Tuesday, January 25, 2011

all babies want to get born

"Have you ever noticed everyone who is pro-abortion has already been born?" ... I read that comment on a blog recently somewhere...
There was just a huge annual pro-life march in Washington D.C.? Did you hear about it?
While news discusses the grotesque, evil Scissors-wielding abortionist arrested on multiple murder counts and the 38th "anniversary" of (unconstitutional) "roe v wade" making abortion "legal" (yippee, 50 million killed...), I'd like to focus on the growing pro-life movement.
The Anchoress says "It seems especially poignant to me that as we learn more about the hundreds, if not thousands of live babies slain by Kermit Gosnall, and the pro-abortion mindset within government agencies which assisted in those killings by looking the other way, that thousands of people are peacefully marching in freezing-cold Washington D.C. for life, and to speak up for human dignity.

As usual, the Washington DC march is getting short shrift from the mainstream press. They will report, as they do every year, that “tens of thousands” people braved the frigid January temperatures in Washington, while the true numbers have been averaging 200,000 for years."
You're alive... be happy

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