Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy 100th Mr. President - we miss your greatness!

Reagan optimistically believed in America's
greatness - a shining, free city on a hill
America misses you!
Check out the Ronald Reagan Foundation:
Urkel ain't got NOTHIN' on Reagan...
couldn't have tied his shoes...
sorry if that sounds racist...
O is NOT Reagan-worthy material...
NOT one IOTA...


  1. I miss him too. I am a Reagan Republican. Maybe one day someone like him will step up to the plate.

    America, and the rest of the world, was a better place when he was at the helm.


  3. Indeed Hardnox, USA leadership seems lacking these days and pursuing a wrong course...

    Ooo Rah AntiLiberal Zone! Hopefully spirits of freedom are involved if only as energy to help spur the rest of on in the fight of liberty still to come. semper fi

  4. Just watched a Reagan tribute on,of all things PBS ("American Experience" series).Last night I watched on C-SPAN a thing on a Hubert Humphrey documentary.What I got from both ,was how both these guys realy loved America,and wished the best for her.Such a difference from the current spate of low-class jerks in politics these days.I put both Boehner and Pelosi in that category.

  5. In my "punk/alternative" days in 1984 in NYC,I witnessed/refereed a debate between my then-wife and a girl friend of Ukrainian lineage ,who admitted she'd voted for Reagan.My Wife could not believe the other woman voted for Reagan,but my Ukrainian friend said "He's the best to combat communism and what my parents went thru before they came here to the USA".Nuff said.My wife and I broke up soon thereafter...

  6. P.s.....I was so spineless then,that I didn't admit to my Lefty wife that I'd voted for Reagan.Mea culpa..

  7. whoa, you married a lefty and survived tjones? good on ya mate... ;)

    thanks for the comments on Reagan - his wisdom is STILL relevant today - that is why many conservatives adore him still... including myself


  8. Hi Lisa,

    I came across your blog by mistake and as an American who loves history and is married to a Kiwi I am amused by how ignorant you are. You should NOT be living in a socialist country if you HATE socialism.

    Paul Z.

  9. @Paul Z, well thank you so much for your helpful comment! What is so amusing? How does missing Ronald Reagan's greatness make someone ignorant? Please explain one thing you think I am ignorant of and perhap we could debate it...

    "I should NOT be living in a socialist country" is an interesting observation. Does this mean that everyone is supposed to be equal in everything in NZ as in "spread the wealth" around? Ask you spouse to explain, how is everyone 'equal' in NZ if there are special rights for Maoris? (as an example)...

    I am still waiting in the public queue to obtain a medical procedure my doctor recommended I needed in October 2009... when do you think I'll get it? I work so I pay taxes so I thought the socialized medicine was supposed to be good here as in you can get the treatment you needed right away, right? I mean that is a big tenet of socialized countries right - like Canada and Britain, socialized medicine for the people is supposedly so great? So far my small experiences here does not prove that... as compared to Chicago where I would get a procedure - basically IMMEDIATELY if needed, paid for by insurance any co-pays I would have to pay for.

    But TheWon regime is trying to unconstitutionally push socialized medicine on America... I'm sure it will be just wonderful for all the older people when they are denied their procedures to speed up their end of life.

    Oh and by the way, NZ borrows a LOT of money - just to keep their social welfare programs going down here. Its NOT working for NZ Paul Z.

    I live here, if you wanted to know, so my spouse could spend time with his elderly father who is in his 80s... is that a good enough reason for you Paul Z, because I want to keep you happy, amused and informed...

    or stay ignorant... your choice