Tuesday, November 17, 2020

the quiet house



the quiet house

Little brown dog who loved me so
Ready to play or get a treat
Ready for cuddles or sit on a lap
At dinner time always under my feet

From room to room, she'd follow me
Paws tip tap on the wood floor
Happy brown eyes watching, looking up
Waiting for me to pet and adore

Why are you barking?
What do you hear?
We can never replace you
Death creeps close we fear

Your heart was too big
And worked very hard
Slowed you right down
No more fun in the yard

Can't catch your breath
It hurts to lay down
I'm exhausted now mom
I have to leave town

Over the rainbow
With the spirits she'll rise
We are so sad
At her early demise

Little brown dog who loved us so
No more meds or special food
We can't stop crying
In a world without you