Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Whittle: Real People? Left doesn't care about them

Number of Oregime scandals last couple week bit hard to keep track of ya'll? 

From PJTV, Bill Whittle has a recap:

And for your enjoyment, a few pics from Facebook today:

Friday, May 24, 2013

SC's J v M Qur'an Challenge II

Nice... Crowder gets all sorts of violent death threats with his not-moohamud video.  From some comments at Twitchy "Seems Muhammad was a Polygamist, Pedophile and a Murderer ... and batshit crazy".


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tornado - aftermath in Oklahoma

Tornadoes hit the Oklahoma area and the midwest USA - every year.  So far 24 dead this week just in the town of Moore, OK.

They call it "tornado alley".  An average of 1253 tornadoes occur in the USA each year as per Tornado Climatology.

"Tornado alley" - has no agreed upon boundaries - and is "a nickname given to an area in the southern plains of the central U.S. that consistently experiences a high frequency of tornadoes each year. Tornadoes in this region typically happen in late spring and occasionally the early fall."

Here are a few pictures of the aftermath from this week's storm devastation in Moore, Oklahoma...
(pix and more at Daily Mail UK)

People's animals were impacted, too:

Moore OK 2013 path of destruction:

Right Scoop has CBS video of reporter interviewing an elderly lady when they all of a sudden find her lost dog. 

Tornado - coming at ya:

Horse rescue:

More pics here.

NZ Stuff has coverage here and lists:


A powerful tornado devastated the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore on Monday, killing 24 people, including nine children, according to the Oklahoma medical examiner's office. At one point, as many as 91 were feared dead, but authorities have since scaled back the official death toll.

Here are the 10 deadliest tornados in U.S. history:
1. March 18, 1925 - Missouri/Illinois/Indiana - 695 dead
2. May 6, 1840 - Natchez, Mississippi - 317 dead
3. May 27, 1896 - St. Louis - 255 dead
4. April 5, 1936 - Tupelo, Mississippi - 216 dead
5. April 6, 1936 - Gainesville, Georgia - 203 dead
6. April 9, 1947 - Woodward, Oklahoma - 181 dead
7. May 22, 2011 - Joplin, Missouri - 158 dead
8. April 24, 1908 - Amite, Louisiana/Purvis, Mississippi - 143 dead
9. June 12, 1899 - New Richmond, Wisconsin - 117 dead
10. June 3, 1953 - Flint, Michigan - 115 dead

By the way Lefties, Democrats and Communists think Tornadoes are because Center-Righties didn't give enough money to battle "climate change" or "global warming".

Sorry a$$holes, a TRACE gas of C02 has NOTHING TO DO WITH TORNADOES. Nature and storms just happen. 

.... Honestly

Sunday, May 19, 2013

AT: IRS Scandal - a Basic Primer

good column over at American Thinker today called The IRS Scandal -- a Basic Primer

Here's a bit:

"First, don't let people forget: the IRS scandal is not about conservative accusations. The Inspector General of the U.S. Treasury issued a report finding that the Internal Revenue Service sharply discriminated against conservative organizations. This is confirmed by Treasury's Inspector General.

Second, a group's political beliefs and positions ought to be totally irrelevant. Tax exemption must be based on what an organization does, not what it believes or what positions it supports. Whether a group teaches the Constitution or teaches union tactics doesn't matter, it is educating either way. Therefore, the IRS should not have been looking at the name of the organization, whether liberal or conservative, but on the substance of the organization.

Third, many people don't realize that nearly all liberal political organizations are tax exempt. There has been a lot of distraction and diversion focused on whether or not the IRS should have scrutinized tea party groups. However,, NARAL Pro-Choice America, People for the American Way, Planned Parenthood (which has been active in partisan election campaigns), Media Matters, etc., are all tax exempt. Organizations on the Left similar to tea party groups have had tax exempt status forever.

Fourth, don't allow people to wander away from the central point that the scandal is about a double standard -- not whether people believe political organizations should be tax exempt. Conservatives seeking tax exempt status were treated very differently from similarly-situated liberal organizations. Sure, some liberal groups were scrutinized. But conservatives were treated differently.

IRS official Lois Lerner fast-walked the tax-exempt application of Barack Obama's half-brother, the best man at President Obama's wedding. Abon'go "Roy' Malik Obama got tax-exempt status in a bureaucratic breakneck speed, in only 30 days, in May 2011, even though it is unclear what if anything the Barack H. Obama Foundation actually does or has done since being approved.

When a conservative organization Media Trackers couldn't get approved after 8 months, it changed its project to the liberal-sounding name "Greenhouse Solutions." With the new name, the exact same project was approved within 3 weeks.

Liberal groups -- even with very political activities -- were systematically approved, and quickly, with relatively little burden or scrutiny, as reported by USA Today.

Groups supporting Israel were discriminated against. In August 2010, a pro-Israel group "Z Street" filed a Federal lawsuit when an IRS staff member admitted that all Israel-related groups were singled out by the IRS for extra scrutiny. There will be a hearing this July 2013, after the case was transferred to the Federal district in Washington, D.C.

The IRS demanded that a Pro-Life group promote abortion in order to get tax-exempt status. No liberal group has such a requirement. NARAL and Planned Parenthood are not required to promote abstinence, adoption, or Pro-Life Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

It is the law that the IRS must answer within 270 days for 501(c)(3) organizations, yet the IRS delayed conservative organizations for more than 540 days."

Inform yourself - read the rest here

USA: Protest The IRS Tues May 21, 2013

What does the TEA party stand for:
What is the mission of the TEA party patriots:

Saturday, May 18, 2013

daily onslaught of lefty scandals continue

So I haven't posted anything since 9-May-2013 when I mentioned Benghazi (just a 'bump in the road' per O doncha know).  Hearings started featuring whistle blower testimony.  Hearings will continue to determine which of the bunch of lying liars was or is the worst.  Obviously all the lefties are to blame - hopefully the truth will scuttle Hillary's pie in the sky dreams of running for potus 2016.  USA has had enough of the leftist horror policies perpetrated by liars named Clinton. 

What else been happening besides Benghazi!?  So much its hard to keep up.  Associated Press and the media were outraged AP phones were tapped as this Breitbart interview on Fox outlines. 

Besides Benghazi lies and AP taps, yet another huge scandal directly demonstrates the level of corruption in the white house:  the IRS was being used by leftist administration as attack dogs against TEA party, conservative, Christian, Jewish (or other?!) groups applying for tax exempt status.  Gateway Pundit points out white house LIED (well duh) about the IRS targeting practice. Good interview from the other day on Hannity with Mark Levin here at Right Scoop.   B. Darby at Breitbart points out MULTIPLE agencies are being used by minions at the white house to intimidate people including FBI, BATF and EPA

Using IRS, FBI, BATF or EPA as attack weapons?!  Peachy way to frighten every day folks - and completely ILLEGAL by the way!

Did I mentioned M. Malkin wrote about one of the IRS people "in charge" or involved with illegal activities?  Sarah Hall Ingram - is gonna be in charge of stuff for O-scare health care!  That should work out great, right? 

SCANDAL-PALOOZA!  I can smell the tyranny from Washington all they way down here in NZ and it stinks.

This cartoon is a clever summary of this week - more big government grows, the worse it is...

Of course you heard late term abortionist baby-killer "doctor" Kermit Gosnell was found GUILTY of murder.  He did some deal to get the death penalty off the table for his sentencing.  Bit ironic eh?  He didn't give newborn BABIES any mercy for the lives he and his minions SNIPPED short.

The saddest part of the Gosnell story?  THERE ARE MANY MORE CLINICS JUST LIKE IT: see this story from Chicks On The Right.

Will the western world wake up to how horrible this is?  Hopefully the laws will change and "Planned Parenthood" (just jerks who kill babies) will get DE-FUNDED if you get the public to care about unborn life.

Don't forget the on-going cuddling of muslim regimes by the O-regime, corruption in handing out taxpayer money via Pigford - and lots of other scandals. Is the regime funding or providing guns in Syria - is that why Ambassor Stevens was even in Benghazi?  Will any O-followers WAKE UP now?!  The "gang of 8" wants to give amnesty to illegals, too - that will work out just grrrrreat (bye bye America)...

Someone just tweeted this on Twitter:

"We are seeing the fruits of the Left #IRS #benghazi #AP #EPA #pigford and they are rotten to the core"

True dat.

Oh and remember the list of O scandals topped 900............. in January 2010

Guess there's been a few since. DAILY!   PJMedia had decent scandal list Nov 2012 here. My head spins.  I need a nap... or popcorn.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Benghazi ghosts: just a few bumps in the road

Did you catch of the live CSPAN Benghazi hearings Wednesday in USA?

Among others, Trey Gowdy had a few questions:

Heritage has recap of repetitive White house LIES and propaganda from 7 months ago:

PJmedia advises 7 things learned at the hearings:

1. There were multiple stand-down orders, not just one.
2. Ambassador Stevens’ reason for going to Benghazi has been cleared up.
3. Clinton was briefed at 2 am on the night of the attack, was never told that a movie had anything to do with the attack by those on the ground in Libya, yet blamed the movie anyway.
4. Whistleblowers were intimidated into silence.
5. “The YouTube movie was a non-event in Libya.”
6. Democrats were uninterested in getting at most of the facts, but were very interested in destroying Mark Thompson.
7. House hearings are a poor way to determine who did what and why during and after the attack.

hmm mmm mmmmmm ... nope, no story there, eh

Michelle Malkin points out leftist media shills for O-regime will try to smear the whistle blowers.

Keep probing center-right news seekers:  the TRUTH about White House LIES and COVERUP ALL needs to come out.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ism Ideology: the masses are asses

Check out interesting speech from post over at Trevor Loudon by Teresa Monroe-Hamilton:

Does an ex-communist describing O being a marxist-communist hold weight? His mentors were communists.  Didn't they install their ideals in him?

Teresa notes:

"The red disease is spreading across the globe and (recently) it used the facade of a May Day celebration to spread Communism, “workers’ rights” and violence in many countries such as Turkey, Greece, Spain, Venezuela and Italy. And the Communists are looking to take over the world, a la Pinko and the Brain. But I’m not laughing anymore. Chicago also seemed to be a Commie hub on May Day with thousands screaming to legalize illegal aliens (per the Communist Antonio Gramsci’s doctrine) and demand higher pay. Yes, Chicago is the home of the illegal and the land of free hand-outs. The perfect breeding ground for a Marxist such as Barack Obama."

Read the rest here

Monday, May 6, 2013

Fundraiser video for "50 to 1" climate change project

From Watts Up With That Help Launch Climate Skeptic Film Project: 50 to 1
"50-to-1 has the potential to shift the climate debate for good!"

Watch the video to see how:

Contribute and read more about it at link below

"What if we could show you that trying to 'stop' climate change is 50 times more expensive than adapting to it?

And what if we could prove it using numbers and formulas accepted by the IPCC, CRU and other 'consensus' bodies?

Well that's exactly what 50-to-1 does.

The original calculations were done by Lord Christopher Monckton who has since presented his conclusions to audiences of scientists, economists and mathematicians all over the world. You can see the calculations and a FULL LIST OF SOURCES here: 50 to 1 calculations and sources
Lord Monckton has now approached me to take the above and present it in a video and web package suitable for mass consumption on the internet. If we can successfully help the general public to understand the futility of 'stopping' climate change and the relative value of adapting, then we can stop wasting money on useless schemes and start putting our money where it will ACTUALLY make a difference.

The 50 to 1 project is designed to get this message to the general public in three different, complimentary ways."

"This project is being administrated by the Lord Monckton Foundation."

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Cruz’s NRA-ILA Leadership Forum Speech


TEA party backed Texas Senator Cruz' voice is crucial if we want to save America.  Example:

More speeches at TheRightScoop

Friday, May 3, 2013

Sadly the 'transformation' of America fully under way

An AT article made me sad this week. I probably won't find 100% happiness, unfortunately, until O-bastard and ALL their leftist minions are expunged from Washington, media and the schools. 

I doubt it will happen in my lifetime.  Sure seems the pendulum has swung to far to the left - and broke off.  Leftism seems to be becoming more and more "normalized" (if that's a word). 

A big chunk of America is rotting and dying. 

Daren Jonescu says it way better than I can:

"A government is truly transformative not because it achieves everything it sets out to do, but because it fundamentally shifts the public conversation onto its own territory -- and fundamentally, in this case, means substantially and permanently."

"In just over four years, "fundamental transformation" has become old hat -- not because it has been rejected, but because the foundations have already shifted enough to render the Obama administration's radicalism significantly more mainstream. "

"If, during the 2008 campaign, Obama and his mouthpieces had stood up and said, without reserve or qualification, that the primary intentions and ultimate achievements of his presidency would be: (a) taking America's definitive step off the cliff into the world of socialized medicine; (b) creating vast new regulatory bureaucracies to curtail what was left of the free market; (c) moving through back channels and white papers towards the nationalization of local police; (d) creating new national academic standards and pre-school programs designed to make non-public school options virtually impossible, setting the stage for an eventual outright ban on private child-rearing, as is the norm in Europe; (e) crashing the U.S. economy with runaway federal debt and unrestrained money-printing; (f) reorienting U.S. foreign policy towards open support of the Muslim Brotherhood, and of Islamist government in general; and (g) the humdrum-ization of every wacky campus leftist agenda item (transgender rights, pot party rights, Gaia rights, consequence-free promiscuity rights) -- if these intentions and others like them had been stated directly during the 2008 campaign, would Obama have been embraced as the redeemer, or dismissed as a well-dressed kook? -- And yet all of these agenda items are well on their way to completion..."


"Now the "healthcare" issue is essentially lost, and with it America's last pretenses of being a free nation -- and many conservatives have not even noticed this yet. America has quickly fallen into the policy wonk abyss on healthcare that has long since swallowed up the rest of the Western world. Repeal, as so many honest Republicans have admitted, is no longer even an option. Government-controlled healthcare, in just a few short years, has "progressed" from taboo topic to accepted norm; the only questions now are about bureaucratic waste, practical confusion, and the economic ramifications of some of the law's more arcane subsections. "

"America has slowly emulated the progressive drift of the rest of the West for several generations. The task of the Obama administration is to accelerate America's decline in those areas where she has been lagging behind the Western arc. Rather than basking in the meager lamplight of the administration's few failures, freedom-lovers ought to be facing up to the startling truth of just how much has already been accomplished by the most brazenly anti-American anti-liberty administration in history."

"American progressives will eventually seek a new mask for their authoritarian agenda. But their next wave will begin from a start line much further from the U.S. founding than the line Obama inherited. Much more than wishful thinking and high electoral hopes will be required to turn back the results of the Obama presidency. America, whether she fully realizes it yet or not, is fighting a whole new war now, on what is, for her, uncharted territory. Until Americans come to terms with this new terrain, all talk of moving beyond Obama is just tilting at windmills."

... Yep ...

I remain sad for the transformation of America... ever since corrupt D's ran an illegal mulatto usurper candidate - who still remains squatting in the White House.  The America I knew is now full of dull, brainless, uneducated low information voters. 

Sure, many of us will continue to speak out until we die.  But America is withering away: dying from a cancer known as Leftism (or Statism or Communism or Collectivism - pick your ISM).

I don't know if she'll recover.  Pray for her, speak out, fight corruption where you can and get involved at your local level.  Its all you can do.

Kermit Gosnell will go to Hell: Circle 7 awaits all Murderers

My Catholicism is a bit rusty.  However, I was raised to be a good Catholic girl who minded her parents rules, followed their and the church's moral instructions, went to CCD and attended mass every Sunday.  Christians believe in Heaven and Hell - and even an in-between place called Purgatory.

I've of the mind there will be a very, very special place in Hell reserved for Kermit Gosnell.  And hopefully he'll be sent there much sooner rather than later.  I'm thinking Dante's Circle 7, Ring 1 would be quite a good fit.

An artistic interpretation of Dante's circles of Hell:

A wee part of Dante's poem regarding Circle 7 - description from Bartleby:

"Descending by a very rugged way into the seventh circle, where the violent are punished, Dante and his leader find it guarded by the Minotaur; whose fury being pacified by Virgil, they step downward from crag to crag; till, drawing near the bottom, they descry a river of blood, wherein are tormented such as have committed violence against their neighbor. At these, when they strive to emerge from the blood, a troop of Centaurs, running along the side of the river, aim their arrows; and three of their band opposing our travellers at the foot of the steep, Virgil prevails so far that one consents to carry them both across the stream; and on their passage, Dante is informed by him of the course of the river, and of those that are punished therein."


’Midst these I many a face remember’d well.
Thus shallow more and more the blood became,
So that at last it but imbrued the feet;
And there our passage lay athwart the foss.
“As ever on this side the boiling wave
Thou seest diminishing,” the Centaur said,
“So on the other, be thou well assured,
It lower still and lower sinks its bed,
Till in that part it reuniting join,
Where ’tis the lot of tyranny to mourn.
There Heaven’s stern justice lays chastising hand
On Attila, who was the scourge of earth,
On Sextus and on Pyrrhus, 11 and extracts
Tears ever by the seething flood unlock’d
From the Rinieri, of Corneto this,
Pazzo the other named, 12 who fill’d the ways
With violence and war.” This said, he turn’d,
And quitting us, alone repass’d the ford.

From Wolfram's HELL: THE WAILING AND GNASHING OF TEETH, a further description of circle 7:


"This circle holds those condemned for Brutishness or Bestiality, the morbid states in which what is naturally repulsive becomes attractive. The guardian of this circle is the Minotaur, which normally lets no-one pass easily, but who suffers from fits of rage, during which he can be avoided.

This Circle is divided into three rings, each of which deals with sinners condemned for different types of violence.


In the first Ring, which lies directly below the edge of the Sixth Circle, are found those who were violent to their neighbours in life, whether it be from malice, homicide, or plundering. It consists entirely of the River Phlegethon (also known as the River Phlegyas), a river of boiling blood. Its smell is overpowering, fresh blood and clotted blood, copper bright and polluted foul.

As they wallowed in blood during their lives, so in Hell those condemned here are immersed in boiling blood forever, the depth of each according to the degree of his guilt, while fierce centaurs and the damned souls of people who had to be violent as part of their duty, but who enjoyed it, patrol the banks, ready to shoot with their arrows and other weapons any sinner who raises himself out of the boiling blood beyond the limits permitted him. The depth of the blood varies from ankle-deep to over a person's head. The sinners condemned to the banks wear the uniforms they wore in life, from all periods of history; their eyes are dull, expressionless and intent on their task. "

I will add Gosnell - and any, all like him who participate in any post birth infanticide procedures in America or elsewhere - when they die and awake in (no doubt) circle 7 and try scramble out of the rivers of boiling blood, they will have their spines snipped by ghouls. 

Just like they did to innocent babies born alive...

Gosnell and ilk's murderous tortured bodies will writhe in pain and tumble back in to the boiling blood ...only to awake in the same place... over and over again.

Where else would they go?  May they spend eternity in Hell... circle 7 awaits.

Choose ADOPTION not abortion. 
I pray you make a better choice than murder.