voter fraud IS a problem - and he's asked his staff to investigate.  Time will tell...)

obsessing about inaugural crowd size when pictures demonstrated yours was markedly smaller than #44s, (who cares? THE MEDIA CARES. The MEDIA uses a bogus picture to "compare" crowd sizes to try an DIMINISH the people who proudly attended Trump's inauguration. I watched it PROUDLY AND HAPPILY in NZ. Because the media LIED: this is obvious a FAKE 'NEWS' meme...)

denigrating a beloved American actress, (Who was 'denigrated'? Maybe Meryl Streep the nut ball? Who gives a rats patoot if Hollyweirdos OR ANYONE is "offended" at ANYTHING. Nothing happens when someone is offended. NOTHING! is a president supposed to 'adore' the Hollyweirdos?  Thanks goodness he doesn't wub everyone... sheeeeesh)

appointing adversarial and inappropriate Cabinet members to EVERY single post, (pure bull doody. MOST if not all of the cabinet members are EXCELLENT in their chosen fields. Hells bells better then leftist college kids and IRANIAN adviser Obummer selected. Valerie Jarrett pushed PRO MUSLIM "policy" and was probably instrumental in that CASH Obums sent to Iran on a WOOD PALLET. Obummer GAVE Iran, terror lovin' Iran - hard earned TAX PAYER MONEY. Why the HELL was that done?  ... I love T-Rex and Wilburine and all cabinet members so far under Trump are busily helping to #MAGA...)

making trade threats with border countries, (Nope. NAFTA will be renogiated to BETTER server American interests. Not a "threat" at all)

mandating that a worthless pointless wall be built at a catastrophic cost, (how stupid - hey "open borders nut", please go across ANY country's border ILLEGALLY and let us all know how you go... MAJORITY of American's are SICK AND TIRED of illegals flooding across the border. BUILD THE D$MN WALL already: a wall IS needed to help STOP the illegal flow of guns, drugs and people across the mexican border)

denigrating the handicapped, (FAKE NEWS: was completely DISPROVED. Trump did an odd hand gesture several times during the campaign when he complained - about MANY people. SIDE NOTE: apparently the left likes to use the word "denigrate" to make their fake memes appear truthful and important when they are only LYING repeatedly....)

threatening to take over police power from the city of Chicago due to the crime rate, (NO threat, he OFFERED to send Federal help to Chicago. Aren't there enough dead gang bangers in Chicago? Give me a BREAK! Chicago's death rates are more than in IRAQ! Ballerina lovin' Rahm Emanual is a horrible mayor... wake up Chicago!)

marginalized and dishonored a beloved civil rights hero now senator, (who the heck is this meme about? Bernie Sanders? have no idea who was "dishonored" but I don't really care. MOST of the current sitting senators in Washington DC are corrupt uniparty horror shows only interested in lining their own pockets with tax payer treasury dough)

falsely accusing a former president of a criminal act, (which former president?! I could make an argument that Obummer needs to be charged for SEVERAL crimes he committed... it would be GREAT if he was arrested an perp walked in an orange jump suit... but I don't think that will ever happen - uniparty will not allow...)

speaking casually about violent acts: where voters would still vote for you, encouraging your supporters to physically express violence towards the free press, (give me a flipping break - GEORGE SOROS is putting millions of dollars to FUND various LEFTIST VIOLENT PROTESTS. The LEFT is the VIOLENT side. Goes back to KLU KLUX KLAN which was a DEMOCRAT group! America needs to BOYCOTT the LYING leftist media. All of 'em - boycott, ignore and DE-FUND... )

mocking the mother of a Muslim soldier, (eh? does the left not understand under Islam, muslim WOMEN have the same status as cows. This is in their Koran. American women should be HORRIFIED at the way women are OPPRESSED by muslim MEN. WHY aren't they horrified? I don't care if Trump tells the TRUTH that a muslim MOM wasn't allowed to speak - he was making a good point. SHE WAS NOT allowed to speak!)

instituting a Muslim BAN, (FAKE NEWS = there is NO muslim ban in the USA. There is a TRAVEL ban from some countries from which the USA can NOT vet the people. Obummer's administration identified same countries. I wish there was a Muslim BAN and I would support that 100%)

defaming a senator who was a prisoner of war, (is the left worried about their 'friend' McCain?! He's a putz - HIS fellow prisoners even say so. He should RETIRE... but 'defaming' sure sounds like an important word to get emotions STIRRED up, eh!)

casually inviting known dictators and human rights abusers to the White House, (it was OBUMMER who did that. FREQUENTLY ... hello the Castro regime anyone => Obummers PALS? sheeeesh)

getting your daily policy briefing from The FOX News propaganda outlet, using a cultural epithet to denigrate a sitting senator, ("sitting senators" are just people who desire money and power. That's it. They are not "gods" and many are corrupt jerks... FOX pushes LESS propaganda than CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, NY Times, Washington Post or ANY of the typical leftist news sites. Where should center-right-independents get 'news' from? I don't believe everything on FOX. Noone should but its better than the left's propaganda outlets)

firing a sitting AG who warned you of Flynn's Russian ties, (give me a break - Trump fired a temporary AG who stated SHE would NOT uphold the LAW! Flynn's "Russian ties" are minor and he was fired. Repeating lies like autistic children (media) of "Russian ties" is more FAKE NEWS) - Dem. SCHUMER has clearer "Russian Ties" - WHERE'S the investigation, EH?)

firing an AUSA investigating a current cabinet member, (I have no idea what this means but I hope Trump fires ALL Obummer admin hold overs. They STINK to high heaven)

firing a sitting FBI Director and inviting Russian media into the Oval Office while shutting out American media. (FAKE NEWS: USA MEDIA has NOT been "shut out" - the Trump admin is more TRANSPARENT than Obummer's admin. Corrupt COMEY had to GO! He was covering for Obummer and Hillary's ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES!)

Wherein, he disclosed highly classified intelligence information to the Russians. (nope: FAKE NEWS. Completely fake)

Asked the sitting FBI director to bury the Flynn investigation, when he did not, he was fired, (nope: saying "I hope" is not "do this" and never will be: more FAKE NEWS.)

conveniently abolished the White House visitor log, (nope: didn't happen: FAKE NEWS.)

gave Israeli intelligence to the Russians, (bull doody: FAKE NEWS)

inviting a dictator to the White House whose bodyguards beat peaceful protestors outside of the Turkish embassy in DC, (YES this did happen! Shockingly this is TRUE.  I, for one, cannot stand Turkey or its leader. However, USA needs to use Turkey airspace. The USA has to 'deal' with Turkey somehow. Turkey stinks ... big time)

inviting a Saudi Prince to the White House who met with Erik Prince (Blackwater founder and Betsy DeVos' brother) in the Seychelles to arrange backdoor contacts with himself Putin, (give me a break: OBUMMER's college was supposedly PAID FOR by Saudis. This entire sentence SMELLS like FAKE NEWS to me and while I don't know much about it, if DeVos does a bad job, she'll get fired... if I was running Washington, I'd abolish the "department of education" - let the STATES educate kids - get the FEDS completely OUT of education... get all the Islam-huggin' Saudi-paid-for TEXT books OUT of schools, too.... jus' sayin'.... )

turns EVERY SINGLE public speaking engagement into a rant about himself. (give me a break! EVERY DAMN speech Obummer READY off his precious teleprompter was me me me me me... and when the prompter broke, Obums STUTTERED repeatedly...  Trump's speaking style isn't for everyone, but I don't care... he rocks it... )

Defaming the just fired FBI director to Russian trolls and explaining that you did it to bury an ongoing investigation, (COMEY IS CORRUPT and should now be arrested: he ADMITTED to ILLEGAL leaking of information to his 'friend' to give to the MEDIA! Corrupt COMEY is a LEAKER and a putz)

made a $110 BILLION dollar deal with the Saudis, who had 15 of the 19 terrorist from 9/11, celebrating Saudi human rights abusers while the Yemenis starve and die of cholera, (nope, Trump is helping form a middle east coalition to FIGHT TERRORISM ... it is NOT the USA's "job" to pay for people in Yemen, it is YEMEN's JOB..... DUH ... that said, I don't personally trust ANYONE from Saudi... but if Trump can get the Islamists to SORT out their OWN SHITE and stop funding and promoting terrorism in THEIR countries; I support that....)

upon arrival to Israel announced that you had just returned from the Middle East, (SO WHAT? Bibi knew potus trip itinerary and Bibi is clearly HAPPY when he's with Trump - Bibi wasn't too happy with pro Muslim positions of Obummer)

praised Philippine President Duterte's murdering of alleged drug criminals, shared classified intelligence with Duterte regarding the location and mission of 2 US nuclear submarines, (the Philippines are a MESS. Their president takes a HARSH stand on criminals and executes them. However it is NOT the USA so cannot compare. I would never travel or live there - besides fighting Islamic terror threats, it is simply not Trump's job to tell Duterte what do to beyond expressing concern --- is it? )

Drafted a health care bill to cripple Americans, (NOPE that is Obummer's "affordable care act" which is COLLAPSING under its OWN weight!)

rolled back protections for LGBTQ students, (why should LGBTQ's 1% get SPECIAL treatment? I'm tired of hearing about anything gay... keep your sex life to yourself like all decent people do... sheeesh)

put the US in the perilous position of not receiving intelligence update regarding terrorism threats from our allies (Nope: FAKE NEWS)

failed to commit to Article 5 of NATO "an act against one is an act against all," (more FAKE NEWS. Trump JUST mentioned his support of article 5 at joint press conference with Romanian president - go google it...)

acting like a drunk fraternity boy by pushing your way in front of the newest NATO member in order to look like you were important, (so what? Trump IS THE LEADER OF NATO ... it wasn't a "push" either, just an assertive move by an alpha leader... )

threatening German automakers despite the vast impact they have on the American economy, (give me a freaking break - who CARES what the Germans do? It is THEIR economy. If USA has a BAD DEAL with Germany, I expect President Trump to renegotiate for a deal BETTER for the USA)

complained to NATO members of your difficulties in building golf resorts in the EU, (FAKE NEWS)

refusing to call white nationalists terrorists even when they commit murder on US soil, (FAKE NEWS. MUSLIM TERRORISTS are in many countries wreaking HAVOC. Read up at "religionofpeace.com" are there other crimes?  yep... but it is not the Amish nor white people using knives, vans, beheadings, fire, flinging gays off roofs or flying jets into towers shouting alla snakbar all over the world... )

threatening to attack our adversaries when feeling the heat, (FAKE NEWS)

waited days to mention the two military members killed by white supremacists, (FAKE NEWS - at least Trump MENTIONS our fallen military. Obummer, Hillary or Lurch could GIVE a RATS and LEAVES them to DIE like in Benghazi)

destroyed 70 years of allegiance with our closest allies, (FAKE NEWS - USA allies are HAPPY Obummer is OUT of the White House and are MEETING with Trump OFTEN!)

singing and swaying at Arlington National Cemetery during the Memorial Day Wreath Laying Ceremony as if attending a 4th of July celebration, (give me a break: more FAKE NEWS)

tweets incoherently in the middle of the night, (so what? HE IS TALKING DIRECTLY to the American people without the corrupt leftist propaganda "filter" and spin. Trump tweets are awesome)

withdraws US from the Paris Climate Change Agreement, (AWESOME! it was a money/ponzi scheme with BILLIONS into 'green' slush funds - socialism WEALTH DISTRIBUTION. I'm SO happy Trump stopped that NONSENSE ... I wish he'd go farther and get a task force to STOP they AGW religion-greenie SCHEMES... we'll see what the new guy Scott P. will do at EPA.... )

grants ethics waivers to 17 top staffers, (have no idea what this is but I don't really care)

gave Russia back previously seized spy compounds in the US, (what is the MEDIA'S big Russia Russia Russia bull doody? MEDIA didn't CARE when Hillary ALLOWED Russia to get 20% of USA URANIUM?!)

has failed to appoint directors to major government agencies, (FAKE NEWS. Along with leftist MEDIA, ALL DEMOCRATS in Washington have OPENLY stated they want thwart or delay any Trump appointees)

continues to shamelessly promote his brand-even pointing out at one of his golf resorts that he might pose with a couple for a wedding picture should they use his resort, (who cares? Trump towers STILL EXIST and so do golf courses. At the recent visit to a WEDDING - they started chanting "USA USA USA" in absolute JOY when the President stopped by and posed for some pictures. HE is a man OF the people! THANK GOD!)

used a terror attack in London to advocate for his Muslim Ban, (GIVE ME A BREAK. There is NO "muslim ban" this is FAKE NEWS and I would WELCOME an actual muslim ban if there ever is one)

recklessly and repeatedly criticize the Mayor of London's statements to citizens, (the Muslim mayor of London IS A HUGE PUTZ... The QUEEN personally INVITED Trump AFTER this putz mayor spoke out against President Trump. THE QUEEN is of higher importance than the idiotic mayor)

funneled money meant for St. Jude's Children's Hospital to his own entities (I have no idea what this is all about, however, the LEFT supports MILLIONS going to Clinton's dumb "foundations" - just like millions were LOST for the HAITI rebuild effort. Ask HAITI if they love the Clintons - THEY DO NOT ... I'll withhold judgment on St Jude's 'charges')

being the biggest embarrassment in America's history. Go figure. (NOPE that was OBUMMER - one by one President Trump is helping CLEAN out the corruption and expelling the dumb shite Obummer did. THANK GOD FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP! AMEN SISTER!)