Saturday, October 29, 2011

end the USA white house occupation in 2012

I've watched and read a bit, in complete disgust and dismay, about how the far leftist USA media fawn over the fake, Soros sponsored paid occupy "protestors" in various places across the states. 

The only occupation that concerns me is the communist-leftists squatting in the people's white house in Washington.  They must be expelled.  Voting in 2012 is crucial to do just that.

So, while I will continue to ignore the ignorant stupidity the best I can, Robin of Berkeley at AT sums it all up the best in her recent Anatomy of an Occupation, a tidbit:

"In the service of shedding some light on our current occupiers, I offer the following observations:
Monkey see, monkey do: Leftists follow the leader. Since most progressives believe the anti-capitalist nonsense, the majority will follow in lock step. In liberal areas, there is groupthink -- cult-like behavior, where people must chant the same old tired mantras. To step out of line will undoubtedly bring social condemnation and shunning.

Indoctrination: While I thought I was an independent thinker, it never occurred to me to look outside the box. All of my media was leftist; the so-called independent bookstores (the ones that celebrate "Banned Books Week") ban conservative books. So while Noam Chomsky is always welcome to give a book reading, Ann Coulter would never be invited within 50 miles of here.

The programming is particularly acute in the schools. In Berkeley, we have Malcolm X Elementary School and Malcolm X Park. Just to make sure that the kiddies get the message to emulate Mr. X, public school students (and all city employees) get Malcolm X's birthday off (same with Indigenous People's Day, aka Columbus Day, and International Women's Day).

While most areas aren't so extreme, there are hard-core activists all over this nation's school systems with union jobs for life. It's not a coincidence that Bill Ayers is a tenured professor of education; he knew the power of brainwashing kids when knee-high. With youth and their parents subscribing to the Party Line, it's not difficult to lead the progressive sheep to slaughter.

Of course, leftists are badly misguided about what a revolution actually entails. They weren't told, for instance, that Che Guevara, whose handsome face is emblazoned on their fashionable t-shirts, was actually a psychotic killer. Che got such a thrill from watching executions that he had a picture window installed in his office, and had the butchery conducted below.

And then there's another historical fact that eludes our gullible revolutionaries. After a revolution, the activists and militants themselves often get offed. Of course this would be the case; why would the regime want troublemakers and insurrectionaries in the populace?"

Robin ends it succinctly with a sentiment I agree with 100000%:

"The best we can do is to dislodge the militants from the streets and restore order. But more than this: we need to expel the number one militant, the one with the secret cabal of Czars and obvious disdain for the Constitution.

Because the biggest danger isn't Occupy Chicago or Occupy Wall Street -- it's Obama himself. What we're seeing is: "Occupy The White House."

Our greatest peril isn't the mobs on the streets of Manhattan; it's having a President who thinks he's above the law. It's having our head of state support violent insurrections here and abroad.

The United States doesn't need any more occupations; what we need is a new occupant in the White House. And hopefully, prayerfully, we will have a new one come next November."

Amen, Robin, Amen.Read the rest here.

McNaughton's "Wake up America" artwork

WAKE UP AMERICA by Jon McNaugton
From Breitbart, more on the "Wake Up America" artwork at Jon McNaughton's site here. Below video explains it:

site-seeing, eating in Chicago and beyond

best apple pancake at Walker Brothers Original House of Pancakes, Wilmette, IL
Just like my Sep 2009 trip, did a lot of shopping and eating last week in Chicago.  We (my husband Shane and I) had the best pancakes, potato soup, burgers and pizza to name a few...  (have I mentioned pizza is a food group in Chicago?)
in front of the Pickwick theater in Park Ridge, IL
We stayed with my sister in Park Ridge and took the Metra (best public train evah!?) down town.
sitting on 2nd level, up top on a Metra train heading into Chicago - fun way to travel!
We walked east to Michigan Avenue, past the Art Institute to Millenium Park.
view of Chicago River from Riverside Plaza in the loop
by the Sears Tower

in front of Chicago's Art Institute lions on Michigan Avenue
We stopped at "the bean" and took a stroll through Millennium Park.
Cloudgate aka "the bean" remains a popular tourist attraction in Millennium Park
Crown Fountain in Millennium Park, Chicago
on a walkway near Jay Pritzker Pavillion
We had lunch (best burgers!) at the Berghoff.

Berghoff's root beer

So we spent one afternoon doing the Chicago tourist thing.  Check.  We also went all over the suburbs visting family and friends - Wonder Lake, Aurora, Oswego, Wilmette, Winnetka, Mundelein, Addison and Glenview just to name a few. I grew up in Wilmette.  We drove by one of the prettiest churches there, the Baha'i Temple:

Up though Lake County and McHenry County, some corn fields awaited harvesting.

cornfield in McHenry County

old farm in McHenry County
by the Serbian Monestary "New Gracinica" in Lake County
family lunch at Houlihan's in Park Ridge, IL
drinks with friends at Dave & Busters in Addison, IL
Yes, a whirlwind trip indeed including some shopping at some great Chicago area stores like Best Buy, Target, Fry's and Walgreens.  Aaaaah, shopping in the Chicago area - awesome!

lunch of wings from Hooters one day
shopping at Fry's electronics - we were like kids in a candy store

in front of my old high school New Trier in Winnetka, Illinois... we got a tour
in a New Trier hallway, the east campus in Winnetka Illinois - 3100 students attend New Trier and 95% go on to 4 year universities...

We attended my high school reunion.  Here I am with 3 other girls who went through kindergarten with me.  We did girl scouts, too.  Was good to see everyone!  

About 200 people were at the reunion.

with my awesome sister in her lovely home in Park Ridge
See you later Chicago...  thanks for a good time.

Friday, October 14, 2011

off to Chicago tonight

I'm off to Chicago tonight...    We leave around 6pm Fri and arrive 2 hours later around 8pm Chicago... after abour 17 hours of flying!  I am time traveling... its cool.

I have a whirlwind trip planned to visit family, friends and attend my high school reunion.  If I get a chance to blog from Chicago I'll toss up something interesting. 

Otherwise, talk amongst yourselves.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

O'Keefe finds wall street protestors want billionaire investors (no kidding)

This video is making the rounds: another good sting by James O'Keefe on what some of the wall street "protestors" want (..... MONEY! of course!......):

Ron Radosh points out the delusion on the left about "...these protestors are all poseurs, more interested in getting attention than in being serious. They have no sense of the economic reality in which the world lives; hence their magic solution to everything is “tax the rich.”

The truth is that they are would-be revolutionaries who perform for the TV news, which if it went away, would quickly find that the Liberty Park encampment would disappear in one day."

PJ Tatler wrote the self-delustional not just one but two open lettersEven Herman Cain said they should just blame themselves for their own choices.  PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY - heck, WHAT A CONCEPT!

David P. McGinley at American Thinker offers up a perfect country for these protestors to go live in - a country which already has implented ALL THEIR DEMANDS so its PERFECT for them(now if someone will please go buy a few thousand one way tickets for them as "tickets to unicorn wonderland!", hire a few buses, take them to the airport, escort them on to planes - we can allllll get back to our regularly scheduled news cycle)... thanks!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

check out "WE ARE THE 53%"

"WE ARE THE 53%" means the PEOPLE who pay TAXES to pay for THE GOVERNMENT which gives money to slackards...

aka "Those of us who pay for those of you who whine about all of that... or that... or whatever."

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Holder gave 2009 speech on Gunwalker he now claims he never knew about

While it is still there before the evidence is scrubbed or removed, check out a speech AG Eric Holder gavein April 2009 announcing the start of project Gunwalker, yes, this is also known as "fast and furious" the program Holder lied to congress about when he said in May 2011 (from Issa's letter): 

"Your May 3, 2011 Statement

"On May 3, 2011, I asked you directly when you first knew about the operation known as Fast and Furious. You responded directly, and to the point, that you weren’t “sure of the exact date, but [you] probably heard about Fast and Furious for the first time over the last few weeks.” This statement, made before Congress, has proven to be patently untrue. Documents released by the Department just last week showed that you received at least seven memos about Fast and Furious starting as early as July 2010. "

From the United States Department of Justice OWN WEB SITE (displayed above), in April 2009 Holder said in his speech "Last week, our administration launched a major new effort to break the backs of the cartels. My department is committing 100 new ATF personnel to the Southwest border in the next 100 days to supplement our ongoing Project Gunrunner, DEA is adding 16 new positions on the border, as well as mobile enforcement teams, and the FBI is creating a new intelligence group focusing on kidnapping and extortion. DHS is making similar commitments, as Secretary Napolitano will detail."


dear Holder, we've got the evidence. love, Issa

THIS ISN'T FUNNY to the hundreds of families who have lost loved ones to murder by guns HOLDER'S PEEPS SUPPLIED now is it... ??

Michelle Malkin posted the EXCELLENT letter from Rep. Darryl Issa to USA AG Eric Holder where Mr. Issa basically tells Mr. Holder:  we have got the evidence to prove you lied to congress.

NICE!  A tidbit:

"These firearms were not interdicted. They were not stopped. Your agents allowed these firearms purchases to continue, sometimes even monitoring them in person, and within days some of these weapons were being recovered in Mexico. Despite widespread knowledge within its senior ranks that this practice was occurring, when asked on numerous occasions about the veracity of this letter, the Department has shockingly continued to stand by its false statement of February 4, 2011.

Mr. Attorney General, you have made numerous statements about Fast and Furious that have eventually been proven to be untrue. Your lack of trustworthiness while speaking about Fast and Furious has called into question your overall credibility as Attorney General. The time for deflecting blame and obstructing our investigation is over. The time has come for you to come clean to the American public about what you knew about Fast and Furious, when you knew it, and who is going to be held accountable for failing to shut down a program that has already had deadly consequences, and will likely cause more casualties for years to come.

Operation Fast and Furious was the Department’s most significant gun trafficking case. It related to two of your major initiatives – destroying the Mexican cartels and reducing gun violence on both sides of the border. On your watch, it went spectacularly wrong. Whether you realize yet or not, you own Fast and Furious. It is your responsibility.


Darrell Issa
House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform"

Read the rest here... it rocks. YOU ARE SO BUSTED MR. HOLDER!!  Go Issa GO!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

obligatory NZ Rugby World Cup post

The Rugby World Cup here in NZ has been going on a few weeks now.  The pool games are finished and the quater finals started this weekend.  We went to the match last night between France and England.  We took a 15 minute train ride to Morningside station and walked 5 minutes to the park.  Above is the entrance we went in.

The view we had was very good way up high in the nose bleed section.  It was a great atmosphere and our section was full to capacity with many fans sporting face paint, wigs, French hats, English flag capes or team colored shirts or jackets.  We had a good hour to kill before the game started so we walked down many stairs (maybe 50 or so?) back to ground level to get french fries (chips) and diet cokes and hiked back up to our seats at the top of the stadium.  Stair master done for today? Check.

At one point, looked like a small rain cloud was heading our way and we spotted some rainbows, but we were spared.  Weather was cool and clear for the game.

Above is when anthems were just about to be sung to start the game off. A gentleman from Kent, south England, wore a South African jacket on, a purple and red Scottish kilt and a "anyone but England" t-shirt.  He and his wife had rented a camper van and were traveling NZ for their first visit and had gone to a few rugby games thus far.  They both sported red, blue and white stripes face paint - to support France.  An English girl and her French boyfriend sat near us and took turns clapping for sides.  Mr. from-England-but-supporting-France told us the French supporters were chanting "Allez le Blue" meaning "Go the Blue" so we chanted along when appropriate. 

The English supporters near us liked to sing "swing loooooow, sweet chariot, comin' for to take us hooooome".  Every 5 minutes or so, some random English bloke would stand up, face the crowd and start everyone off with "swing LOOOOOOOW, sweet ..." and the crowd would join in for a few words then stop.  Same thing again later but usually started by another random, slightly inebriated Englishman. 

The crowd managed to do 'the wave' a couple times all the way around the park when the game was taking a slight boring tack for a few minutes. 

England looked bit slow moving during most of the game.  Big strong blokes who couldn't seem to run very fast nor get too many passes off to keep the ball moving forward.  They dropped the ball at some crucial times stopping their momentum.  France, on the other hand, played like they were on fire.  They ran faster, passed faster and the game was more exciting when they had the ball which appeared to be most of the game.  Scoreless for a good 10 minutes or so, France got a penalty so they kicked to start off with 3 points on the board to England's 0.  Then again, France 6, England 0.  At this point individuals near us yelled "get it together England..." or "c'mon Paddy"  (hey, wrong team??) and we even heard a kiwi yell "smash 'em bro!"...   Everyone was hoping England would rise up to the French challenge.

But alas, no, England rallied a bit in the second half but final score was 19-12 with France the winner.

More match details from last night at

We left with a few minutes left to play, climbed down a bizillon stairs, walked the 5 minutes back to the train which left a few minutes after we boarded.  For an 8:30am game, we got home about 10:45pm after thoroughly enjoying the excitement and crowd at the Rugby World Cup.  Good job boys and congratulations to France, oui oui!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

fast and furious: who is accountable

Holder has lied. and fast and furious was not a 'botched sting operation'So where is the accountability for hundreds of deaths?

Fast and furious round up at Malkin and a video from Michelle Malkin as well who says "what we really need is a “Liberate Justice” movement to free Americans of Eric Holder and Barack Obama’s bloody malfeasance." 

You are correct Michelle...  Great job and please keep following the story.  Good coverage at Pajamas Media on this topic and CBS as well...  (although I can smell a "blame Bush" theme in some of CBS' stories, the reporting is still quite good...)

choices have consequences and life isn’t risk-free

A second, excellent open letter to the idiotic Wall Street "protestors" at Pajamas Tattler today says:

"It’s a free country. But choices have consequences and life isn’t risk-free. Just don’t expect the world to pony up and make your life comfortable because your bad moves have left you unprepared for life. Own your choices. Live with them."

Spot on.

Those dumb, indebted college students should look up Steve Jobs history on his Apple designed iPhone:  "The lead mind behind the most successful company on the planet never graduated from college, in fact, he didn’t even get close."

College degrees do not make people smart. Especially if they are only learning leftist ideologies.  The Tattler points out the forlorn college graduates saddled with debt of their own making "...have been scammed" and "...they bought into a scam and are now reaping their reward. The scam wasn’t perpetrated by the corporations, and not by the banks, but by the educational establishment that keeps coming up with ever more irrelevant degree programs to keep more and more professors tenured and insulated from the real world. The benefit to students and to the future of the nation isn’t even close to being an afterthought in most of the ivory tower."  

Sorry protestors, the rest of us are busy working.  Life is hard and YOU have to LEARN to deal with the consequences of YOUR OWN CHOICES.

debunking the Palestine lie

from Declaration Entertainment

green theft, Solyndragate and more money burning

Leftists in Washington are burning money.  They might as well be because they are giving millions and more millions to their crony green buddies.  People at Solyndra are stepping down.  Running for the nearest exist before they are held accountable is more like it.

Solyndragate is just one example - Ron Futrell has a good list of questions the media needs to be asking about Solyndra by the media:

"Eventually–they will be pushed into doing this story. The facts demand it.
Even if they jump on this story now, they are already too late, this story has been years in the making. Here are the questions newsrooms should’ve been asking long ago relating to Solyndra, Obama and solar energy.
“What is the veracity of solar energy for the future?”
“Is the planet really warming?”
“Who approved giving more than $500 million of our dollars to this company and why?”
“Where did the money go?”
“Where has that money gone from all the “stimulus” programs?”
“Which political campaigns did Solyndra management contribute to?”
Oh, and this one–“What did Obama know and when did he know it?”
Yeah–these questions are tough to ask. They hit a little too close to the media’s home. "

Good questions, Ron.

the green myth from China

Breitbart's Big Peace asks: Is China’s Green Energy A Myth?

"While politicians hawking policies supporting green energy warn that China is overtaking us (the USA) in that race, many forecasters and analysts think China’s green energy future is a myth. While China is putting more money into green energy technologies than the United States, it is doing so for reasons other than securing a green energy future. Rather, it is investing in order to export technology to developed countries promoting green technologies, like the United States and Europe. The laws, policies, and subsidies in the United States and Europe are creating a renewable market for China. For China’s own electric generation program, it is robustly building coal-fired generators, currently getting 80 percent of its electricity from coal-fired generation. Coal is expected to generate more than 60 percent of the country’s electricity for the foreseeable future."

Good point that.  Read the rest here.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I feel sorry for America

Sarah Palin has decided not to seek a GOP nomination for the 2012 election. 

This news makes me sad, but I don't blame her.  There is a huge pile of stinky corruption in Washington to clean up.  The next potus has  LOT of work to do.  Perhaps Sarah could be tapped as the next Secretary of Energy.

I feel really sorry for America and that feeling hasn't waned since the loser-in-chief, the false usurper was placed illegally into the people's White House. 

Conservatism needs to grow and spread to even begin to help clean America.  Some say 'return to god' but really all that is needed is a 'return to morality'.  The left has no morals, no sense, no plan except their goal of absolute power.

I feel sorry for the America who still believes the lying leftist media.

I feel sorry for American college kids who are brainwashed by leftist academia.

I feel sorry for American school kids learning leftist tripe in grade schools, TV or movies.

I feel sorry for hard working middle class Americans, the small business owners who provide 70% of jobs in America and are being taxed higher and higher. 

I feel sorry for Americans who still think the women on "The View" are worth watching. 

America, right now, you don't deserve a Palin presidency.  May be you will in the future.  Apparently, you have a LOT more suffering to do first. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Holder lied and lots of people have died

image from disinformation for you

From Gateway Pundit: ERIC HOLDER LIED UNDER OATH!… Documents Confirm the Obama AG Knew of Fast & Furious in 2010

From CBS news: ATF Fast and Furious: New documents show Attorney General Eric Holder was briefed in July 2010

Is it a big deal that the "top" attorney for the United States of America knowingly lied under oath? 

You tell me.

Hundreds of people have been KILLED with these weapons.  Will Holder take the fall for it - or his boss?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Gunwalker: the botched sting operation lie - the spin continues

playground Gunwalker story - White House is spin spin spinning
The spin continues in the Gunwalker story.  Late last Friday, Washington provided some documents requested by Issa, but not all documents.  The spin for that one from CBS news: "The White House counsel who produced the documents stated that some records were not included because of "significant confidentiality interests."

The White House has said Gunwalker was just a sting operation which was botched.  That is a lie. 

A letter found "provides startling proof that the Federal government did not merely "lose track" of weapons purchased by "straw buyers" under surveillance by the ATF and destined for the Mexican drug cartels."  

From Examiner, A Letter implicates ATF in committing straw purchases for Gunwalker: "According one source close to the Issa committee and knowledgeable of its workings, this revelation "puts a stake in the heart of the 'botched sting operation' lie." He continued, "There never was any 'sting,' there was only a deliberate effort to provide weapons to the DTO's (Drug Trafficking Organizations)." He added, "this was one hundred percent us -- our money, our guy, our (gun)walking."

This source also provided context and explanation of how the letter came to exist in the first place."

CBS also has ATF Manager says he shared Fast and Furious Info with White House: "At a lengthy hearing on ATF's controversial gunwalking operation today, a key ATF manager told Congress he discussed the case with a White House National Security staffer as early as September 2010. The communications were between ATF Special Agent in Charge of the Phoenix office, Bill Newell, and White House National Security Director for North America Kevin O'Reilly. Newell said the two are longtime friends. The content of what Newell shared with O'Reilly is unclear and wasn't fully explored at the hearing.

It's the first time anyone has publicly stated that a White House official had any familiarity with ATF's operation Fast and Furious, which allowed thousands of weapons to fall into the hands of suspected traffickers for Mexican drug cartels in an attempt to gain intelligence. It's unknown as to whether O'Reilly shared information with anybody else at the White House."

Perhaps the "unknown" is in the WITHHELD DOCUMENTS!

Hey media, this story is no biggie, eh?  Just that ATF Walked Guns Directly to Cartel Using Taxpayer Dollars from Pajamas and: "There was never any method to track the firearms provided to the cartels. The cartel leaders that were the alleged target of the investigation never would have been involved in such low-level work as weapons procurement, an allegation on par with claiming they can ensnare a Fortune 500 CEO for the purchase of toner for printers. And of course, the U.S. government does not have the authority to arrest suspects across an international border in Mexico. The justification for the operation is laughable even as a hastily trumped-up cover story. Those who were a part of the conspiracy felt they had political cover at the highest level of government, and didn’t believe they needed but the thinnest of veneers of a cover story for their actions, which have led to weapons being recovered at the scenes of over 200 murders in Mexico and to the shooting of three U.S. federal agents."

Kathleen Millar at Foreign Policy Association has smelled the spin for months and wants the media late comers to ask some questions like:

"Why were field agents running the op told by their supervisors NOT to interdict?
Why were they ordered by their supervisors to let the guns walk?
Because those were the orders given to their supervisors by their bosses. And the buck stops…where?"

Ms. Millar's excellent article points out "The challenge now, for the media, and certainly for Congress, is to address the real questions, to clarify the dangers inherent in Fast and Furious—especially the threat to the rule of law—and to step up to the possible consequences of a genuine, no-holds-barred investigation into a US government operation that triggered the provision of lethal weapons to criminal actors in Mexico. Weapons used to murder US citizens. We know how Fast and Furious worked. Now it’s time to ask ‘who’ and ‘why.’

Everyone has a dog in this fight. The press, the government, the White House, Congress, the House Oversight Committee. Republicans. Democrats. US gun dealers. The pro-gun lobby. The anti-gun contingent. US banks with big Mexican accounts. US corporations riding high with NAFTA. The government of Mexico. Mexico’s cartels."

Ms. Millar recommends "Find an upright, do-right US prosecutor (a Spanish-speaker) willing to leave a comfortable berth in the private sector to take a job he’s smart enough to know may end his career, and let that dog hunt."

Gateway Pundit found CNN actually asked Arizona Sheriff John Babeau some dangerously truthful questions and his answers implicated ATF, Eric Holder and Obama Justice Department as Accomplices to murder, but even if just a wee bit of truth leaks out here and there, stay tuned for more media spinning I fear...  lots and lots and lots of spin.

jump on Media, cover the story, make yourself dizzy and sick