Saturday, June 30, 2012

the mandate that wasn't a tax: now it IS a tax

welcome to Amerrika!  The individual mandate of Oscare is now a TAX - even though Demo-commies including TheWon INSISTED it ISN'T...  SCOTUS says its  a TAX.  It makes me ill.

New RNC ad, hattip LegalInsurrection

my mom is at home now after a week in hospital... she has round the clock care minders who are making her comfortable... she is unable to swallow any water or food... so just a matter of time.

I'm at my sister's at moment ill from a horrible cold - don't want to be at my mom's house and get her sicker than she already is... I hope to get back there tomorrow so am pounding cold medicine.

But America as I know it already died this week...  It should now be a slam dunk for Romney in November... We'll just have to insist he repeals and replaces Oscare with a private market solution and reform.  I hope that will happen.  We'll see, eh.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

mom had a massive stroke

I will not be posting much this month....   I'm in Chicago helping take care of my mom for a month or so after she had a massive stroke...

Go tell your parents, if they are still alive, that you love them... You never know if they'll be with you tomorrow...

The only good side right now is I'll be able to semi-experience a 4th of July here in America.  I'm looking forward to that mixed with caring for a disabled, elderly parent....

cheerio for now

Lisa G in NZ

Thursday, June 14, 2012

you just might start dancing

This song is SO catchy... I can't stop playing it!  Definitely my fav song of the week... I give you Amy and Nick of Karmin:

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

funky winter bromeliad

damn you winter, I'm flowering anyway...
This morning it was 3 degrees C at my house.  I still have flowering plants - like the above Bromeliad. It looked at me as I drove down the driveway this morning and said "damn you winter, I'm flowering anyway...".  I like its attitude.  Sub-tropicals, Bromeliads do pretty well in my yard anywhere I put them.  I've moved 'em around all over the place.  With shallow roots, they do well anywhere here in Titirangi NZ. 

I went to my dietician last night and her garden is outstanding, as it should be - her husband is a landscape designer.  Wow, their yard is an advertisement.  There is a car park spot next to her driveway and their house is down an incline.  They've put in natural stairs to climb down half way then walk the rest on the driveway itself.  She has lots of flowering Bromeliad species, ferns, Auckland natives, spotlights along the stairs and drive... its a gorgeous blend of native bush plus his tidy handywork to make the greenery attractive and enticing - almost like the garden is a person dressed up in their best clothes saying "welcome...".  I always feel the urge to work on my garden (and my diet!) after a visit to their home.

I know I haven't been writing too much on this blog... My brain is filled with writing ideas for a couple of books I'd like to write.  First I want to write about my experiences as a passenger with my dad in his Cessna 182 Skylane he flew all over the midwest USA.  He was based out of Palatine, Illinois.  This was an expensive hobby for him, but he absolutely loved it and got several licenses throughout the years.  I tagged along with him as an eager kid logging hundreds of hours - just as passenger of course.  I think it might make an interesting book - and I can even seeing myself bringing it to a seller's booth at the annual EAA Osh Kosh airshow in Wisconsin. 

Guess I will have to commit to spending time writing about it... Yep, lots to do, lots to do... What are you up to in your neck of the woods?  Got Bromeliads?   :-)

Calls for Holder to resign re F n F gunwalking

Latest on the gun-walking scandal...

Senator Coryn at a Senate Judiciary Committee’s oversight hearing has joined others in calling for Holder to resign over the Fast and Furious mess. Here's his specific explanation for exactly why the "top" law enforcement (yeah right) "officer" in the USA should resign (or be FIRED!):

And why does this investigation even matter?  The oversight committee advises what its all about:

Key Goals of Investigation
  1. Expose the full scope of Fast and Furious
  2. Deliver the Fast and Furious facts to the American people
  3. Eliminate the program's dangerous investigative techniques
  4. Discover who is responsible for starting Fast and Furious
  5. Discover who is responsible for implementing Fast and Furious
  6. Discover which high-level government officials knew about Fast and Furious
  7. Discover which high-level government officials approved Fast and Furious
  8. Expose high-level government officials who failed to stop Fast and Furious
  9. Hold accountable those responsible for Fast and Furious
  10. Protect taxpayers' rights to Congressional oversight of the Executive Branch

Twitchy has the twitter updates covering "Dangerous incompetence: Another hearing, more lying, stonewalling by Attorney General Holder on Fast and Furious; Update: Holder admits being cagey, says he’ll be ‘more honest in different setting.’"  (<--- huh?!)

Some interesting tweets:

Sandy @_SandyP - Eric Holder is like an incompetent teacher you can't get rid of because of union "protection." He seriously needs to go.

Frank J. Fleming @IMAO_ Holder: "A dingo stole those guns and gave it to the Mexican drug cartels. Dingoes do things; I saw it in the news."

Thursday, June 7, 2012

News Media "Gestapo" forming in Australia?

This is very good... from Australia, (hattip JoNova) Topher explains why FREE SPEECH is  extremely IMPORTANT and now under assault in Australia (... and elsewhere!)


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Congratulations WISCONSIN!

Congratulations Wisconsin!

Gov Scott Walker WINS the recall

Lt Gov Rebecca Kleefisch WINS the recall



The American public made some strides in 2010 and I expect MUCH more of the SAME as wheat happened in Wisconsin across the USA in NOVEMBER 2012

yesssssss... damn victory is SWEET!


For some inspirational music on this win, go to: Legal Insurrection