Tuesday, February 8, 2011

08-Feb-11 smart & savvy Sarah Palin

Does public image matter to a country's leader?
answer: yes
Which of these 5 is NOT like the others?

*sigh* ...what an arugula

Sarah Palin would make an excellent POTUS because: she is smart and savvy.

Conservatives 4 Palin have the Top 10 Ways to Show You're a Serious Presidential Candidate Outside the Beltway:

10. Be invited to headline a Ronald Reagan 100th Birthday Dinner.

9. Start every speech paying homage to veterans, and conclude every speech with a plea for innocent life.

8. Run a city, a state, a business, and an oil commission, while managing a family of five, a faith life, and jogging three to five miles a day.

7. Demonstrate a 20-year commitment to Constitutionally-limited, fiscally-responsible government.

6. Attract 2.7 million Facebook fans, 12 million Google search results, and be named to ABC’s Most Fascinating Person list a record three straight years while selling nearly three million copies of your political memoir, on par with a former two-term Democratic president, and more than all your closest rivals combined.

5. Raise around $6 million for your political action committee in two years, and outraise all your competitors in the last reporting period, garnering the vast majority of your support from contributions less than $200.

4. Stand up for the little guy.

3. Refuse to be silenced by an abusive press corps.

2. Radiate a love for America and for Americans.

1. Show up at the primary debates ready to rumble.

In Jan-Feb 2008 Governor Palin accomplished:


  1. Ha ha ha

    Seriously, Sarah looks great on a horse- a natural

    And why isn't Putin carrying an anti-tank missile or a machete to complete the image?

    As for Obama... just think, what would Foghorn Leghorn think of him?

    "That boy ain't right"! lol

  2. Lisa,
    Was that a trick question?

    BTW, is that a teleprompter on the back of the bike?

  3. @RR, that was a different photo shoot... but I certainly not mess with Putin!

    @Hardnox, yes, this was a trick question: you pass