Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Lugo: Trump as Dragonslayer

Well yes, President Trump HAS turned out to be a Dragonslayer... let's hope it continues.

Excellent column from Karen Lugo at AmericanThinker:

"For so long we have been promised a dragonslayer who would go to work on the enemies of sovereignty, liberty, and structured constitutionalism. We had to know that when that champion took the field, it was not always going to be a pretty process. But how thrilling to see Trump shun fear as he wades into the deepest dragon lairs. Many times, when he emerges, we are more free, more safe, and more prosperous."

"Who would dare to really, really build a wall? Israel did it. China did it. East Germany did it. India is doing it. President Trump is building the security wall. He is building a "big, beautiful" bollard-style wall on the border, a section at a time.

Who really thought there would be a Keystone XL pipeline? Construction is due to start in 2019.

Who would dare require new immigrants to prepare for self-sufficiency? Trump's administration is preparing to expand the factors that would cause one to become a "public charge" or likely to be dependent on the government in some ways. These additional factors may be used as part of qualification for a green card or visa application.

How many understand that President Trump is overseeing health care reform that gives consumers real choices by opening markets and tax incentives to employers?

 Who would seriously demand real departmental budget-cutting while slashing regulations? President Trump is doing it."

GO PRESIDENT TRUMP! #MAGA and #KAG (Keep America Great!)

"Jacinda's Labour Government Hotline" by KrazyKiwi

I don't know who KrazyKiwi is, but he/she posted a really funny (yet sadly accurate) comment recently on WhaleOil.

This perfectly captures the current, sad, blind, sell-out-to-UN, globalism-is-fun, carbon-neutral-pushing Labour-Green government "running" NZ at the moment.  One might ask: how did this fringe, far left minority government get into power?  So, the party who got 6% of the vote (Winston Peters) decided to join them to form a coalition government. Called MMP (a weird system I don't fully understand), the majority of NZ voted for the center-left National party, but they didn't have "enough" of a percentage. Winston's tiny 6% party was the "decider". Winston was angry at National from past "hurts" - AND - he wanted MORE POWER so he went with the WEAKER party (Labour-Greens). Voila... fringe lefties got into power...

Anyway, as an example of the left fringe madness hitting NZ, a recent rumor I heard: newly 'elected' NZ PM Jacinda Adern stopped to listen to some greenie kids protesting something about oil/gas - and decided (without DUE process or consideration) to END oil/gas exploration in NZ. Period. This was/is a pure anti "global warming" virtue-signaling without-mandate decision will HURT the NZ economy.  

From 10 May 2018 Analysis An end to oil exploration in New Zealand" By Molly Lempriere:

"One of the main arguments against the ban is the economic impact. The National Party, Ardern’s Labour Parties major opposition, claimed the ban would cause the demise of an industry which contributed $2.5bn for the economy.

Meanwhile, New Zealand Oil & Gas chief executive Andrew Jefferies suggested the move would simply leave the country dependant on expensive imports. “Two thirds of our national energy use is industrial and transport related, for which complete renewable alternatives are not currently economically viable. Therefore the choice for New Zealand is whether we use our own resources for our own benefit, or New Zealanders rely on overseas energy sources benefitting those economies.”

Similar stances have been taken by other groups in New Zealand. “The Government’s decision to end offshore exploration of oil and gas will cost New Zealand at least $6.2bn, according to documents released during election negotiations”, said ACT Leader David Seymour. “We now know at least some of the costs involved with this PR stunt. Each household will be at least $4000 worse off. "

This minority government does NOT have a mandate to destroy the NZ economy.  WAKE THE F UP NZ! 

Ok, my rant done for today.

Here is what I call "Jacinda's Labour Government Hotline" by KrazyKiwi.

.......RING RING RING... calling Labour....

"Hello. Thanks for calling the Labour government helpline. Please choose the option that best helps us to serve you.

If you’re calling from the UN, thanks so much for getting in touch. We really appreciate you. Just press ‘1’ to start video call with Ms Ardern. She’s breastfeeding right now and is happy to chat about opportunities.

If you are Labour youth member and you’re concerned about sexual abuse the please press ‘2’ and we’ll put you on hold for 12 months. If you don’t want to hold that long then just have another RTD and leave your address after the beep. A trainee care worker will be right over.

If you are an Oil & gas worker, press 4 to be put thru to AirNZ reservations. We don’t want you, but the Aussie do

If you are a union organiser and you’d like to access our complimentary ‘Schedule a Strike’ service, press 5

If you are a small business owner, then press 6 to be put through to Christoper Luxton. He’ll tell you how its done.

If you are a member of the ‘High on Labour’ club, and your gear is nearly tapped out, then press 7. One of our friendly dealers will take your order.

If you are from Mr Peters’ Office, please note we’ve previously given you Jacinda’s direct number. Please hang up, call that number and leave a detailed message about the policy you’re demanding today. This will be delivered as per our secret coalition agreement.

If you are from the Media, then press 8#, and then enter your membership number. This week’s media plan will be emailed to you.

If you are a net taxpayer, the you can press ‘9’ continuously, but no one will answer. Get back to work.

If you are an agitated Green supporter the please press 0. We’ll replay some relaxing 1980’s eco-propaganda, and after the beep would you mind leaving us the name of your party leaders. We’ve forgotten who they are. Thank you. "

ANGRY PHONE image from DreamTime