Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chicago black unemployment at 21.4%

Backyard Conservative points out how well "Democratic" tax-the-rich ideas are going in Illinois. (umm not well)


Mar 2011 Beachwood reporter points out:

"Black people living in Chicago make 45 cents for every dollar that a white Chicagoan makes."

"In Chicago, nearly one third of African Americans live in poverty - more than three times the rate for white Chicagoans. Only Latinos in Philadelphia and Phoenix are experiencing poverty at higher rates than black Chicagoans among any race or ethnic group examined among the nation's 10 largest cities."


"Out of the largest U.S. cities, Chicago is number one when it comes to the unemployment rate for African Americans -- 21.4 percent. That's more than two and a half times the average for white people living in the same 10 cities."


From 2008: "One of the great fables urban lovers of Chicago like to talk about is some comeback of the city. The comeback, according to this urban legend, involves white families staying in Chicago to raise their children. With Chicago’s 150,000 white population decline from 1990 to 2000: Chicago was only 31.3 percent non-Hispanic white. What is even more pronounced is the lack of white children in the public school system. The entire Chicago Public School System is only 9 percent white. Not a single public high school has a population that is majority white. Not one."


Current research shows the population decline in Illinois from Jan 2011:

- This mass exodus represents more than $163 billion in net income loss between 1995 and 2007, which will only be exacerbated by the tax hikes.

- Because of this mass exodus the state has lost $16.9 billion in state and local tax revenue between 1995 and 2007.

- The tax increases will immediately cost the average Illinois household $1,488 more in taxes.

- The tax increases will cause the state to lose approximately 268,660 jobs over the next three to five years.

So, ya think more people will move to Illinois and Chicago now?!

ha ha ha...he he he... ha ha ha ha ha!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

No polar bears in zoos or maybe No more Zoos

Why are Polar Bears in zoos? The facts laid out in Canadian site Zoo Check's paper A Case Against Polar Bears in Captivity paper are researched and logical:

"Polar bears are among the most controversial animals kept in zoos. As the widest ranging terrestrial mammal on earth, polar bears are uniquely adapted to survive in vast territories and cold weather conditions. Their natural environments and lifestyles cannot be replicated in even the best captive situations.

Most polar bear exhibits are currently exhibited in antiquated, artificial and unsuccessful exhibits. But even the newest, most modern exhibits are not much better. There have been no polar bear enclosure constructed yet that satisfy the full range of biological and behavioural polar bear needs.

The keeping of polar bears in zoos is being challenged around the world. While they may still be popular display animals, they are among the worst candiates for captivity."

I read this past week Knut the polar bear in Berlin died. He was 4 years old and had been hand raised after his mother rejected him. Four years old, he died in his enclosure in front of people after having some type of seizures. I saw a video of it and it was heart breaking. Watching an animal die is horrible. His mother had rejected him at birth. Was she smarter than her captors and know something was physically wrong with him? If he was defective, she would have left him to die in the wild. That's just nature.

The Berlin zoo says "a preliminary necropsy conducted Monday revealed "significant changes to the brain, which could be seen as the reason for the sudden death of the polar bear".

Survival of the fittest works by natural selection. Only the best survive to perpetuate the evolution of species in nature. The theory of evolution is even accepted by Christians these days as compatible with theories of creation. (ok I digress - that is a whole other topic!)

Anyway, I agree with the paper and don't think Polar Bears should be held in zoos anywhere. Would this mean people would stop caring or loving Polar Bears? No. Of course not. They are also doing just fine right now with reports their numbers are increasing in the wild, even booming. From NCPA, "What seems clear is that polar bears have survived for thousands of years, including both colder and warmer periods. There may be threats to the future survival of the polar bear, but global warming is not primary among them."

People who care about bears or any animals generally care about all animals to a degree. There are many, many animals I've never seen but I still care about their well being and their survival on the planet. Humans are supposed to take care of the planet including animals, right? Most parents and schools teach children to care about animals, right?

Regardless of all this caring going on world wide, with advances in technology and cameras, here's a question: why are there zoos at all? I found an interesting argument in favor of closing zoos at ISAR online's blog. ISAR is the International Society for Animal Rights. They argue:

"There are many arguments against the existence of zoos, and there are many articles and some books that make a convincing case for their closure. (Among the latter is Peter Batten’s Living Trophies.) Some, but by no means all, of those arguments are:

· Zoo animals are often acquired from dealers who, in turn, have obtained them by brutal means.
· They are transported to their destinations, often over great distances, in a primitive manner with little, if any, regard to what kind of treatment their species requires.

· They are subject to attacks by vandals, and even psychopaths.

· They are often held in sterile cells or cages, suffering the debilitating effects of solitary confinement.

· They receive inadequate nutrition, eating unpalatable synthetic food, and inadequate medical care, suffering illness and disease, because of zoos’ financial constraints and zookeepers’ indifference.

· They are traded like baseball cards among zoos and other animal exhibitors, to satisfy perceived display needs.

· They are cross-bred, creating animals called “tigons” or “ligers,” that are, Frankenstein-like, neither tigers or lions.

· They are denied the life dictated by their genes and nature.

These are but a few of the reasons zoos should cease to exist, and each of them have been elaborated at great length elsewhere.
" Good points raised... read the rest here.

Need a visual? View Images of Captivity: "The zoo industry makes grandiose claims about educaton and conservation, but those claims have little basis in fact. They are false. They are used to sanitize an industry that exploits animals for entertainment.

"The relationship between zoos and animals is one-sided. The humans involved in zoos benefit, but the animals don't."

If you really care about wild animals, might be time to rethink having zoos at all...
New Zealand has been contemplating importing new elephants since 1 of 2 there died. While Auckland Zoo is pretty nice, for a zoo, I think I'm going to have to be in the "no" camp on that issue now.
RIP Knut

Friday, March 25, 2011

Reform New Zealand

This site is interesting. What is Reform New Zealand all about? 30 January 2011

"Reform New Zealand is a rapidly growing group of concerned Kiwis who care deeply about the future of New Zealand and New Zealanders.

New Zealand's growing dependence on the state has created a weakened society where many people complain that the gap between rich and poor is growing wider.

What many fail to recognise is that our very dependence on the state has created this situation – so increasing this state dependence will cause the gap to increase even further.

State dependency is like a drug or alcohol addiction, it weakens the natural will of people to improve their lot in life, for no other reason than they know no better way, nor are they given any incentive to change.

Ask yourself…..

Why are thousands of our young people being forced to sit at home on the dole getting $160 a week, when they should be working in an entry level job earning $300 a week? Our minimum wage legislation denies them the opportunity to gain a work ethic, support the country and widens the gap between rich and poor.

Does a government that creates and maintains these problems under the guise of “a caring and sharing society” actually care more for its citizens or its ideology?'
good questions, learn more here

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misc items which may cause wads in britches

from Moonbattery "Hypocrisy Is Not Change We Can Believe In"

Quick who said this in 2007:

"The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation."

YEP TheWon, BigEars McSpendy Pant, TheUrkel, Teleprompter-in-chief, Sir Golfs A Lot!
What is the prize you ask?

OK, sorry, in all seriousness, ahem, here are a few links from a variety of sources I saw today which were interesting. Enjoy:

1. more reasons to get the USA Fed gubmit out of education or realize the solution to what ails American’s bad education is to get Democrats and leftists out of its delivery.
2. reasons to get the muzzies out of Virginia as Muslim Brotherhood’s Weeklong Celebration of the Caliphate at Virginia Military Institute
3. movement to strip ol' BigEars of his ill gained Nobel Peace prize
4. USA outsourcing energy to Brazil
5. SEIU caught on tape planning economic terrorist attack on USA
6. pigs fly, Michael Moore may be right about something
7. actions in Libya legal ... for now
8. "Do you remember the good old days... When observing the Constitution by getting congressional approval to use military force was still fashionable?"
9. Science is STILL never settled! more AGW drivel from IAP
10. scary world wide organizations pushing for world wide regulations for climate change for MONEY (shocking right)
11. A few in Australia with heads in sand have convinced themselves AGW is true but general population in Australia not happy about it at all.
12. Chuck Roger advises the ‘war on poverty’ makes people irresponsible... and poorer
13. USDA trying to grow its power

phew... tad tiring to keep up with all this shite, ain't it?!

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Sarah wows 'em in India and Israel this week

M. Joseph Sheppard points out Sarah Palin's Speech Keeps Delegates Spellbound At India Today Conclave 2011. The video is at Conservatives 4 Palin, full text of speech here from SP information and a media round up here. An excerpt from her speech:

"I started in politics on the local level two decades ago; inspired by a desire to serve the ordinary folks in my hometown! As a city councilman, then a city mayor, I led the fastest growing area in our state. I experienced firsthand the power & success of the free market, & the proper role of government in fostering economic growth. I cut property taxes, I invited business in & focused on building infrastructure (roads, water & sewer systems); not a lot of glamour in that – but I have a solid belief in what government’s proper role is & it shouldn’t be glamorous.

It’s not government business to spend the working man’s tax dollars recklessly – & certainly not government’s business to centrally “plan” an economy & control an entrepreneurial spirit! That doesn’t work. Government should lay infrastructure, level the playing field, then get out of the way. Allow the private sector to grow/thrive/create jobs & generate wealth!

Then as governor of my state, my goal was to clean up corruption & develop our rich natural resources: Our abundant oil, gas, minerals & our robust fisheries! An important project that was a ‘center-point’ was jumpstarting a natural gas pipeline project that had been stalled for decades. We brought all stakeholders together for mutual benefit – our state, the energy industry, our neighboring country, consumers & together with ordinary citizens (who are the resource owners) & major energy producers who ‘bid on the right to develop our resources’, AK was finally able to move forward on a project that can help lead America towards energy independence.

Through my work in AK (as an oil & gas regulator, then as governor), I’ve seen firsthand how energy development, job creation & national security are inextricably linked. Access to affordable, reliable energy is the key to economic growth, which is the key to job growth. Securing that stable domestic supply of fuel will lead to a more peaceful & prosperous America – an America that’s not subject to the whims of foreign dictators who could cut off energy supplies & seek to control.

Of course, energy issues are critical to the whole world’s stability & economic opportunities! By 2030, the world’s energy consumption will increase by 50% & almost half of that will come from here in India & from China. We all face similar challenges in this arena & this makes America’s quest for energy security all the more crucial as we seek to stabilize our economy, secure our homeland & cooperate with our allies who would also seek peace on earth.

Energy is key! My vision for a free & prosperous America has much to do with energy."

ENERGY WILL BE A WINNING PLATFORM for a 2012 run for Sarah
"Energize America's Future" is my suggestion for her campaign...
After India, she went to Israel where she and Todd met and had dinner with PM Netanyahu and his wife.
Patrick's world points out A Contrast of Two Leaders: "President Obama is in Brazil helping them out with their oil drilling program while we suffer at the pump here in America and vast reserves remain untapped. Sarah Palin went to India to demonstrate her vision of how important an ally they could be of America in a free market economy where two vibrant democracies could become strong trading partners. President Obama took weeks to come on board with the Libya no fly zone. Palin called for it immediately. A trip to the supermarket followed by putting gas in the car is enough to tell you that things aren't going right. A little research on Sarah Palin is enough to tell you that things can be put right again.

The contrast between the two leaders is beyond clear."

T.E.A. party ain't going anywhere Dingy Reid

Just biding their time - and holding their 2010 representatives accounable - until 2012 gears up... Like Allen West says:

hattip NewZeal

Florida Judge orders Muslims to follow sharia law

Think that Shariah can't creep into law in America? Its crept into finances and now creeps into law... Read this scary tidbit. From Jihad Watch and Act! for America:

"Former trustees of the mosque are claiming in court they have the right to the funds. Current mosque leaders are disputing that claim.

The current mosque leaders want the case decided according to secular, Florida civil law, and their attorney has been vigorously arguing the case accordingly.

The former trustees of the mosque want the case decided according to sharia law.

Here’s the kicker.

The judge recently ruled “This case will proceed under Ecclesiastical Islamic law,” (sharia law), “pursuant to the Qur’an.”

You can read the judge’s ruling here.

Now it’s not unusual for a dispute to arise within a religious institution and for a court to order a mediation or arbitration, in order to resolve this without the court having to render its own judgment.

But what makes this case unusual, and highly troubling, is that a group of Muslim leaders—the CURRENT mosque leaders—who do NOT want to be subject to sharia law, are being compelled to do so by an American judge!"

Lovely, eh?

So what is so bad about Shariah?
Its terrorism that's personal:

"Nicholas Kristof, the New York Times op-ed columnist who traveled to Pakistan last year to write about acid attacks, put it this way in an essay at the time: “I’ve been investigating such acid attacks, which are commonly used to terrorize and subjugate women and girls in a swath of Asia from Afghanistan through Cambodia (men are almost never attacked with acid). Because women usually don’t matter in this part of the world, their attackers are rarely prosecuted and acid sales are usually not controlled. It’s a kind of terrorism that becomes accepted as part of the background noise in the region. ...

“Bangladesh has imposed controls on acid sales to curb such attacks, but otherwise it is fairly easy in Asia to walk into a shop and buy sulfuric or hydrochloric acid suitable for destroying a human face. Acid attacks and wife burnings are common in parts of Asia because the victims are the most voiceless in these societies: They are poor and female. The first step is simply for the world to take note, to give voice to these women.” Since 1994, a Pakistani activist who founded the Progressive Women’s Association to help such women 'has documented 7,800 cases of women who were deliberately burned, scalded or subjected to acid attacks, just in the Islamabad area. In only 2 percent of those cases was anyone convicted.'

From Crazy Islam, "since leaving Islam is a death sentence, it will only spread until it is confronted and halted.

It's not rocket science or brain surgery, just common sense.

To those who wish to not have their daughters raped, kidnapped, married against their will, etc. - you have 2 choices.

1. You fight now so that your children have a bright future.

2. You do nothing now, hoping the problem will go away (it won't) and your children suffer as a result of your apathy, cowardice, or mistaken multicultural PC beliefs.

Islam 101 from Crazy Islam:

1. Kill anyone who insults Islam or Mohammed. (Koran 33:57-61) See Crazy Islam Eye Opener.
2. Kill all Muslims who leave Islam. (Koran 2:217, 4:89) (Bukhari 9.84.57)
3. Koran cannot be doubted. (Koran 2:1)
4. Islam is the only acceptable religion. (Koran 3:85).
5. Muslims must fight us, even if they don't want to. (Koran 2:216)

6. We are pigs and apes. (Koran 2:62-65, 5:59-60, 7:166)
7. We can't be friends with Muslims. (Koran 5:51)
8. We are sworn enemies of Muslims and Islam. (Koran 4:101)
9. We can be raped as sex-slaves. (Koran 4:3, :24, 5:89, 23:5, 33:50, 58:3, 70:30)
10. We are the vilest of creatures deserving no mercy. (Koran 98:6)

11. Muslims must terrorize us. (Koran 8:12, :59-60) (Bukhari 4:52:220)
12. Muslims must strike terror into our hearts. (Koran 8:60)
13. Muslims must lie to us to strengthen and spread Islam. (Koran 3:28, 16:106)
14. Muslims are allowed to behead us. (Koran 47:4)
15. Muslims are guaranteed to go to heaven if they kill us. (Koran 9:111)

16. Marrying and divorcing pre-pubescent children is OK. (Koran 65:4)
17. Wife beating is OK. (Koran 4:34)
18. Raping wives is OK. (Koran 2:223)
19. Proving rape requires 4 male Muslim witnesses. (Koran 24:13)
20. Lying, stealing, robbing, kidnapping, raping, extorting, torturing, amputating, beheading, murdering, and arson are acceptable in Islam. (Koran)

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style your garage

these are cute... not sure I'd actually have the courage to hang one, but I like the idea of it... Want one? Get it at style-your-garage

Saturday, March 19, 2011

in defense of weasels

Fierce, agile, persisent, adept and successful hunters, weasels have gotten a bad rap from humans. When someone calls someone else a "weasel" it is never a compliment.

Gerry Rising in a 1999 Buffalo News column explains the bad press: "We now use the word "weasel" as synonymous with "betray secrets" or "squeal." This is a derived meaning; in England "to weasel" earlier meant "to extract race-track tips." "Weasel words" are those whose meaning is twisted, usually for self-serving purposes, like "popularly priced" -- popular to the seller probably. Carolyn King believes that this expression came to us from Shakespeare's reference to weasels sucking eggs. Thus weasel words are words with their normal meaning sucked dry. (Note that weasels neither suck eggs nor blood -- another negative piece of folklore -- because they lack the jaw musculature to do so.) "

From The Natural History of Weasels and Stoats: Ecology, Behavior, and Management the authors note "weasels appear only rarely in animal fiction stories for children and they are usually treated as thieves, robbers or other bad characters. They are the villains of traditional nature stories..."

"to "weasel out" of some responsibility or tight situation is to escape by cunning but unfair means"

The wily weasel has been bad mouthed for hundreds of years in European and American history. Currently maligned in New Zealand, Stoats were brought in yet are now considered a pest.

Also from the Natural History book: "Where weasels of any species have been introduced into countries outside their natural range, such as New Zealand, they enter natural communities as destructive aliens. Native species that had never previously met a weasel or a stoat are very vulnerable to them, and in these places negative attitudes to exotic species are warranted (Chapter 13). Even so, conservationists battling against the depredations of introduced stoats in New Zealand often admit a grudging admiration for th energy, speed and skill of their little adversary."

2009 Scientific American article advises "Stoats, also known as ermines or weasels, were first introduced to New Zealand in the 19th century to combat another introduced species, the rabbit, which has caused great environmental damage throughout Australia and New Zealand. But the stoat stubbornly refused to restrict its diet to rabbits, and defenseless young kiwi chicks make attractive meals." Oooopsie NZ!

children's book "Sneaky Weasel"

In Canada, the weasel "hunts for rabbits, rats, birds, frogs, ground squirrels and pika ( a small rodent that lives in the mountains) . It eats hundreds of meadow mice. Weasels that live in the north also feed on Arctic hare and lemming.

The weasel can find the open entrance to an animal's tunnel and hunt the animal underground.

The weasel ususally hunts at night. It kills its prey by biting it at the back of the neck.

Chicken farmers do not like the weasel. It can kill several chickens at a time. But weasels are useful animals because they eat many rats and mice."

the "Weasel gang" from movie "Who framed Roger Rabbit?"
So what is the truth about weasels? Since I'm not currently a chicken farmer or a NZ bird savior trying to save flightless birds, I personally think weasels are gorgeous creatures not worthy of contempt heaped upon them. It would be really cool to have a Ferret as a pet! All weasels have their place in the nature as vermin hunters. More from the Natural History book:

"They are among the purest of carnivores, perfectly adapted in every feature of their bodies and behavior to live exclusively as hunters."

"They have long, slender bodies, long necks and short legs; their heads are rather flattish and smoothly pointed, exactly suitable instruments for poking into every possible small hole."

"These adaptations add up to a design for an effective mouse-harvesting machine that humans can only envy."

The Oregonian blog thinks Weasels don't deserve a bad reputation: "Pity the poor weasel, whose name so often gets dragged in the mud. Lawyers, politicians, government bureaucrats -- they've all been compared to weasels in overheated rhetoric."

Man anthropomorphizes weasels in attempts to belittle and decry man. But there seems to be a slight problem with the analogy and I recommend leaving the perfectly suited, cute, wily little hunter animal out of it.

Go hunt down sneaky humans who are robbers, thieves or other bad characters.
Go hunt people who lie, escape situations and are not held accountable for their actions.
Go hunt corrupt lawyers, self serving politicians and elitist, money grubbing government bureaucrat types who are the real vermin, rats and undesirables on the planet.

Find your inner weasel and chase down as many rats you can... and for pete's sake, get your analogies strait already! ;)

These two sites, however, are very good and worth checking out if you haven't seen:
Weasel Zippers
Watcher of Weasels (with contributor NewZeal)

(suggestion: rename to 'Vermin Zippers' or 'Watcher of Vermin' ? Just my $0.02)

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humor break, time to get Bent Objects

time for giggles...? yessss...

Check out this interesting art from Terry Border at Bent Objects...

Described as what an artist can do if given wire and household objects ...

go buy the book at Amazon "Bent Objects: the secret life of every day things"


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pray for the thousands lost in Japan

interesting photos here of Japan tsunami aftermath
its possible another quake & more tsunamis might come
or nuclear disaster... but let's hope that doesn't happen

Victor Davis Hansen points out the Fragility of Complex Societies

NY Times has satellite before & after photos here...
please say a prayer for the thousands lost...
In response to Mr. Hansen's article, commenter Praetorian says: "I totally disagree. This is yet another example why private sector, for-profit companies should NOT be allowed to do work that can poison the public and planet. Because of profit incentive, they are bound to cut corners by lowering safety standards, using too few workers, and all the other things everyone sees being done in their own place of work today. The private sector is a complete failure in this area and danger to the environment and humankind. They are also misinforming the public at disasters such as this, the gulf spill, and on and on.

The government, without profit incentive and with verifiable oversight from a publicly elected official, should handle this area. The private sector is fine for making a profit on such things as ice cream cones and widgets but nuclear power, something that impacts us all, is just too much responsibility for them to handle."

But I liked what ETAB had to say in response: "I totally disagree with your view, Praetorian. You start with several unexamined and I believe, totally false, assumptions.

Your first assumption is that the private sector operates ‘for profit’ and that this is, somehow, a bad thing. This unexamined assumption, with its overtone that profit is akin to ‘a sin’ ignores that all societies and all production MUST create wealth or profit. Production in a ‘growth-economy’ must produce more than is consumed. This wealth then returns to the economy in the form of investment: updated machines, research in new methods, more jobs. A society that rejects profit becomes stagnant and even, moves into a depressed and failing economy.

If your production system creates no profit but is simply ‘break-even’ then, the economy cannot invest in growth.

Your declaration that all private companies: ignore safety, cut corners, use ‘too few workers’ (??) is yet another unverified opinion. You are ignoring both govt safety regulations – and – the market. The value of the private market is that the consumer gets to choose between producers. If a private company gets the reputation for shoddy work, poor quality – then, he’ll rapidly find himself out of business. This doesn’t happen in the public service area – where the company or service has no competition!

Your next false and unexamined assumption is that public production is both less costly and safer. As I noted, the key problem with public production of goods and services is the lack of competition. This means that there are no limits to costs; the taxpayer is an open bank – and this is why we see, almost always, that public services overrun stated costs. Indeed, costs always rise when the public service moves in because there are no restrictions to money needs; just get more from the taxpayer!

Then, there is the monopoly effect. Since the consumer has no choice in a market of producers but simply has to accept, and pay for the public service there are no constraints on work quality, work standards, number of workers. The costs explode. And, since the work is not privately owned where the owners/shareholders must balance their budget, then, waste, inefficiency and outright theft increase exponentially. The waste in govt services costs the taxpayer billions every year. I’m sure you are aware of this waste and even, theft.

And we can’t forget the public service unions. These have transformed a focus on the quality of service, to a focus on an elite set of employees. These employees – which must always increase in number, as the union wants to increase its dues and its profits – focus on their own salaries, benefits and pensions. The public service ignores ‘service’ and moves to a focus only on the well-being of these employees. And the union’s profit motive becomes a top priority.

These problems: the problems of increasing costs by public service providers; the issue of waste and theft; the problems of lack of accountability in the quality of these services; the profit motive of the public service unions – has moved more and more governments to privatize services.

ETAB gives me hope America will survive the current socialist attempts at take over...
Let's hope Japan survives their onslaught by mother nature and they avoid a horrible nuclear disaster (even if it might make environmentalists happy by helping future wildlife!)...

I'll be praying for the dead, America and Japan tonight ... better get to it.

environmentalists thrilled at Japan nuclear disaster?

Abandoned in 1986, the Chernobyl nuclear disaster zone ...... is now an area teaming with wildlife
... wolves, moose, badgers, deer, catfish, fox, wild dogs, ...wild boar, raccoon, house cats, bats, lynx,... Przewalski's horses, and eagle owls, lizards, snakes
sea birds, trees, flowers and grass...
... because humans left a big area suddenly...
doesn't mean nature dies...
* * *
Current environmentalists must be salivating
that Japan's nuclear facilities spawn a disaster.
they WANT a nuclear meltdown...
After all, they go ON AND ON AND ON
about wanting less humans on the planet, right?
... So look at what happened after Chernobyl
* * *
& a few thousand across Europe
have or had suspicious cancers...
thousands of abortions ...
but now?
* * *
Just PERFECT for the environmentalists!
* * *
They must be chomping at the bit
awaiting the possible nuclear disasters...

* * *
It is their idea of cleansing the planet
of dirty, resource-using, over-consuming
* * *
death = the environmentalist's dream scenario...
... A&&holes... all of 'em

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

not time to go nuclear about nuclear at all

No, it is NOT time to panic... Japan's nuclear facilities problems will not cause global catastrophe.

As discussed at Climate Conversation (NZ), Andrew Bolt at (AUS) recommends Before you give in to the media’s nuclear meltdown:

"Read the fascinating and reasurring in its entirety. But if you have time only for Oehmen’s bottom line, it’s this:

- The plant is safe now and will stay safe.

- Japan is looking at an INES Level 4 Accident: Nuclear accident with local consequences. That is bad for the company that owns the plant, but not for anyone else.

Also, it is time for Kyoto to end, too... Yessssss !

"The Kyoto Protocol was a fraud right from Day One. Even if it had been punctiliously followed by all of the nations who ratified it, it would have achieved essentially nothing -- a measly reduction in the calculated temperature half a century hence of 0.02 degrees C -- an amount too small to even measure.

Kyoto was all about politics and money. The terms of the Kyoto Protocol demanded a 5.2% overall reduction from the emission levels of 1990 for industrialized nations. The choice of 1990, however, favored Europe, Britain, Germany, and Russia at the expense of the United States."

80% of All Terrorism Convictions Since 9-11 Involved Radical Islamists

"More than 80 percent of all convictions tied to international terrorist groups and homegrown terrorism since 9/11 involve defendants driven by a radical Islamist agenda, a review of Department of Justice statistics shows.

Though Muslims represent about 1 percent of the American population, they constitute defendants in 186 of the 228 cases DOJ lists.

On Thursday, the House Homeland Security Committee holds its first hearing into radicalization among Muslim Americans. Critics have taken issue with the focus on one religious minority, but the DOJ list shows that radical Islamists are disproportionately involved in terror-related crimes.

Al-Qaida is involved in the largest number of prosecutions, representing 30 percent of the 228 terror cases involving an identified group. Hizballah-affiliated defendants are involved in 10.5 percent of the cases and Hamas is part of 9 percent. Pakistani-based Lashkar-e-Tayyiba was involved in 6.5 percent of the cases.

The Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka and the Colombian FARC lead the non-Islamist terrorist groups, combining for 14 percent of the total.

The Investigative Project on Terrorism analysis involved reviewing the Justice Department's list of more than 400 successful terrorism-related prosecutions from Sept. 11, 2001, through March 18, 2010. Those cases that demonstrated defendants with a clear Islamist agenda were placed in that category, while those without a clear tie to radical Islam were excluded. In some cases, defendants with Arabic-sounding names were excluded from the Islamist category, because no definitive tie could be made."

why no looting in Japan?

Because the Japanese culture doesn't see themselves as perpetual "victims" like they do in Haiti or STILL do in New Orleans area after hurricane Katrina... Erroll Phillips at AT discusses a previous Japan earthquake & what DIDN'T happen:

"There was no looting or breaking into food stores

There was no time for trying to blame anyone

There was no one cutting in the front of the line to get water

There were no calls to lawyers

Japans is a lesson for the self deluded victims across the world: take notice. Grow up. YOU are responsible for your OWN situation in life. If a disaster hits? Pull up the bootstraps and move on.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Islamic extremists want USA's statue of liberty torn down

2008 cartoons from

A fun and tolerant group calling itself "Sharia 4 America" wants the USA's Statue of Libery torn down... because it offends them. Patriot Action Network discusses here.

For pete's sake, what the h3ll doesn't offend this tribe of extemist barbarian dolts? Hey all you "moderate" and "peaceful" Muslims, you need to speak up JUST a WEE bit more and denounce all the jihadis in your gangs world wide...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

summer fun at the Kumeu show today

I know the world is experiencing all sorts of natural disasters, earth quakes, tsunamis, nuclear reactor failures, volcanoes blowing their tops, floods, murders, jihadist bombings, middle east overthrowing and general mayhem stuff all over the place ... and

"Whatever else one might say about President Obama's Libya policy, it has succeeded brilliantly in achieving its oft-stated goal of not leading the world."
- - - - -
Well, I just couldn't really be all that bothered about much of this stuff today... as we went to a county fair type of event called the Kumeu Show.

It was lovely summer weather and everyone was having a great time.
- ran into our niece and her friend also watching the log-saw competition.
- chatted up a guy showing off his award winning Alpacas.
- ate french fries and slurped some ice cream.
- saw the hunter/jumper equestrian competition.
- heard the brass band playing tunes.
- strolled by various booths of food, goods, art, animals and new Ford trucks for sale

The rest of the world can go to hell on their own it always does... but I had fun at the fair today...

this way to ... carnival area

cow needs watering by nicely dressed owner

men log-sawing competition

various colors of Alpacas

equestrian rider clears an event jump

very, very big pumpkins ... for kids to crawl on

... and some sheep racers take a break

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Klavan on public sector unions, we are all experts now

Yeah for Wisconsin! Idaho, Indiana and several other states will be or, like Ohio, HAVE ALREADY voted to end public sector's unions 'collective bargaining' ... Yeah!

Bravery and common sense in Wisconsin. Now, the aftermath in Wisconsin...

Andrew Klavan gives a quick video explaining public sector unions. Thanks protestors, we are all experts now and FULLY understand why your collective bargaining nonsense should end...!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

may an evil pox befall everything Michael Moore says or does

Why does anyone, anywhere on planet earth even listen to the continual lies that rich "film maker" Michael Moore says? He, along with all the leftist liars, are flipping damn tiring. May an evil, contagious and itchy pox befall them all.

He was trying to help mobilize Wisconsin union protestors? Give me a break. Get a clue Michael. Your ideology and your person stink to high heavan. Everything that spews out of your mouth is vomitous hogwash.

If I was a witch, he could consider himself cursed beyond all repute. May he never ever be able to even find his 1 inch wee little wiglet weeny underneath his rash infested bloated blob of a body.

He should be banned... or sent to live in Cuba, all travel visas revoked and all monetary funds frozen and given equally to all states in the USA to fund new childrens books with accurate American history.


Steve McCann at AT notes Moore wants to Confiscate Americans' Wealth to Pay Government Workers?:

"Michael Moore and his fellow-travelers in the American version of the Socialist/Marxist cabal have picked up the mantle of defending public unionism in their demonstrations in Madison, Wisconsin and other state capitals. They are vocally calling for more confiscation of the wealth of the rich to pay for the bloated incomes of government workers and openly stating that all wealth belongs to the state while their true motives are deliberately obfuscated."

"There is an old adage: "always follow the money." The Left, despite their protestations that they always have the best interests of the people at heart, have only their own interests at heart. It is their individual income stream and their massive egos which must be fed, and there is not enough private funding to do so. Therefore it must come from the public coffers whether directly from government programs or indirectly through compulsory public sector union dues."

appropriate comment by Bobdog on AT Mar 09, 06:51 AM:

"Moore knows that what he proposes is hogwash. It's not about confiscating wealth at all. It never has been. A 30 second look at every movie he's ever done and every pathetic speech he's ever given has a consistent theme: it's about giving the illiterate proletariat in the labor movement something to hate. It's always Us against Them. Always about confrontation and agitation. You hear the same meme from Obama's White House, the Justice Department, HUD, the liberals in Congress, Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Louis Farrakhan, Jessee Jackson, Al Sharpton, the liberal media. There's always a boogieman, an e-vill injustice to be righted, some real or conjured up slight to be redressed, an angry movement to cheer. Without something to hate, a mob is worthless, the shouting stops, and people start thinking for themselves again. Can't have that. Got to stir the pot and keep people so riled up they don't mind giving up their income to go protest the grievance of the day and make somebody miserable. Every once in a while, you got to take to the streets and get a little bloody. It's not really about money. It's about power."

HOGWASH INDEED bobdog, great comment

A FrontPage 2006 article describes Moore's full bore hogwash thoroughly and accurately and sums up with:

"Interestingly, with liberals, it’s the opposite. Liberal hypocrites oftentimes improve their lives when they’re hypocrites. For example, Michael Moore is better off because, instead of buying into his own rhetoric and avoiding corporations, he’s wealthier because he invests in them...

The point is that liberal principles oftentimes are bad for you. They take away your rights, they take away your freedoms, and they end up hurting your prosperity. At the end of the day, what this hypocrisy teaches us is not just about the failures of the icons of the liberal left, also something about their ideas, and that is that people on the liberal left, when it comes to the things that matter most in their own lives, do not trust those things to their own ideas."

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

freedom force intl - individualism v collectivism

hattip iOwnTheWorld -> "Animated series exploring the substance behind the political terminology used in contemporary debates: te research of Mr.G.Edward Griffin reveals how all viewpoints can be stripped down to 2 basic positions.

Discover how the different approaches of Collectivism and Individualism impact on all aspects of our lives, from human rights, governmental authority and the use of force.

#INTRO (above) - click below links to watch the rest of series on Youtube
#P1. The Nature and Origin of Human Rights
#P2. Group Supremacy
#P3. Coercion vs Freedom
#P4. Equality and Inequality under the Law
#P5. Proper Role ofGovernment"

These videos from Feedom Force International. Their site has some interesting information, about the issues:

"Your freedom is under attack. Even your freedom to read these words may soon be denied – all in the name of fighting terrorism, or crime, or drugs, or pollution of the environment. The greatest tragedy of our modern age is the decline of freedom throughout the world leading to the establishment of a modern, high-tech feudalism. Totalitarianism is in your future; and, to an alarming degree, it is already in your present.

Free men are allowing this to happen because, presently, they are powerless to stop it. Even in nations where leaders are elected, the financial and political forces that supply them with money and media support receive more loyalty than those who merely cast their votes. While most people are content to fill their lives with work and play, there are those who have much larger designs. They think of themselves as natural leaders who have a solemn responsibility to rule. They speak about democratic values and human rights, but they do not trust the common man with self-government. They have perfected the illusion that voters determine their own political destiny, but they also have created mechanisms for altering that destiny to fit their own agendas. The mission of Freedom Force is to expose those agendas and create counter mechanisms to overcome them.

Let us be specific. Collectivists advocate controlled elections, controlled media, controlled education, the elimination of free speech, disarmament of the population, fiat money, a cartelized health-care system, military imperialism, and global government.

The ideology of Freedom Force is individualism, the opposite of collectivism at every point. Individualists advocate honest elections, a competitive media, an educational system responsive to parents, encouragement of free speech, a well-armed citizenry, sound money, freedom-of-choice in health care, a non-interventionist foreign policy, and national sovereignty."

... and since the topic of America drilling for its own oil is being dicussed quite a bit on the blogosphere, I'll also include this comment from Mr. Griffin:

"A large proportion of the money we (USA) pay to foreign oil producers is funneled immediately to the multinational oil companies who have contracts to process the oil and deliver it. Some of the largest of those, of course, are U.S. based, although that does not guarantee that the money would return to America.

It sometimes is theorized that exporting our fiat money for valuable resources and goods is advantageous to America because foreigners get worthless paper while we get things of value. I do not agree with this, however, because a great deal of that money eventually does comes back home to buy equities in American corporations and banks, real estate, mineral resources, and political influence. Eventually those who received our dollars end up owning huge chunks of America.

When all is considered, it is my opinion that it would be to our clear advantage if we were oil independent and once again had strong domestic industry. History has shown that those who produce, rule. Those who do not, serve."


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

relying on middle east? time to drill for your own oil

There were a few interesting articles I happened upon today which make me think it is very important that countries who soley or primarily rely on oil from the middle east need to seriously find new sources including drilling LOCALLY wherever that may be.

In Alaska, for example, some 80% of land is "Federal" land and cannot be touched. Why? More exploration and expanded responsible drilling NOW for oil and shale - and coal too - needs to happen in America and across the world.

TheUrkel's communist islamic-friendly regime has other plans though... plans that do NOT benefit America... plans that only enrich elitist banker types.

What are these plans? TheWon (and previous presidents) cozy up to the Saudis and middle east dicatators who have the oil. Judge for yourself...

Go back to a few stories from last year. March 2010, Washington Times, EDITORIAL Obama surrenders gulf oil to Moscow:

"The Obama administration is poised to ban offshore oil drilling on the outer continental shelf until 2012 or beyond. Meanwhile, Russia is making a bold strategic leap to begin drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico. While the United States attempts to shift gears to alternative fuels to battle the purported evils of carbon emissions, Russia will erect oil derricks off the Cuban coast.

Offshore oil production makes economic sense. It creates jobs and helps fulfill America’s vast energy needs. It contributes to the gross domestic product and does not increase the trade deficit. Higher oil supply helps keep a lid on rising prices, and greater American production gives the United States more influence over the global market."

"Cuba has rights to the area in which drilling will be conducted under an agreement the Carter administration recognized. From Russia’s perspective, this is another way to gain leverage inside what traditionally has been America’s sphere of influence. It may not be as dramatic as the Soviet Union attempting to use Cuba as a missile platform, but in the energy wars, the message is the same. Russia is projecting power into the Western Hemisphere while the United States retreats. The world will not tolerate a superpower that acts like a sidekick much longer."

Now to July 2010 Obama's latest assault on liberty from WND:
"President Obama's Executive Order 13547, issued July 19, further extends federal power, embraces global governance, diminishes the rights and privileges of individuals and brings the United States into compliance with Agenda 21, Chapter 17.6, which says:

Each coastal State should consider establishing, or where necessary strengthening, appropriate coordinating mechanisms (such as a high-level policy planning body) for integrated management and sustainable development of coastal and marine areas. The National Ocean Council created by the executive order creates this mechanism – and much more.

The genius of the American system of governance created by the U.S. Constitution is the delicate balance of power between the federal government, state and local governments, and the people. The founders recognized the people as the source of power; the people came first. It was the people who organized states. The states created a federal government and through the Constitution limited the power of the new government to those specific powers set forth in Article I, Section 8. All unspecified powers were explicitly retained by the states or the people.

In the first 200 years, the United States of America produced greater wealth and prosperity than the rest of the world had produced in 2000 years. Why? Because individuals were free to pursue their own individual happiness."

September 2010 Laura Rambeau Lee discusses above story about Executive Order 13547 at the Two if by sea:

"In an article by Henry Lamb posted on World News Daily on July 31, 2010 entitled Obama’s Latest Assault on Liberty he states “President Obama's Executive Order 13547, issued July 19, further extends federal power, embraces global governance, diminishes the rights and privileges of individuals and brings the United States into compliance with Agenda 21, Chapter 17.6, which says:

Each coastal State should consider establishing, or where necessary strengthening, appropriate coordinating mechanisms (such as a high-level policy planning body) for integrated management and sustainable development of coastal and marine areas. …”

This executive order also intends to pursue the United States’ accession to the Law of the Sea Convention, or Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) Dr. Lamb goes on to say “This treaty would give the U.N. power to regulate activity within our territorial seas (Article 2, (3)); it would give the U.N. the power to levy taxes in the form of application fees ($250,000) and royalties; it provides no benefits that the United States does not already enjoy. Yet, the Obama administration has set up this new National Ocean Council to convince the Senate to ratify the treaty.”

In 1978 Ronald Reagan declared, “No national interest of the United States can justify handing sovereign control of two-thirds of the Earth’s surface over to the Third World.” In 1982 Ronald Reagan refused to sign the Law of the Sea Treaty or send it to the Senate.

In 2004 President George W. Bush signed the treaty, which essentially would give the International Seabed Authority all of the rights over the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian and Arctic oceans and all of the oil and mineral resources they contain. The International Seabed Authority, created by The Law of the Sea Convention, consists of 155 nations, wherein the United States would have only one vote and no veto. But of course, the United States would pay the principal share of the operating costs, as we do today with the United Nations, paying close to 17% of the operating costs. Fortunately the Senate did not pursue it’s ratification at that time."

March 2011 NewZeal points out in Must Read: Arab Communists Meet - Plan Major Changes for Middle East - from "Arab left forum" February 2011:

"The mass movement and militancy that we are witnessing has opened up a new horizon for the Arab world. A horizon created through the struggle of the youth and the workers of Tunisia and Egypt, and with significant and effective participation by Arab women. This raises the opportunity and the challenge for the forces of the Arab Left to unify themselves under a program for democratic and social change with two main and related tasks.

Firstly, such a program is necessary to confront reactionary internal forces attempting to exploit the mass popular awakening in Egypt and Tunisia in order to serve their own agendas which does not entail any radical change from the current status in the Arab world. On the contrary, these reactionary agendas would reproduce the same regimes albeit in a novel shape and form.
Secondly, such a program for the unification of the Arab left forces is also necessary to effectively confront the Imperialist American plots and Zionist occupation and assaults under a banner for real and effective change.

In the current revolutionary moment we are witnessing, the Arab leftist forces and parties gathered in Beirut decided to entitle their exceptional meeting The Martyrs of the Tunisian and Egyptian Revolution and the Other Arab Intifadas."

Trevor asks: "Does this all sound like "democracy" is coming to the Middle East? ... If this allowed to play out, $10 or $20 a gallon gas won't be the big issue. National survival will be."

So you got all that?

First the Dem-commies give "ownership" (?!?!) of oceans to the UN through "executive order" (total B.S. I say - he is not a dictator but he acts like one) while Feds continue to lock down & confiscate land across the USA and ban further drilling (while promoting Soros-owned Petrobas drilling in Brazil). Next, they cozy up to Iran and other middle east & arab dictators who now have their own leftist arab groups pushing for a combined arab power state in a goal to "confront" the USA and Israel...?

Like I said, time for USA and ALL western countries dependent on middle eastern oil to start drilling for their own... quick. TheWon regime needs to be stopped.

Trevor is right: national survival at stake.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

time to overthrow despicable media and their king

As 2012 approaches, it is time to overthrow the despicable media and their king TheWon...

Lloyd Marcus calls for your assistance at American Thinker in To Save America we must dethrone King Obama:

"America's first black president has morphed into America's first king. All hail King Obama, our supreme ruler. Think about this folks, King Obama has put together his royal court of an unprecedented 32 czars who only answer to him. His czars consist of people who have socialist and communist leanings, many simply do not like America. King Obama's czars, without congressional over sight, set new rules and regulations for our lives; boldly ignoring laws and the U.S. Constitution.

Given Obama's unprecedented government overreaches, when we vote him out in 2012, will His Royal Obamaness surrender the Oval Office? Just kidding. Such a concern is a bit over the top. Right? Right?

Meanwhile, displaying an amazing total disregard for the sanctity of freedom, guess who cheers on Obama's every unprecedented lawless "power grab" and dis of the Constitution; the despicable liberal media."

Get involved at: 1 million people to defeat TheWon - But don't just stop at 1 million... there are MANY MILLIONS MORE who are with you Mr. Marcus!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bush Vs. Obama On Gas Prices

More from Heritage today, the first 2 years comparing President Bush to TheUrkelRegime:

"During the first twenty-six months of President Bush’s first term in office, the price of gasoline increased by 7%. At the end of his second term, the price had decreased by 9% from the time he took office (adjusted for inflation). During the first twenty-six months of Obama’s term in office, the price of gasoline has spiked over 67% with no relief in site.

Clearly, other mitigating factors were at work between those two time periods. U.S. demand is one such factor, as is global supply disruptions, cartel pricing and the cost to refine and distribute, but the current price spikes obligate serious people to scrutinize our nation’s energy policy.

President Bush’s response to $4/gallon gasoline was to lift presidential and congressional moratoriums on expanded drilling in the Outer Continental Shelf, a move that many critics say came too late. But what about Obama?

Some on the right have criticized Obama for having no energy policy. This is wrong. Obama’s energy policy is working exactly the way it is designed. This administration knows that unless the price of fossil fuels skyrocket, expensive alternative energy sources, no matter how heavily subsidized, will continue to be unattractive to American consumers.

Obviously, this risky desire to have high gas prices is a punitive policy that foolishly ignores how Americans use petroleum. While oil is largely a transportation fuel, solar and wind can only contribute to our electricity demands. Oil accounts for less than 1% of our electricity demand.

The liberal fascination with developing expensive vehicles that run on electricity doesn’t change that: 1) Solar or wind powered vehicles don’t commercially exist; 2) The cars that do run on electricity, or even battery-powered hybrids still require gas; and 3) the high cost of the alternatively fueled vehicles makes them largely insignificant in the auto market and cost-prohibitive to the average consumer."

Read the whole article here.

As gas prices continue to rise impacting every single American in a negative way, good ol' granny witch Piven and TheWon might just get their economic rioting in the streets the left has been asking for all right... but its not going to go their way...

Collective bargaining 101 from Heritage

Friday, March 4, 2011

Whittle: the end of the beginning

More brilliance from Bill Whittle via Declaration Entertainment:

"The protests in Wisconsin are just the surface of a far, far larger phenomenon taking place beneath the surface. In this Firewall, Bill examines the three great waves of human civilization, and how what we are seeing in Madison is a war the Unions ultimately cannot win."

"The Battle in Wisconsin may yet go one way or the othetr, but in the end the Unions will lose -- you can no more stop it than you can the tides."

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lone TEA party patriot Elliot Fladen takes on mob...and wins

A brilliant, educated American youth - takes on a few hundred Denver union protestors... and wins. Excellent!

Hattip: Gateway Pundit "Elliot Fladen, graduate of Stanford Law School and Northwestern University with Economics Major and proud Libertarian Unilaterally defends Tea Party views against angry Union Member Protesters in Denver, Colorado, Saturday, February 26, 2011."

USA founding fathers rejected democracy

I stumbled upon a great commentary from June 25, 2010 which made a lot of sense to me today. The article is called The Founding Fathers Rejected Democracy. Here is the article in its entirety written by Dr. Harold Pease:

"The Founding Fathers universally rejected democracy and hoped that posterity would never turn the United States into one. The word they used was “Republic,” which is not synonymous with “Democracy.” The word “Democracy” is not in the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution, or the Bill of Rights. Even the Pledge of Allegiance is “to the Republic for which it stands.”

Benjamin Franklin defined democracy as “two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.”

So why did they reject Democracy? Because it is inherently flawed with the “share the wealth” philosophy, which only works as long as there is someone else’s money to share. Those receiving are quite pleased with getting something for nothing. But those forced to give are denied the right to spend the benefits of their own labor in their own self-interest, which creates jobs no matter how the money is spent. They also lose a portion of their incentive to produce.

Fraser Tyler, author of The Decline and Fall of the Athenian Republic authored more than 200 years ago said it best. “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship.”

Where does the money come from for all the “good” that government does? Answer, out of someone else’s pocket. If it is with his consent it is a form of charity. If forced, a form of tyranny. The more and the longer given, the more entitled the receiver becomes until he is quite willing to take to the streets and demand more of other people’s money, fully satisfied that he has every right to it. This works until those who have money are destroyed as a class and everyone is equally poor. The result is a diminished standard of living for everyone, as was the case under 20th Century communism.

A Democracy gives us the principles of majority rules and frequent elections with options, but little more. It does not protect us from the government’s redistribution of wealth philosophy, which entitles the less productive to get something for nothing.

A Republic includes frequent elections with options. It also gives place to majority rules, but only to a point, for as your mother told you growing up, the majority is not always right. A Republic is also based upon natural unalienable rights that come from a source higher than man (for example life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.)

Minority rights are protected from the majority in a Republic. A lynch mob is Democracy. Everyone voted but the man being lynched. A Republic rescues this man gives him a fair trial with a bona fide judge and witnesses for his defense. In a Republic there is an emphasis on individual differences rather than absolute equality. Such individual differences are seen as a strength in a Republic rather than as a flaw under Democracy, which equates sameness as equality.

Limited government is also a major aspect of a Republic. The government is handcuffed from dominating our lives. There is a list of functions and a clear process for obtaining additional power. Finally, there is a healthy fear of the emotion of the masses, destabilizing natural law upon which real freedom is based.

The Founders created a Republic, not a Democracy. The Constitution, as designed, is the mechanism to ensure we stay a Republic. We must demand from our leaders a strict adherence to that document in order to preserve our liberty, and that of future generations."

Time is now for America to stop the push from the left towards socialism as they cry "democracy" for their side... Time for America to be the Republic it is supposed to be.

Read about how America's founders were ahead of their time. In fact, it was a 5000 year leap. Read this very interesting book which explains why the wisdom of the founding fathers needs to be remembered, followed, restored and cherished if America is to survive.

the spirit of Mount Rushmore
still lives in the majority
of center/right Americans who believe in
the American Republic...
the battle to stop the left continues