Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sunny: Tyranny is as Tyranny does

another excellent video from Sunny TV:

Friday, January 27, 2012

Ann Barnhardt answers some questions

Ann Barnhardt answers some questions:
  • What is your response to Obama telling Catholics that they have no right to their own consciences vis-a-vis contraception, abortifacients and sterilization?
  • What is your response to the Obama DOJ, SEC and CFTC allowing Jon Corzine to steal over a billion dollars and effectively destroy the futures and options markets?
  • What is your response to the Tennessee woman being arrested and imprisoned for asking a policeman what she should do with her legally owned handgun in New York City?
  • What is your response to Obama adding over SIX TRILLION DOLLARS (to date) to the national debt, thus debasing and destroying the currency?
  • What is your response to Obama looting the United States Treasury and handing billions of dollars in federally guaranteed "loans" to political cronies to skim off of shell companies that are never intended to produce or be profitable?
  • What is your response to Obama thwarting every effort for energy production in the United States while handing that same production capacity to the Chinese?
  • What is your response to Obama gutting, demoralizing and hamstringing the United States Military?
  • What is your response to the Obama regime eliminating due process and giving themselves the power to arrest and imprison American Citizens indefinitely at their sole discretion?
  • What is your response to Obama's alliance with the Islamic Caliphate?
Here are Ann's answers:

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Hope Change" on what a Newt win could look like

Commenter "Hope Change" makes an effective argument in the pro-Newt 2012 potus bucket at National Review after article Why Newt Could Win at NPR by Michael Walsh. 

I really enjoy this type of commenter, logical, informed, enthusiastic and participating in helping to save American in 2012.  Here are Miss or Mister "Hope Change" comments:

"Newt will be an outstanding president.

If Newt is the nominee, Newt will win the election, and conservatives will increase in the House and win the Senate. Newt is asking the American People to team up with him. The genius of the American People is what will restore our country to its constitutional basis.

The plan is to repeal Obamacare the first day. The plan is to coordinate with the House and Senate to have the legislation ready on the day Newt is sworn in. Then start with the legislature on a series of small, specific bills to make health care better, based on the patient-doctor relationship.
Also, eliminate all the czars the first day by Executive Order. Because they serve at the will of the president and are created by the president, the czar positions can by law be eliminated by Executive order. This will be done that afternoon, as the Obamas are on Air Force One returning to Chicago. Or Hawaii.

Newt's team is working already on between 100 and 200 Executive Orders for that afternoon, to make a significant change right away to return the country to its Constitutional principles.
Be the time next fall's election is coming up, there will the a clear 21st Century Contract With America up on Newt's website, as well as legislation the newly-elected conservatives will be promising to pass.

The goals are reasonable and sooooo beneficial: to lower TAX RATES (which will raise TAX REVENUES; see the Laffer Curve), to simplify regulations for the benefit of American businesses, to reduce the corporate tax rate so the billions held overseas can come home... and so much more.
You will find out about all of this, that Newt has in mind, if you take a look.

Self-government is a privilege and an experiment. Benjamin Franklin said we have a Republic "if you can keep it." That's us he was talking about. Are we such sad excuses for a free people that we will fail? Not on my watch, not if I can help it.

Think of the ones who have gone before us who have sacrificed so much so that we might live in freedom and prosperity.

We owe something to them, and to our children and grandchildren, not to let their freedoms and future prosperity be frittered away by feckless socialists and insanely irresponsible, big-spending Establishment Republicans.

If you are thinking about supporting Newt, the best thing you can possibly do is find out for yourself.
The internet gives us power. (No SOPA!) Power to the People. The Little People.

The treasure trove of original sources.

Here are some of Newt's older speeches. Over time, you can see the ideas developing. It's an education. But wait, there's more: it's entertaining. And it's something you will never find out from the MSM.

Here are 17 speeches with CONVENIENT LINKS:External Link

Oh, and since the 90's seems to be the new meme, here are links about the 90's. Newt was cleared: External Link

Original sources put the power in your hands. The MSM can't stop you.
If you watch these speeches, you will understand why so many people support Newt. It's actually very exciting. It's new American revolution.
It will restore prosperity using the Reagan template.
And the American people are the sine qua non; the People are the intelligence and energy behind it."

THANK you for your well thought out comments and passion "Hope Change"... !

Whittle explains the working class

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Newt rising: unhappy electorate speaking with votes

Speaker Mr. Gingrich won the recent SC vote and might win in Florida, too. Mostly in favor of Newt, I did have a big problem with him endorsing Dede Scozzafava-beans (she is a horrid, evil viscious woman) and I cringe at the on-the-couch-with-PeeLousy pic seemingly endorsing AGW.  Yep, Gingrich has made mistakes.  But... noone is perfect.  Gingrich is a flawed human.  Just like everyone.  Regarding his womanizing: yawn, so what?  The 2nd wife making the ABC news with her vindictivness was his mistress first.  She cannot throw stones: she lives in a glass house.  Noone buying her shite except ABC.
Regarding leftists who now scream "character matters!!!", I remember the 8 years of non stop "its OK, sex and personal lives have NO impact on a president's duties..." media mantra over and over again  their boy Billy "I did not have sex with that (Monica Lewinsky) woman" Clinton.  (or ANY loony leftist - remember Edwards or Weiner?!)  The LEFT and their lacky media zombies ARE the party of NO CHARACTER!  The media wants to throw womanizing mud against Gringich?!  NOT gonna stick, nope, South Carolinans spoke loudly: they roared. 

Remember: think critcally - there are no perfect candidates, people or politicians.  Some wanted NJ's Christie (no conservative no way) or Lt Col Allen West to run for potus.  Even T.E.A. party favorite West has made doozy mistakes as a freshman in Congress.  Example: West voted for the black payouts in the Pigford sham...  Et tu Allen?

Will Gingrich keep the lead?  The more the Dems, media, RINOS and pundits like Karl Rove and Ann Coulter slam the Newt... the more I think I like him.  (A flawed old fuddy duddy white guy to replace the magical healing mullatto One?)  Oh yea..!!! ... Plus, Newt is a fighter and correct on lots of stuff... recently regarding Keystone and the O-stupidity:

Thursday, January 19, 2012

leftist utopia does not exist, Mark Levin explains

Mark Levin explains a bit to Glenn Reynolds about the perils of leftists who want 'utopia' and his new book Ameritopia.

Monday, January 16, 2012

the day a brain surgeon operated on me

I watched some re-runs of Grey’s Anatomy Sunday morning as we waited for rain to clear.

On a summer day many years ago as a teen still living at my mother’s house, I was chopping an onion. I was not paying close attention and the knife gently sliced deeply into the tip of the middle finger. The initial cut didn’t actually hurt that much, but onion juice seeped into my open finger.


I rinsed my hand in cold water and squeezed it firmly with a paper towel to stop the bleeding.

The bleeding was profuse and was not stopping. I held my finger tight re-wrapping it with paper towels a few times they got soaked with blood.

“Mom... it’s not stopping...” I whimpered... “Should I go to the hospital?”

My mom, amused yet slightly perturbed that dinner preparation was now fully interrupted by a bleeding kid, came up with an idea.

“Let’s call Dr. Cunningham” she announced and picked up the phone.

The Cunninghams lived on the next block. They had lots of kids (7? 8?) and a huge, beautiful house. Their oldest daughter was my age and they had another daughter my younger sister’s age. We had been at their home several times for parties or to hang out and watch TV with Cunningham girls. Their kitchen was big. It had an island with stools in the middle, lots of tasteful dark wood and preppy dark navy blue and white color decor. I loved going to their house just to look at it. Mrs. Cunningham was an interior designer for rich clients and their home showcased her talent.

Dr. Cunningham was a successful brain surgeon highly respected in his field. He was a dashingly handsome man. Mrs. Cunningham was beautiful with short, wild, fluffy red hair and a permanent tan. Their kids were good looking, too. There were a few internal family fights throughout the years when passions and tempers flared – they looked like a perfect wealthy family but no, they weren’t perfect. Everyone has their share of problems of course, rich or poor.

“Hi Miles, this is Betty...” my mom said when he picked up the line. “Lisa just cut her finger badly and we’re not sure if we should go into the hospital, what do you think we should do?” she politely probed.

“....Oh...? OK... wonderful...! We’ll be right there, thank you so much” she declared as she hung up the phone. “We’re going to the Cunningham’s” said mom.

I put a fresh paper towel on my now throbbing finger and she and I drove the one minute to their house.

“Hi there Lisa, let’s take a look shall we?” says Dr. C smiling as we enter the back door into their lovely kitchen. My mom greets Mrs. C and a couple younger kids.

All of a sudden I realize my mother, Mrs. C and the kids had vacated the kitchen.

They had left me.

I was alone with Dr. C.

He was now getting a small surgery kit out of a drawer and I sat on a designer stool at their large island in the middle of their showcase kitchen awaiting my fate.

“You need a stitch or two” he happily quipped as he found the correct sized curved suture needle.

The fear set in but I swallowed and braced myself for some pain.

Dr. Cunningham deftly took my finger with his left hand and swiftly put a stitch in exact right spot while I glanced away. He knotted it and said “Just one stitch will do... Leave it in for a few days. I can take it for you when it heals”. The non-absorbable stitch took maybe 2-3 seconds. I was no longer bleeding. I was whole again. I went to find my mother who was down the hall in their gorgeous living room chatting away with Mrs. C.

“I needed a stitch...” I informed them and held up my finger. Crisis over.

“Thank you ...!” we both said to the Cunninghams as mom and I left a few minutes later.

I ponder how many stitches Dr. C had done on his own kids with his trusty surgery kit in their kitchen drawer. My small wound healed beautifully. I cut and pulled out the nylon string out of my finger myself a week later when it was loose.

Dr. Cunningham is retired now after, presumably, millions of stitches he did as a surgeon... A few years ago, he and Mrs. C downsized to tasteful smaller home. Their kids are all out on their own as successful adults with busy designer lives.

Sometimes I wonder if Dr. Cunningham remembers the time he gave my finger a single expert single stitch (doubt it). But I do ponder it on occasion – especially when I slice some onions... I do that much more carefully now.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

a second dog: Lady the Cavalier pup

Here are a few pictures of our new 5 month old puppy "Lady".  We got her last month Dec 2011. She is a black and tan King Charles Cavalier Spaniel.  A popular, friendly breed, Cavs make great pets.  She is very sweet and we think she is quite adorable.  She is getting along fine with our other dog Kiki the Basenji.  She is all kisses, cuddles and a little ball of energy with the occasional mistaken piddle on the wood floor (oops!).

Saturday, January 14, 2012

back in the garden plantin' stuff

You can garden all year here in Auckland.  Nice feature.  I've noticed this summer is teeny bit cooler with teeny bit more rain compared to last few summers: global cooling period?  I love rain really - water is life and makes everything luscious, alive and green.  Here are a few snaps of plants I put in last week (yep, a January summer garden!  Snowing by you?  Sorry to hear...)

aaaaaaah...... summer

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

With awesome people like Mia Love in Utah running for congress, Rs ramp up for 2012

Support Mia Love for congress in Utah this year. She is an ideal candidate! People in the old media still think Ovomit will easily win another term. I think he will be defeated in a landslide (another historic first!) while more Republicans are voted in across the nation...

I officially predict Republicans will take back majority in the Senate, retain majority in the House and easily take back the presidency.

With more candidates like Mia across the USA, I get chills of hope for real change!

Monday, January 9, 2012

11 dead in Carterton NZ balloon accident

fallen balloon from Stuff.co.nz - moments before striking a power line and catching fire
Have you been up in a hot air balloon?  A balloon accident in Carterton, NZ 7-Jan-2012 took the lives of 11 people.  Witnesses heard screams from passengers as a fire broke out when the balloon hit some power lines.

Michael Daly at Stuff reports Balloon disaster worst air tragedy since Erebus even though "Ballooning was a safe sport and New Zealand had one of the best safety records in the world."

From Stuff.co.nz, a "36-year-old Carterton farmer was milking a herd of cows on a Somerset Rd farm when he saw the balloon.

He had seen it many times before, but this time it was different. The balloon's height was fluctuating.

Moments later, about 7.25am on Saturday, all hell broke loose.

"It hit these powerlines and it just shorted out and we lost power to the cowshed and it burst into flames," Mr Searle said yesterday describing the crash which killed 11 people.

"The noise from the screams was like something from a movie. It was just crazy.

"It was just screams of horror. I've never ever heard screams like it before. It was from the support crew on the ground and from people in the basket.

"It [the balloon] was on fire, it started going higher with a powerline attached to the top of the basket and it was stretching the wire.

"As the balloon started to go up one guy leapt out. And then about 20 seconds later another one jumped out. I think it was a lady.

"The screaming and the noise ... It was just unreal."

The balloon continued to rise until it snapped the power lines."

My personal emergency recommendations are for those of you taking any future balloon trips: if close to ground and balloon hits power pole and bursts into flames? ... Jump

RIP Carterton balloon passengers and pilot

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Is it Mr. Gingrich's time?

Good video of where Newt Gingrich stands on the many difficult issues facing America right now. I have been Angry since the fake election of 2008 which put an ILLEGAL usurper into the position of potus.  Have enough Americans awoken to this tragedy yet?  2010 was a HISTORICAL election putting MANY TEA party Republicans in office across the entire country in each state.  We need to do the SAME in 2012.  We need to get conservative thinking Americans into majority in the Senate and more into the House of Representatives.  Congress is too corrupt.  ... & O must Go...

Is 2012 Mr. Gingrich's time?

Friday, January 6, 2012

Schiff interviews Barnhardt 21-Dec-11 & MF Global customer funds were NOT separate as required

Very interesting interview from last month at Schiff Radio. Sounds like the CME might be on the hotseat for bit of the bungling of the MF Global crisis - and that the MF Global bankruptcy filing was illegal. Ann is feisty as usual in below interview...

Got investments in stocks, securities and paper? GET YOUR MONEY OUT!  Corzine and crew at MF Global STOLE millions from customers - some even had their gold and silver bullion illegal taken from them.  Think this will "stop" and YOU will be OK?  (wise up!)

From Laywer Monthly 8-Dec-11:

"In the latest development of the MF Global bankruptcy, it has been revealed that regulators are thought to be about to give differing accounts referring to the timings of their initial concerns regarding the state of the broker-dealer which collapsed at the end of October.

At the time of the company’s downfall, it is estimated that $1.2bn of customers’ money was unaccounted for.

The Chief Executive of CME Group, the futures exchange operator responsible for the supervision of MF Global’s handling of customer accounts, Terry Duffy, said that the company appeared to be in “full compliance” with ring-fencing requirements for customer money only one day previous to when a shortfall of $900m was discovered, according to the Financial Times (FT).

The FT reported that Dennis Cardoza, a California Democrat on the House agriculture committee, said: “Wall Street cannot just shrug this off because it affects the foundations of the very core of their business.” He added: “If investors lose confidence, where will they turn to?”

Regulators will be questioned by lawmakers and MF Global customers will also testify referring to concerns on how markets in the future will be monitored and policed.

According to the FT, John Fletcher, the general manager of Central Missouri Agri-Service, said: “We have believed for decades that risk to segregated customer funds held by members of the clearinghouse was virtually zero.” He added: “Now, we know that was not the case.”

So... learn more at Barnhardt.biz - and listen up:

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Santorum on the rise

I am not in favor or Mittens "establishment-liberal-Romneycare-flip-flopper" Romney or Ron "grandpa-isolationisht-9-11-truther" Paul. I could rally support for Gingrich or Perry (bit begrudgingly though - he needs more work on realizing the horrors of Islam and his job 'growth' in Texas is too much in government positions to my liking)...

While Bachmann has just now bowed out, this week's new buzz is Mr. Santorum. He has gained in the polls and did well in Iowa. Here's his speech.

What do you think about a Santorum presidency?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2011 in review and stuff old media really tried to ignore

beautiful coast of NZ after take off from Auckland
 2012 greetings to you and yours!  So, um, really, 2011 was kind of a shite year, wasn't it?

For us: My husband's father passed.  A few months later the family dog, too.  Mum was left in a big house all alone (bummer).  She got a bit lonely so has a new puppy now and we (and her daughters) are over there often.  She is OK after a tough year of loss.

My 2011 was full of on again off again abdominal pain (stink) - some of the year is a bit hazy to me lost in a battle of overcoming pain.  Sorry if I missed anything big...  You can always read good stuff on the various sites I link to... I can't keep up with everything now can I?!  :)

The world had a tough 2011 around the globe - the scariest stuff: so many Arab countries in turmoil and the horror of Islam on the rise thereIn NZ, Christchurch had killer earthquakes. Japan had a devastating Tsunami in a shocking display of earth's brute force.  In man caused disasters, Obummer and his communist crew continue to raid the USA treasury (hello, huge MF global crisis anyone?!?!), Holder's illegal gun running to Mexico: killed hundreds - while media and Democrats don't care, but fully support Occu-pooper Soros supported paid idiots and continue ignoring patriot T.E.A. partiers.  Hey, did you notice media stopped bashing Sarah Palin when she announced she would not run for POTUS? Old media next turned their venom against the Hermain Cain train and derailed it quite well, didn't they... At least alternative media continues to grow and expose the truth  - hey that Weiner guy was fully exposed for being a big pervert, wasn't he?  Some sweeet vindication served up by alternative media!

Anyway, on a happier note for 2011 for me, despite it all we managed to have some good fun in 2011.  We were able to travel home to Wilmette Illinois (near Chicago) to visit family and friends.  My father came down to NZ and we showed him around Auckland. We travelled down to the Christchurch area. We got 2 new dogs.  We've completed some home improvement projects such as updated plumbing, new electric panel for the whole house and insulation replaced in the attic.  We got to attend a semi-finals match for the Rugby World Cup 2011.  NZ won the final (NZ was happy!) and The Warriors got into their final as well - yes they lost, but had an outstanding season. 

Oct 2011 - me in Chicago near Millennium Park  :)
Guess I'll try to ignore the shite from 2011 and focus on good memories.  Speaking of ignorance, the old media actively ignored all sorts of stuff (since most of them are merely communist shills of course).  Here is a decent list from WND covering the most ignored stories of 2011:

"1. The true rate of unemployment and inflation and the real state of the U.S. economy, which is far worse than reported.

2. The Justice Department’s “Fast and Furious” operation, which facilitated the delivery of American firearms into Mexico to violent drug cartels, later used in the murder of hundreds, including a U.S. Border Patrol agent.

3. The organizations and money behind the supposedly “leaderless” Occupy Wall Street movement.

4. The role of leftwing groups and the Obama administration in the fall of Arab regimes and the rise of Islamic radicals.

5. Compelling evidence from multiple experts that the birth certificate released by Barack Obama on April 27, 2011, is a fraud.

6. The true mission of Islamic groups such as CAIR and other U.S.-based Muslim Brotherhood-front organizations and their infiltration of the U.S.

7. The real impact on the U.S. economy of Obama’s $787 billion stimulus.

8. The harmful impact of unions on the American economy.

9. The looming potential for an EMP attack on the U.S. and its devastating impact.

10. The federal government’s raid of the Gibson Guitar factory."

I'm sure you are enlightened and HAVE already heard of all these issues, right? 

one of my favorite views of Auckland from out west in the Waitakeres
 Now it is 2012.  This year we plan to do a bit more traveling here in NZ. February a summer batch rental is in store for us somewhere and April we want to go down to Christchurch again.  Hopefully it will be a good year and the Mayans just ran out of room on their calendar, yes?   ;)  Let's look at the glass as half full this year, shall we?

And, oh yeah... I think in November 2012, there might be just a few other things going on.