Friday, September 30, 2011

unexpectedly, our team The Warriors make the finals this weekend


YEAH boyz!  With 2 critical matches in the quarter and semi finals hard won, The Vodafone Warriors play in the NRL grand final this Sunday in 2 days!

My husband has been an avid supporter of The Warriors since the team started in 1994.  With league as an Australia favorite sport and a competition of only Australian teams, The Warriors was the first NZ team to join the National Rugby League.

2002 saw them make it to the finals but they lost the final game - a heart breaker for fans.  We were living in the USA for the 2002 match, but my husband found a radio station playing the game live so was listening avidly in middle of the night USA time.  (I fell asleep, oops). 

This weekend, all 3 teams in The Warriors club have made it to their respective finals:  The Vodafone Warriors have carved out another piece of history with close to 50 of their players now set to be involved in all three grand finals at ANZ Stadium in Sydney next Sunday (October 2).  The coaching staff is doing something right to get ALL 3 teams to their respective finals. 

We can't make it over to the match in Australia, but will be cheering them on TV.  They are the underdogs - 1 New Zealand team in a competition of 16: 15 are Australian.  It will be great it they win!  Go boyz! 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gunwalker "most important political and legal story in America right now"

guns, lots of guns... were GIVEN to Mexico cartels courtesy of USA feds...

Bob Owens at Pajamas media says the Gunwalker story is "the most important political and legal story in America right now."

Could be...

Owens says "I don’t wish to understate it: elements of the U.S. Departments of Justice, State, Homeland Security, and Treasury are responsible for supplying an arsenal to narco-terrorists waging a civil war against an American ally. Our federal government may bear responsibility for at least 200 murders committed with “walked” firearms, in what Mexican Attorney General Marisela Morales describes as a “betrayal” of her country by the Obama administration.

Are there legal ramifications? Perhaps. According to Title 18, 2331 of the U.S. Code, Operation Fast and Furious may amount to international terrorism, which carries with it stiff penalties for conspiracies that result in homicide. The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act — which was originally used to prosecute the mafia — and the Arms Export Control Act (AECA) may also fit, as may assorted state and federal charges. Charges may also result from two investigations launched by Mexican authorities, and Mexico could conceivably file charges with the International Criminal Court."

Could you imagine Obama, Holder and others up on charges, convicted and sent somewhere in orange suits?  Now THAT would be a celebration of justice for those killed in Gunwalker.

Yep...   So WHERE is the AMERICAN MEDIA on this story, eh?  hmmm, mmm, mmm

Dunn's predictions

J.R. Dunn at American Thinker has some outcomes and predictions about Obamalam - an excerpt:

"Let's take a look at the record.

The Stimulus -

Roots: I am the 21st century FDR. Really...

A magnificent achievement: at last, after nearly a century of abuse and misuse, final and irrefutable proof of the emptiness of the Keynesian full-employment theory. Unfortunately, Obama was trying to prove the exact opposite, and spent $800 billion to do it.

Results: It worked so well he wants to do it again.

Electric cars -

Roots: Environmentalist boondoggle #1.

Hundreds of millions in incentives, subsidies, and tax breaks to prove what the critics knew all along: that go-carts can't compete with the IC engine.

Results: Someday, somebody will come up with a cheap, lightweight battery that will hold a charge good for a couple hundred mile trip. But someday will be too late for Barack Obama.

The Gulf Shutdown -

Roots: Weaning the country from oil addiction, the Obama way.

More O cleverness. Shut down oil drilling in the Gulf for "safety reasons" in the wake of the BP disaster and then -- just don't let it start up again! Nobody will ever figure it out, even after gas hits four bucks a gallon.

Results: Massive unemployment in the Gulf and the aforementioned gas prices.

Obamacare -

Roots: The final keystone in the glorious structure of the New Deal.

What was supposed to be his trademark reform, the program that was to make him into an FDR for the 21st century, has turned into a running sore, a constant headache and source of anxiety, with several adverse court decisions leading up to the inevitable Supreme Court date.

Results: A progressive breakdown of the national health-care system and a sense of disgust affecting every last citizen equally.

Fast and Furious -

Roots: Obama's debt to the anti-handgun crowd.

People are dead. More will die in the days to come. In a more decent world (e.g., the one I grew up in) somebody would break down and talk out of pure shame. Not this bunch.

Results: The scandal that will mark Obama's tenure as firmly as Teapot Dome. Somebody's going to do heavy time.

Solyndra -

Roots: O's attempt to fulfill the Green agenda, come hell or high water.

A half a billion loan to a company that the Pythoness of Delphi foresaw would go bust in 600 B.C. And now the chief execs are taking the Fifth. It doesn't get better than this.

Results: Hell and high water."

great stuff - read the rest here

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

a 180: changing minds about abortion

betrayal? treason? carbon tax looms -> what say you Australia?

when will Australian PM Julia Gillard get the boot?!

Australian's feel betrayed by Julia Gillard with her push for an outrageous carbon tax.  From Quadrant Online, Carton Tax Betrayal:

"So what are the conduct and circumstances which have pushed Australians over the edge?

First Labor hyped climate change as “the greatest moral challenge of our time”, an emergency demanding immediate action, failing which there would be catastrophe. Copenhagen was billed as the last great hope for salvation, but collapsed in a shambles. Then Rudd failed to get his CPRS up in the senate, wobbled and decided to squib “the greatest moral challenge” after all. According to a subsequent leak, Gillard urged him to abandon carbon pricing, just as she assured us there was more chance of her playing AFL for “the Dogs” than replacing him. Not long after, Rudd was ruthlessly cut down with her connivance. Never before had a first-term government pre-empted the voters. In an election derailed by leaks and infighting, Gillard ruled out a carbon price until there was “a deep and lasting community consensus” and proposed a citizens’ assembly. Six days out from polling day, she went further, declaring “there will be no carbon tax under the government I lead”. Falling short of a clear mandate, she ostentatiously hooked-up with the Greens, a party most Australians distrust. With little resistance, she granted them the tax she had renounced. Succeeding months brought a series of ploys to cleanse the taint from this backflip, a “multi-party committee” working with a “business roundtable”, a “climate commission” composed of suitable “experts”, multiple reports from infallible sage Ross Garnaut, leaks to reliable journalists about a cornucopia of jobs and compensation, constant hectoring about “carbon pollution” and “our clean energy future”, Carbon Sunday, an ad campaign and Gillard’s “shoe leather” tour. All misjudged the depth of public resentment, all compounded the original breach of faith, and all failed miserably.

Australians are entitled to feel they have been conned, disrespected and, yes, betrayed."

Jo Nova reports The Carbon Tax is so bad, people are asking if this is treason - "People are using words like “sickening”, “shocking” and describing Gillard’s actions as “vindictive” and a “treacherous spoiler”, and using the word treason. There’s a plea: “God help us!”

Sounds like Australians are a bit upset about a carbon tax, the mother of all lies, eh?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

muslims hate dogs

Why do muslims hate dogs?  I have no idea.  Well who cares, they are all inbred idiots anyway.  This post isn't about muzzies though.  Its about saying goodbye to a family friend named Bella. 

Above is one of the last pictures I have of my dog Kiki (black & white) and mum's dog Bella (Shepard mix).  We were giving them biscuit treats and trying to take photos and Kiki is so fast I only got the backsides because she kept turning around looking for the next treat.  Oh well...  You can see a bit of grey on Bella's face.  This picture was taken last month. 

Last weekend Bella had to be put down.  She had stomach cancer.  She was diagnosed last Thursday after not eating for over a week and only vomiting and losing weight rapidly.  Thursday's ultra sound showed 2 huge masses taking up the entire space of her stomach.  She was given a prognosis of 5 days to live.  Thursday night was OK as mum spent the night near her on the floor with cushions.  Bella wouldn't go down stairs any more.  Friday night was bad.  Bella would drink water then vomit it up.  Blood started coming out her rectum.  Saturday Bella was walking around a bit managing to get outside into the garden.  She laid down in the shade.

Deb and her daughter had stayed overnite Friday with mum helping cleanup vomit and blood. Mum decided Saturday morning it was time.  Mum realized Bella was suffering and she was not going to recover.  It was time to mercifully end her life. It is part of pet ownership.  Our local vet, Doctor Steve, will come out to your house for the euthanasia service.  He arrived about 2:15pm. 

On a sunny afternoon, Bella had her family around her petting her and stroking her while she peacefully laid in the garden.  With the shot, Bella went to sleep ... for the last time.  We hugged each other and told her we'd miss her and what a great dog she was.  I guess it was an impromptu funeral.  We helped Dr. Steve put her in a plastic bag in his car trunk and said goodbye.  Bella will be cremated and the ashes will be returned to mum in a rimu wood box with a plaque on it. 

Bella is now with our dog Sheela in doggie heaven.  Mum's husband of 53 years who we lost a couple months ago is with them... and there is an endless supply of treats.

Goodbye Bella... you were a great guard dog for mum who never bit or hurt anyone.  You never tolerated any minor cat disagreements. You were a pacifist and loving friend.  You will be missed.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Chesler: the UN is full of Rapists and Traffickers (Helen are you listening?)

Previous NZ Prime Minister Helen Clark is now working at the UNDoes Helen know she works for one of the most corrupt organizations on the planet? 

Hey, Helen, please read this great article by Phyllis Chesler today at Pajamas Media

Ms. Chesler writes "...the UN is built on a lie: that its diplomats are morally decent."

"The Wilsonian-influenced ideals of the UN are not realistic or realizable. In turn, the UN is predicated on the myth — nay, the lie — that UN diplomats and civil servants are morally upright, fair, decent, rational — and, not the vicious tyrants, bullies, thugs, liars, egomaniacs, cowards, and grifters that they truly are. Nor does the UN have a transparent system in place that would hold their mightily flawed personnel accountable for the crimes they commit."  Read the full article for the FACTS and EVIDENCE Ms. Chesler presents - powerful stuff.

She calls America "The Chief Subsidizer of UN Rapists and Traffickers" and asks "Why is the United States funding rapists, criminals, pimps, brothels, and sex traffickers? Why are we funding orgies? Why are we funding the most heinous betrayal of the world’s most vulnerable civilians in war zones? Why are we overpaying for UN peacekeeping?"

"According to the UN peacekeeping website, the budget for the fiscal year 1 July 2011-30 June 2012 is approximately seven billion dollars. The United States is responsible for 27 percent of this cost, or about two billion. This is far more than what Japan (1 billion), the UK (591 million), China (285 million), Spain (230 million), or Korea (164 million) pays for peacekeepers. Interestingly, under President Barack Obama’s administration, the United States overpaid its share of the UN peacekeeping budget. In fact, our overpayment of 287 million dollars is more than what most of the world’s supporters — including China — pay for “peacekeeping.”

Why indeed.  So what is the answer Helen?  No answer?  You just want a paycheck and a false "feel good" job, eh?  I think Phyllis just found 2 billion the USA can save, too...! So, get the USA out of the UN and the UN out of the USA = SAVE MONEY!
Congo street kids choose prostitution over death... gee, sounds like fun!?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Greenfield: the end of Palestine (yeah!)

that Arafat was SUCH a fun guy = "normal" to suicide bomb? huh?
The excellent Daniel Greenfield article describes the end of Palestine (yeaaaah!  IT NEVER "EXISTED" ANYWAY!) - no matter what Abbas does (their last and latest ditch effort is demanding UN "statehood"... "now"! crikey...)

"Abbas doesn’t represent anyone, except the militias and bureaucracy that he pays with US and EU money. His term has expired. He has no legal status for conducting any negotiations. But you won’t read that in the press, which takes great care to blame Netanyahu for delaying negotiations, when in fact it was Abbas who repeatedly rejected direct talks, primarily because they may well end up being his death warrant.

The media and the Obama Administration remain wired into a purely “Blame Israel” mode. One story after another insists that the main obstacle to peace is a few private Israeli homes going up in Jerusalem or Judea and Samaria. It is as if Hamas’ control of Gaza doesn’t exist for them. The elephant in the room armed with rockets and suicide bombers, controlling all of Gaza, might as well be a non-issue, as far as they’re concerned. No one in the media asks when was the last time Abbas won an election. A minor issue that goes to the minor question of whether Abbas is even actually empowered to reach any binding agreements.

It might be 2011, but it might as well be 1996 or 2003 or any year in between. Except that the PLO’s power is about done. The negotiations don’t matter. Abbas will do his best to see that they fail, because it’s the only way he can survive his own people. And he needs to have the blame for the failure fall on Israel, because it’s the only way he can hang on to US and European support. As usual, nothing Israel can do will work, and whatever it does, it will get the blame. The media will go on chattering about settlements, as if that were the endgame here.
aaaw, tyrannical friendship and huggies! ... aren't they cute together?  (blech)

Statehood is a fiction that will move more money into the pockets of the Fatah elite, but it’s also a double-edged sword. Fatah’s only defense against a Hamas takeover is that it can extract territory through negotiations—something Hamas cannot do because it refuses to negotiate for anything but temporary truces. A unilateral statehood declaration, if taken seriously, would also mean the end of negotiations. That’s something Abbas can’t afford because then his usefulness to Hamas is at an end.

Abbas needs Israel to keep from being overrun by Hamas, but he needs Hamas to keep his image as the moderate alternative to those crazy guys in Gaza. The balancing act has drawn billions in foreign aid, but infuriated everyone. Now Abbas is playing an even more dangerous game, going for broke to shake down Israel and the world into giving him some breathing room. It’s a desperate move, but it may also work in the short term. In the long term though, the whole shebang is still doomed.

The Palestinian Authority is not a government, it’s a terrorist organization in suits and ties. It has shown that it is not self-supporting and not capable of running anything besides a rocket launcher. It existed only as long as it was useful to someone.

The PLO began life because it was useful to the Syrians and Egyptians. When they no longer wanted it, it was still useful to the USSR. When the USSR no longer wanted it, it became useful to America. But now it’s running out of sponsors.

The United States has been funding the Palestinian Authority since 1992 and it has gotten nothing for it, and while the foreign policy establishment insists on blaming Israel for that, there’s only so long that game can go as well. The Bush Administration dumped Arafat and Abbas knows that sooner or later his turn will come. With no more options, no ability to reach a final status agreement and Western patrons whose foreign aid budgets will start tightening in the face of the bankruptcy, he is playing his only remaining card.

Either way the Palestinian myth is on the verge of flickering out. Hamas may talk about Palestinian rights, but it has even less interest in them than the PLO did. Hamas was spawned by the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. Its goal is an Islamic state in Egypt and Gaza, and then all of Israel. It has replaced the Pan-Arabism of a Shukairy with a Pan-Islamism, that it meant to lead to a Global Caliphate. The leaders of Hamas are no less corrupt than Arafat’s cronies were, but it will take longer for the average Israeli Arab to figure that out."  READ THE REST HERE
best buds: Arafat and Saddam about to... kiss?
thank GOD both these assholes are DEAD
here's your hat, what's your hurry

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Steyn's After America: Armaggedon

by Mark Steyn, get it at Amazon "Anarchist Theater days of stage" discusses the recent days of rage non-event and points out a great list from Mark Steyn's book "After America: Armaggedon". Steyn describes the end of America in a succinct and colorful way:


We spend too much, borrowing from the future to such an extent it’s no longer clear we’ve got one.


Day by day, an unprecedented transfer of wealth from the productive class to the obstructive class is delivering a self-governing republic into rule by regulators, bureaucrats, and social engineers.


Old ruling class: “We the People.” New ruling class: “We the People who know better than you frightful people…” America is ruled not be a meritocracy but by a cartel of conformicrats imposing a sterile monopoly of outmoded ideas.


“Yes, we can”? No, we can’t! By comparison with the past, America is already seizing up.


As Britain and other great powers quickly learned, the price of Big Government at home is an ever smaller presence abroad. An America turned inward will make for a more dangerous world.


“Celebrate Diversity”? The ideological homogeneity and social engineering of the nation’s schools would be regarded as child abuse in any other age. Aside from its other defects, it diverts too many Americans into frivolous unproductive activity, while our competitors get on with the real work.

D is for DECAY

Mired in dependency and decline, much of the United States will be on a fast track to the Third World. And, no matter how refined the upscale communities the elites retrench to, it will prove increasingly impossible to insulate yourself from the pathologies a decadent liberalism has loosed to rampage Godzilla-sized across the land.


We are becoming the highly singular United States of America. No advanced society has ever tried hyper-regulatory direct rule for 350 million people. Will it work? Or is it more likely that increasingly incompatible jurisdictions and social groups will conclude that the price for keeping fifty stars in the flag is too high? Without the American idea, there will be insufficient glue to hold the United States together.


Do you find it hard to imagine a world without America? The Russians, the Chinese, and the would-be New Caliphate don’t. And on a planet where rich passive nations are defenseless while every failed state from North Korea to Sudan is butching up, it’s not hard to figure out what comes next.

N is for NUKES AWAY!

Addiction, Redistribution, Monopoly, Arteriosclerosis, Global retreat, social Engineering, Decay, Disintegration, Open season, Nukes away. Put them all together, they spell…?

From Big Government to busted government, from federally regulated school bake sales to Armageddon – in nothing flat."

get the book at Amazon

a day of lame...err... rage? ... yawn

Did you hear last weekend Sat Sept 17, 2011 was supposedly a "day of rage"?  (huh?)

Zombie at Pajamas reports the details on the lamest day of 'rage' I've seen and asks:
"How hypocritical is it to wear a plastic toy, designed and licensed by the Warner Brothers corporation, and manufactured in a polluting slave-labor Chinese factory, to advertise a mainstream Hollywood film, starring overpaid actors, the profits from which will go to corporate shareholders, and yet you think that by doing this you’re somehow anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian?"

Indeed Zombie! hilarious...

Michelle Malkin linked to this funny video below... so
"how ya gonna tweet about corporate greed?"
... "on my iPhone!"
HA HA ha ha ha!  Does the left even know what the word "hypocracy" means?  (guess not)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

exactly why Islam is evil and certainly NOT a "religion"

Islam is not a religion.

"Islam is seditious against every nation and government on earth. Islam demands that all muslims work to overthrow all nations, governments and non-sharia laws."

"Islam is peace" only means the "peace" after all non-muslims (infidels!) are killed and the only law is Sharia. If you still think Islam is "peaceful" and is hunky dory to have a) mosques built all over the USA and 2) taught as a wonderful thing in American public schools (like TX Gov Rick Perry and other appeasing politicians), then Ann Barnhardt has got some very, very important history and accurately fact based information for you.

This NOT for children.

Watch and learn.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

you stay there, I'll be back for you

Sirius - the only K9 lost at 9/11/01
 2 months after 9/11/01 - I watched daily news still crying... 
Along with America, I was recovering slowly.

On January 25, 2002 a story ripped my heart open again.
They found Sirius at ground zero.
His K9 partner helped carry him out of the rubble:
bringing out Sirius Jan 25, 2002
 I wept new, intense tears... like it had just happened again

"Sirius & Dave were in the B-1 level of #2 WTC at their office when they felt the first airplane hit the building. At first, Dave told Sirius, ‘I think they got one by us fella. You stay here & I'll be right back.’" 
"“I've been waiting to find him," Lim said. “I fulfilled my promise to him because I came back and I took him home.”

The remains of the bomb-detection dog were found beneath the debris of Tower Two, in the Port Authority's basement kennel. Workers immediately called Lim to the scene when they found Sirius. They carried out the remains with full honors, complete with a prayer and a salute.

"There was a flag over his bag and I carried him out with another officer, John Martin,” Lim said. "Everyone saluted. All the machinery was stopped -- the same thing that is done for human police officers and firefighters. I thought it was very nice."

artist Ron Burn's Sirius - a tribute to 9/11 dogs

Today I mourn again.  10 years after 9/11/01.

(no room for CLERGY either...) ... probably best to SKIP Gloombergs party
and go to the NY FREEDOM RALLY instead
they made it to the top on 9/11/01
343 first responders lost among 3000 Americans killed that day...
by Islamic extremists using planes as terror missiles ...
One bomb unit dog was lost, too...
we will never forget all of you
...including Sirius

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Palin's ACES after 4 years = more tax revenue for Alaska

Caribou herd migration near Prudhoe Bay, Alaska
I have run into strange criticism from Palin-haters recently.  They are upset about legislation she passed in 2007 in Alaska called ACES.  To these critics, ACES is "horrible" and the "worst" legislation "ever".  From what I've read, critics are standing on very wobbly legs and apparently must  hate needy people relying on government assistance.  (I'll get to that in a sec...)

Regarding why ACES critics are completely wrong, the best round up I found is from March 2011, Whitney Pritcher: part 1 here and part 2 here.

For this post, however, I want you ACES critics simply to think about people in the State of Alaska -> the needy people and those on welfare or any type of government assistance.

For starters, in general, I personally am against able bodied men and women to be on the dole at all.  However, incapable, elderly, sick and needy do need a safety net.  I have a heart and so do most conservatives.  A safety net is currently there for those in need in productive and wealthy societies.  However, those who CAN work (doing ANYTHING) - SHOULD work.  That said: every state has people dependent on the government to survive. 

News flash:  state government doesn't produce anything.  So where does state government get (most) money?  Tax revenues.

Caribou graze on the tundra by the Prudhoe Bay oil refinery, Alaska
In 2009 and 2010, the Alaska Health and Human Services department spent about $2,000,000 dollars on the following:

A visual breakdown of how funds were spent below with the majority on Health Care Services.  More state revenue = more funds for those in need...  My point?
More state revenue = good.  Less revenue = bad.

This leads me to the big question of today: where does Alaska get its MAJORITY of tax revenue from?  Let's go to the source shall we.  From the "Oil and Gas Production Tax Status Report to the legislature Alaska Department of Revenue" January 18, 2011: 

"The State of Alaska depends heavily on the oil industry, with more than 80% of its unrestricted revenue coming from oil taxes and royalties."

Hey ACES critic, let that sink in for a minute.  80% of unrestricted revenue comes from oil taxes and royalties. 

Oil and gas production in Alaska = revenue = taxes.  GOT IT?  From the same Jan 2011 report:

"State revenues under PPT and ACES exceeded the amount that would have been received under ELF for each of the four fiscal years since implementation of a net profits tax."

The current legislation (ACES) Sarah Palin implemented generates more taxes and revenue for Alaskans compared to its predecessor.  Here is a visual: 

from the state of Alaska report here

bear on pipeline near Prudhoe Bay refinery, Alaska
Out of work but need an Oil, Petrol or Refinery job in Prudhoe Bay right now?  CH2M Hill is hiring.

map of Prudhoe Bay

Alaska's January 2011 report does also say production in 2010 was down a bit, but from April 2010, how were things at Miller Energy?  "Miller's CEO, Scott Boruff, has described his company as one of the fastest growing that no one knows about.

Boruff said Wednesday that Obama's new domestic oil strategy opens the door for Miller Energy to secure more drilling permits in Alaska.

"We've got an open door now to drill," Boruff said. "It's exciting."

The company disclosed March 15 that its asset value is more than $492 million, including oil and natural gas reserves valued at $372 million based on oil selling for $61.18 per barrel and gas at $4.75 per million cubic feet.

The company said the increase in asset value is a direct result of the December acquisition of Pacific Energy Resources assets through a Chapter 11 bankruptcy auction in which Miller bought onshore and offshore production facilities, an offshore oil and gas drilling platform, leases on more than 600,000 acres of land and other infrastructure.

The Pacific Energy property had included abandoned production facilities off the coast of California with significant environmental liability that scared away potential investors, according to Miller Energy. Miller was able to buy the Pacific Energy assets when the U.S. Bankruptcy Court separated the California and Alaska properties.

Last week, the company announced third quarter earnings of $271.9 million, or $9.51 per fully diluted share, for the period ending Jan. 31 and revenue of $1.1 million for the period."

... Perhaps Miller is hiring?  They are GROWING!  Updates on Miller include:

March 28, 2011:  Miller Energy Resources Initiates Operations to Restart Production from its Osprey Platform in Alaska

June 13, 2011:   "Miller Energy Resources Announces $100 Million Credit Facility and the Successful Redevelopment of the RU-1 Well in Alaska"

and from September 09, 2011:

"Miller Energy Resources (“Miller”) (NYSE: MILL) today reported its results for the first quarter ended July 31, 2011. The Company reported revenues grew 102% to a record $8.9 million in the first quarter of fiscal 2012 compared with $4.4 million in the first quarter of the prior fiscal year. Net loss for the first quarter of fiscal 2012 was $182,680, or $0.00 per diluted share, and improved from a loss of $1.1 million, or $0.04 per diluted share, in the first quarter of fiscal 2011.

"Our first quarter revenues more than doubled since last year due to new oil wells that we reworked in Alaska,” stated Scott Boruff, CEO of Miller Energy Resources. “We expect to accelerate our redevelopment efforts on the Osprey platform in the Cook Inlet of Alaska during the second half of fiscal 2012 as our new drilling rig comes online. We anticipate the new drilling rig to be delivered later this month and our crews are preparing to deploy it as soon as possible."

Well, good for Miller.  Sure sounds like they are doing well... and any tax revenue generated under ACES right NOW will benefit Alaskans...

Miller Energy’s Osprey oil platform in Cook Inlet off the coast of Alaska

If you care about needy people in Alaska then you should be happy ACES is in place generating more tax revenue like it has been for the past 4 years.  Also, p.s., Governor Parnell is in charge.  If you have problems with current Alaskan legislation, take it up with him Alaska.  More from Whitney P:

"Governor Parnell is not the only one with donors who may have a vested interested in changes to ACES and have ties to the corrupt oil taxation processes of the past. Rep. Anna Fairclough’s, who headed up the HB 110 efforts, greatest percentage of 2010 election funding came from energy and natural resource industry including BP and ConoccoPhillips. BP and ConoccoPhillips spoke before the House Resource committee in February to advocate for the proposed changes to ACES. Another proponent of this bill is Rep. Mike Hawker ,who is no friend of Governor Palin and is one of the charter members of the Corrupt B*****s Club (CBC), the name corrupt and boastful legislators gave to themselves because of their embrace of their own corruption. Hawker, in addition to Rep.Chenault, were two legislators who voted for HB 110 and who received tens of thousands in campaign donations from VECO executives. Hawker and Chenault voted for Governor Murkowski’s corruption tainted PPT and against Governor Palin’s ACES. Suffice it to say, the CBC is still kickin’ in Alaska politics, perhaps now with some new inductees.

HB 110, touted by Governor Parnell and supported by a majority of Alaskan House members, does not appropriately address the criticism of ACES’s progressivity, does not deal with the volatility of oil prices, and is likely to reduce state revenue by hundreds of millions of dollars. Beyond that, the proponents of this bill have a history of engaging in crony capitalism, corruption, and unethical behavior. While it is unlikely that Senate version of the bill is unlikely to pass, Governor Parnell supports changes to ACES, and there is the potential for such a bill to be taken up again next year. These are the very things that Governor Palin has fought against her entire political career. Governor Palin has called out the unethical behavior of Alaska GOP chair Randy Ruedrich when she was an oil and gas commissioner. She implemented corruption free ACES project that was passed in a transparent manner without the outside influence of oil companies. She championed the AGIA pipeline project that was negotiated in a transparent manner. She has called out the Obama administration on their pervasive crony capitalism."

Oh yeah and by the way, from Mike's America, who's to blame for high gas prices? 
Pick one:
1. Oil Companies
2. Democrats
The answer is here...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

... I'd rather scoop the cat litter

funny post at IMAO about excuses... excuses to not listen to any more of Oblech's speeches...

my excuse?  I have to scoop the kitty litter...  or perhaps get an enema without anasthetic... yep, I can think of lots of good excuses of things I'd rather do any damn day rather than ever listen to any speeches from the Ovomit's regimists or himself.

From IMAO:

"... we’ve now discovered we can treat Obama like the pretty girls treat the nice-but-don’t-want-to-date-him guy from school.  Make an excuse for a date, and he’ll merrily go along...."
“Hey, America? I was wondering if maybe you’d like to go out for a hamburger after study?”
“Oh, Barack, that’s so sweet of you to ask. But I’m doing my hair. Some other time, huh?”
“Okay then, America. How about the next night? We could head over to the Bijou and catch that new movie I heard you talking about?”
“Oh, Barack, that’s so sweet of you to ask. But I’m getting new wallpaper for my room, and I need to make sure everything is just right. You understand?”
“Sure I do, America. What about an early dinner then. Something quick, maybe?”
“Oh, Barack, that’s so sweet of you to ask. But I’ve got cheerleader practice, and just won’t have the time.”
"You see? We could do that. We just need to line up excuses. Then, when Obama wants to do something, like give a speech or raise our taxes or push some gargantuan health care bill down out throat, we can offer up an excuse and he’ll put it off till some later time. We keep that up until January, 2013, and the problem takes care of itself.
Now, we just need some excuses.
Any ideas?"

Awesome... and some hilarious comments there include:

"Sorry Barry, but I need to re-lace all my tennis shoes…

Sorry Barry, but I need to edit the Wikepedia entry on Stefan Mazurkiewicz…
Sorry Barry, but I have to re-align the Geisseler tubes in my flux capacitator…
Sorry Barack, but my compost pile needs turning.

Sorry Barack, but I have to pump out my septic tank.
Sorry Barack, but I have to have my dog’s anal sacks reduced."
Mine?  Yep...  got some scoopin' to do...

cat litter kids cake... uuuuhhh... yum??

Monday, September 5, 2011

soon: 10 year anniversary of Sept 11, 2001 jihadist attacks

image from the
Interesting round up from the UK's on the upcoming 10 year annivary of America's Sept 11, 2001 attacks by Islamic jihadists - and some highlights on related attacks since by (guess who!) Islamists and players involved like from 01Mar2003 when "KHALID SHEIKH MOHAMMED, the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, is captured. He is in Guantanamo Bay, facing death sentence." Check out The Day The World Changed Forever.

Where you you when it happened?  How did it impact your life?  Do you think it is a "day of service" (as USA "Democrat" history revisionists like to call it) - or do you remember it for what it really was:  an attack of war on American soil by Islamic jihadists.

Do you agree with politically correct nincompoop NY Mayor Gloomberg (P. Geller's nickname), who is in bed with Shariah financeers, that a mosque on ground zero is the way to go?  Or do you agree NO Islamic victory mosque (ever) on a site they attacked?  (Islam is in to the conquest thing!)

How will you remember the 10 year anniversary?  In the lead up, I'll be watching some of the National Geographic rememberance programs with my husband starting with the George Bush interview I have taped ("My Sky'd" aka Tivo'd). 

If you're in NY that day: join the Freedom Rally - say YES to freedom and NO to stealth jihad

Sunday, September 4, 2011

she has a plan

In her inspiring speech Sept 3rd in Indianola, Sarah said "I have a plan"

Listen to the speech at C4P here.

Oh yeah... she's running all right.  She's gone rogue.  She's not following the Rove or beltway talking head advice.  She'll announce when she's good and ready - at her time - at her date - at her choosing.  She'll run on restoring America, true reform (yesss!) and a pro energy platform. 

She's not promising handouts.  Nope. She promises to work hard and that everyone else will have to work hard, too.  America will have to get off its lazy butte and get to work.  Want to eat?  Want a job?  Want a car?  Want a roof over your head?  YOU MUST WORK.  ... simple

It won't be easy... but she will lead America ... and out of the darkness the masses will follow her light.

Yep, she will run.  Youuuuuuuu betcha

thank god...

*UPDATE*  great Indianola pic of Sarah from a poster at C4P (... the next potus?!?!):

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Greenfield: speech bingo

HA HA HA!  Daniel Greenfield at Sultan Knish posted this funny picture for "Job Speech Bingo":

Check off the appropriate block when you hear one of those words/phrases during his speech.  When you get five blocks horizontally, vertically or diagonally, stand up and should "BULLSHIT"!


I fixed the graphic for Daniel though by crossing out "jobs"... I mean, this game describes ANY inane speech by the usurper cic (communist in charge)...  He really needs a new totus writer - it is all so predicatable. 

Saucy recommends NEVER listening to the idiot teleprompter full oration.  I never have, never do and never will.

Batmobeal talks to Barnhardt

good recent interview of Ann Barnhardt

Listen to internet radio with Batmobeal on Blog Talk Radio

Chapter: everything free on your EBT

hattip iOwnTheWorld **Warning** this catchy and educational rap video is NOT for under 18s (crude language... and frankly, it might give them the exact wrong idea of what welfare is about in the USA and... maybe even in NZ) For the over 18s:

some comments from the youtube:

  • Satire or not, this is how we are seen. Our ancestors would not be proud.
  • It isn't about black people but it sure describes them
  • This song isn't about black people. If you don't get it you need to log out of life.
  • Oh my dear god.
  • Lawd have mercy. They are so wrong for this song. It makes us black people look bad. I'm just saying. That's my opinion.
  • Lolz...! Aw Damn... That Was Too Funny..
  • The message is satire, and they hit the ball out of the park! Great video!
  • GREAT MESSAGE! Socialism SUCKS! Obama SUCKS! Government keeps you in chains with free hand outs I'm glad somebody gets it

what Islam is NOT

hattip Zilla of the resistance

now you can see why I am 100% against ISLAMIC APPEASEMENT

hope she jumps in the race

I can see Sarah at the resolute desk repealing all the Oregime's madness
image from

I hope Sarah jumps in the 2012 presidential race.  I can imagine her happily signing repeal orders for all the horrible leftist legislation enacted under the Obozo regime.  Yes, Obozo as in Bozo the clown... by I digress and have now insulted clowns.  Geez, at least clowns make people laugh. The clowns in Washington are only creating tears, desparation, loss, sadness or people who are now really motivated out of anger working on ending the warp speed increase of marxist-statist policies.

Oh yes, I can see Sarah repealing ObamaScare "health care" take over.  She can start the ball rolling on the clean up effort to end unnecessary departments like the EPA or Department of Energy just to name a couple satist horrors America does not need any more.  Each state can have their own energy or environmental regulations for their own industries. 

The federal government has grown way too big and out of control.  Each new regulation or law takes another iota of freedom away.  America needs smaller, smarter government and to get out of the way of private sector growth.
Yes, Sarah can put America back on a path of restoration and pro-exceptionalism. 

I hope she jumps in the important 2012 race.  We need her...  Will something be announced soon?  I await patiently... along with millions of others.

However to quote a friend named Scott, I'd happily vote for a blind, alcoholic monkey over Obumbles any damn day.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

$535 MILLION dollar green boondoggle

more money up in smoke due to lame liberal policies

Shocker! (not really)... More GREEN FAIL by the Obumbles administration:  $535 MILLION dollars vanished into thin air as an Oblather-touted company Solyndra has gone bankrupt.  "Solyndra is a prime example of the foolish green schemes Barack Obama and his team have been promoting across America.  Sadly, this promotion has been more than just Obama-like airy platitudes about moon shots and being world leaders. The taxpayers are on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars that Obama extended as loan guarantees."

Just great America... You are going the route of Greece AND Spain now!  Crikey...