Thursday, February 3, 2011

Celebrate Reagan's wisdom, leadership, conservatism

Dan Riehl at Breitbart discusses Young America's Foundation:

"The thought of an homage to Reagan’s Ranch left me thinking about Sarah Palin’s recent travelogue from Alaska, which some in the establishment viewed as un-presidential. Somehow I doubt they would dare say the same thing about former President Reagan drawing strength from his ranch. It’s also worth noting how his Crawford ranch played such a significant role in the presidency of George Bush. The theme of a rugged outdoorsman, or perhaps one day a woman, and the American spirit, and even the presidency, goes all the way back to Teddy Roosevelt, if not further.

YAF has a section dedicated to the ranch at its website. There’s also a photo gallery and information on the documentary. A ranch as context for an optimistic America based upon rugged individualism, or self-reliance, stands in stark contrast to the current occupant of the White House, a community organizer, who perhaps sees America and Americans as more in need of help from the government, than able to go it alone with only a more genuine liberty as their companion. If there are two competing political Americas today, perhaps those two concepts embody them best.

Certainly, both views see some role for both charity and the strength of the individual. But which view is dominant within each of the competing ideologies, Left versus Right? The answer to that question may be obvious; however, which view America embraces in 2012 and going forward is open to question. The answer to that second question may determine the course of America for some time to come. Personally, I’d take life on a ranch, over that in some government housing project, or planned community any day of the week."


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