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no co-existing explained

Moonbattery explains why these cannot coexist...

Monday, November 29, 2010

USA immigration changes from 1960s = BAD consequences

From NumbersUSA.org

Check out the green curve below. It shows what USA immigration WOULD have been if the 1960's immigration laws (sponsored by leftist Ted Kennedy) had not changed.

But they did... huge unintended consequences... thanks to Kennedy.

The ORANGE represents the approximately 1,000,000 per year AND 800,000-1,000,000 ILLEGAL ALIENS current per year growth.

See what the PROBLEM IS?!

Existing resources and jobs go to illegals or new immigrants INSTEAD of existing citizens or legal immigrants.

Immigration REFORM and CLOSED borders is needed.
Definitely NOT the "Dream Act" - which is AMNESTY.

Amnesty just encourages MORE illegals!
That is and will continue to grow into a huge problem.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

be afraid: say NO to a "BIOMASS" economy

Do you love earth? Greenies don't. And why do I say that? They push man-made global warming, oops, I'm sorry, I mean man-made CLIMATE CHANGE to promote "green" agendas world wide. But what have and what will these green agendas actually DO to PLANET EARTH?!

Bad things.
Wind mills kill birds, are NOT cost efficient and cost MORE to run for the same amount of electricity say compared to an efficient coal planet or nuclear reactor.

The new planet masters aka "biomassters" say the planet is running low on coal and oil. We must do something IMMEDIATELY to save Gaia... You know that is a lie, right?

Propanda alert: "alternative fuels" must be developed.

Oh, you have no problem with that? Sounds nice? Only if you are okay with heightening the efforts to kill the planet. (hmm, these ideas tie in to 'the Vegetarian Myth' book I just highlighted!)

OK, besides windmills and solar: let's start with Ethanol as an example most are familiar with. Did you know Ethanol is NOT "green"?.

Hattip to Small Dead Animals, from ETC report "The New Biomasters: Synthetic biology and the next assault on biodiversity and livlihoods" the three big problems with Ethanol are:

1) Competition with food and forest protection
"In 2008, an internal World Bank report (later made public) revealed that up to 75% of the increase in food prices during that year’s food crisis, was due to the biofuels policies of Europe and the U.S., which prompted a massive switch away from wheat planting to rapeseed growing coupled with major diversion of corn and soy into ethanol and biodiesel production."

2) Poor energy balance
"Ethanol in particular is a poor fuel that produces less energy when combusted than gasoline."

3) Requires special engines and/or distribution lines
"Pumping neat ethanol into existing engines can corrode engine parts and requires adjustments in the flow of air and fuel."

So developing Ethanol makes global FOOD prices go higher, is bad energy and ruins engines. Does this slow down the Biomasters? Nope...

They are already on to "Generation NeXt: Switching fuels and feedstocks":

"After being largely blindsided by the problems associated with the first wave of biofuels, industry along with OECD governments are now pumping a tremendous amount of money into what is being called the ‘next generation’ of biofuels. The high level of commitment hints at a political desperation to rescue the significant monies and commitment already invested in the field."

More from "The New Biomasters: Synthetic biology and the next assault on biodiversity and livelihoods" (it has lots of good stuff, go read it...)

"Under the pretext of addressing environmental degradation, climate change and the energy and food crises, industry is portending a “New Bioeconomy” and the replacement of fossil carbon with living matter, now labeled “biomass.”

"...governments are being told that “Synthetic Biology” – a technology just being invented – will make and transform all the biomass we will ever need to replace all the fossil fuels we currently use. Meanwhile, new carbon markets are turning plant-life into carbon stocks for trading (in lieu of reducing emissions). But, the companies that say “trust us” are the same energy, chemical companies, agribusinesses and forestry giants that created the climate and food crises in the first place."

WHAT? I can tell you the term "synthetic biology" gives me a cold shiver down my spine.

I love biology, chemistry, physics and all science. It is fascinating stuff. Planet earth and all that lives, walks, crawls, flies and swims on it are all intertwined in a beautiful dance of life.

Earth and the species on it have evolved weathering ice ages, warming periods, floods, volcanoes, meteorites, hurricanes all while the sun's intense rays zap us continually. Our atmosphere protects us but it is tough. Man's wee pollutants and bits of garbage are NOT killing the planet. The natural cooling and warming cycles will continue. Species ADAPTS.

However, man will do a GREAT job of killing the planet - say if all the topsoil is killed off with over farming and pushing all this biofuel crap. Oh, the 'masters' have BIG PLANS all right:

"Bioeconomy describes the idea of an industrial order that relies on biological materials, processes and services.”

Inputs: The Biomass Economy

"The key concept is that industrial production moves from the use of fossil and mineral resources (coal, petroleum and natural gas) toward living biological raw materials, primarily ‘biomass’ plant matter such as woodchips, agricultural plants and algae."

Processes: The Biotech Economy

"As the DNA found in living cells is decoded into genetic information for use in biotechnology applications, genetic sequences are acquiring a new value as the building blocks of designed biological production systems. By hijacking the ‘genetic instructions’ of cells, plants and animals to force them to produce industrial products, industry transforms transgenic and synthetic organisms into bio-factories that can be deployed elsewhere on the globe – either in private vats or plantations. Nature is altered to meet business interests."

Services: The Bioservices Economy

"As ecosystems collapse and biodiversity declines, new markets in ecosystem “services” enable the trading of concocted ecological ‘credits.’ The declared aim is to “incentivize conservation” by creating a profit motive in order to justify interventions in large-scale natural systems such as hydrological cycles, the carbon cycle or the nitrogen cycle."

So let me get this straight, involved companies would start using UP all the live "biological raw materials ", alter DNA on a mass scale (producing NO bad things I'm SURE) and "incentivize" participation with money for supposed conservation.

Question: if all the "biological raw materials" are used up, have their DNA altered or destroyed, what is left to conserve?

Example of planned destruction is to f*ck with algae through "geoengineering":

"Geoengineering and the climate – Algae are central to regulating life on Earth, responsible for between 73% and 87% of the net global production of oxygen by fixing atmospheric carbon dioxide. Reengineering algae’s biology, or altering global algal stocks on any large scale, therefore, may directly impact the global oxygen cycle, carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle and ozone production – potentially in unpredictable and harmful ways. "

"... other institutions refer to the industrial vision of turning living biological material into goods and services:"

(aka GROUPS and terms TO BE SCARED AND WARY OF...!)
  • The Biobased Economy – OECD

  • Knowledge Based BioEconomy (KBBE) – the European Union

  • Industrial Biorefinery industry – World Economic Forum

  • White Biotechnology or Industrial Biotechnology – Biotechnology Industry Organization

  • The Green Economy and Biodiversity Services – United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP)

  • The Carbohydrate Economy – Institute for Local Self Reliance

  • The Bioeconomic Revolution – the Biomass Research and Development Board of the U.S. government
I'm always a skeptic so I don't agree with everything in this report because they seem to write as though AGW has already been proven true (? huh, far from it?) and in their conclusions seem to be pushing for "global governance". (WHAT?! no WAY!) The report also seems to want "more" UN involvement? That organization is SO corrupt and has been a large part of the AGW lies. It should be disbanded not encouraged.

This report does make it VERY clear the USA needs to get rid of elitists, greeny-globalists, leftists, communists, marxists, socialists, collectivists aka all the squatting "government" currently mis-managing the show. Especially all the ones who push this biofuel, alternative energy, biotechnology planet-killing B.S.

Financially probably a big reason the elites/globalists fear a corruption fighter getting into the White House, too. Hmmm, know anyone who likes to fight corruption, understands environmental issues, American and world energy problems very well and loves America?

Friday, November 26, 2010

how vegetarianism is killing the earth... sorry PETA

I used to be a vegetarian for about 8 years until I wasn't feeling very well, was gaining weight and was low on iron. I just stumbled onto a website discussing a book which looks interesting called "The Vegetarian Myth"by Lierre Keith.

I haven't read it yet, but apparently Vegetarianism kills humans and is killing the planet.

Hmmm... guess it is a good thing I'm not one any more!
PETA ain't gonna like this book...

From the Protein Power blog "Ms. Keith was a practicing vegetarian (vegan) for twenty years, driven by her passion for kindness and justice for all creatures. She couldn’t bear the thought of even killing a garden slug, or, for that matter, even removing a garden slug from her garden to a place where something or someone else might kill it. Her years of compassionate avoidance of any foods of animal origin cost her her health. Her story of coming to grips with the realization that whatever she ate came as a consequence of some living being’s having to die form the matrix onto which her narrative hangs."
You can read the first 14 manuscript pages of the book on the author’s website.

How many vegetarians are there in New Zealand...? There sure is a lot of sheep and beef cattle.
Here is an interesting quote from author, (yes she is a radical leftist/feminist) and ex-vegan Lierre Keith, see what you think... I think she has some valid points:

"For two years after I returned to eating meat, I was compelled to read vegan message boards online. I don’t know why. I wasn’t looking for a fight. I never posted anything myself. Lots of small, intense subcultures have cult-like elements, and veganism is no exception. Maybe the compulsion had to do with my own confusion, spiritual, political, personal. Maybe I was revisiting the sight of an accident: this was where I had destroyed my body. Maybe I had questions and I wanted to see if I could hold my own against the answers that I had once held tight, answers that had felt righteous, but now felt empty. Maybe I don’t know why. It left me anxious, angry, and desperate each time.
But one post marked a turning point. A vegan flushed out his idea to keep animals from being killed—not by humans, but by other animals. Someone should build a fence down the middle of the Serengeti, and divide the predators from the prey. Killing is wrong and no animals should ever have to die, so the big cats and wild canines would go on one side, while the wildebeests and zebras would live on the other. He knew the carnivores would be okay because they didn’t need to be carnivores. That was a lie the meat industry told. He’d seen his dog eat grass: therefore, dogs could live on grass.
No one objected. In fact, others chimed in. My cat eats grass, too, one woman added, all enthusiasm. So does mine! someone else posted. Everyone agreed that fencing was the solution to animal death.
Note well that the site for this liberatory project was Africa. No one mentioned the North American prairie, where carnivores and ruminants alike have been extirpated for the annual grains that vegetarians embrace. But I’ll return to that in Chapter 3.
I knew enough to know that this was insane. But no one else on the message board could see anything wrong with the scheme. So, on the theory that many readers lack the knowledge to judge this plan, I’m going to walk you through this.
Carnivores cannot survive on cellulose. They may on occasion eat grass, but they use it medicinally, usually as a purgative to clear their digestive tracts of parasites. Ruminants, on the other hand, have evolved to eat grass. They have a rumen (hence, ruminant), the first in a series of multiple stomachs that acts as a fermentative vat. What’s actually happening inside a cow or a wildebeest is that bacteria eat the grass, and the animals eat the bacteria.
Lions and hyenas and humans don’t have a ruminant’s digestive system. Literally from our teeth to our rectums we are designed for meat. We have no mechanism to digest cellulose.
So on the carnivore side of the fence, starvation will take every animal. Some will last longer than others, and those some will end their days as cannibals. The scavengers will have a Fat Tuesday party, but when the bones are picked clean, they’ll starve as well. The graveyard won’t end there. Without grazers to eat the grass, the land will eventually turn to desert.
Why? Because without grazers to literally level the playing field, the perennial plants mature, and shade out the basal growth point at the plant’s base. In a brittle environment like the Serengeti, decay is mostly physical (weathering) and chemical (oxidative), not bacterial and biological as in a moist environment. In fact, the ruminants take over most of the biological functions of soil by digesting the cellulose and returning the nutrients, once again available, in the form of urine and feces.
But without ruminants, the plant matter will pile up, reducing growth, and begin killing the plants. The bare earth is now exposed to wind, sun, and rain, the minerals leech away, and the soil structure is destroyed. In our attempt to save animals, we’ve killed everything.
On the ruminant side of the fence, the wildebeests and friends will reproduce as effectively as ever. But without the check of predators, there will quickly be more grazers than grass. The animals will outstrip their food source, eat the plants down to the ground, and then starve to death, leaving behind a seriously degraded landscape.
The lesson here is obvious, though it is profound enough to inspire a religion: we need to be eaten as much as we need to eat. The grazers need their daily cellulose, but the grass also needs the animals. It needs the manure, with its nitrogen, minerals, and bacteria; it needs the mechanical check of grazing activity; and it needs the resources stored in animal bodies and freed up by degraders when animals die.
The grass and the grazers need each other as much as predators and prey. These are not one-way relationships, not arrangements of dominance and subordination. We aren’t exploiting each other by eating. We are only taking turns."

The states even has a few Bison farms...
There definitely is a lot of yummy seafood in NZ...

I'm glad I'm not a vegetarian any more... What's for dinner?

a hyphenated American is not an American at all

Why is America exceptional? Some don't understand...
An example is some of the EXCELLENT, unique,
talented leaders and presidents...
Teddy Roosevelt is one of 'em and he said:
Theodore Roosevelt
the 26th American president 1901-1909
President Bush in the Roosevelt Room - 2006

The Roosevelt room before it was the Roosevelt room - 1904
(Hand-tinted photo of T. Roosevelt's original West Wing office)

From GreatKat: "Upon his return to New York in 1898, Roosevelt was immediately nominated for governor and won the election due to his war record. Roosevelt described his policy as "SPEAK SOFTLY AND CARRY A BIG STICK." He began implementing numerous reforms, including taxation on corporation franchises, regulation of sweatshops and a conservation program. These reforms infuriated the businessmen who supported the Republicans. So the party forced Roosevelt to accept the Vice-Presidential nomination in 1900 to get rid of him as N.Y. Governor. The Presidential candidate, McKinley and Roosevelt won the election and in 1901, Roosevelt became the Vice-President of the United States.

In 1901, only six short months after the inauguration, McKinley was assassinated and at 42 years old, Theodore Roosevelt became the youngest President of the United States and the 26th President. Roosevelt's goals as President were to represent all people: farmers, laborers, businessmen and white-collar workers. Roosevelt started the Square Deal Program, which asked for anti-trust proceedings against big businesses, an attack on social problems, control of the railroads and conservation of natural resources. Roosevelt became known as the "trustbuster" and believed that large businesses were good for the economy, but the government must regulate large corporations, instead of destroying them.

Roosevelt worked to make the U.S. a world leader, which included strong armed forces. He strengthened the Navy and kept European nations from interefering in Latin America. Roosevelt believed that civilized nations had the RIGHT to interfere with uncivilized nations to PUSH CIVILIZATION AHEAD. In 1902 during The Venezuela Affair, Roosevelt threatened the Germans to stop from taking over Venezuela. In 1903, Roosevelt acquired the Canal Zone after Panama broke free from Colombia. The Panama Canal was one of Roosevelt's proudest accomplishments: "I took Panama," Roosevelt bragged. Roosevelt was known to greatly broaden the use of the presidency to accomplish his goals.

Roosevelt won in 1904 a landslide victory for re-election to the presidency. He then lowered the taxes on imports and made the "Pure Food and Drug Act" and pushed conservation forward. Roosevelt built friendships with the Japanese and offered them to help mediate the Russo-Japanese War, which earned Roosevelt a Nobel Peace Prize in 1906. During his presidency, automobiles, lights and telephones started widespread usage and the Wright Brothers flew the first successful airplane."

I'm not hyphenated. I'm just an American.

Now, go read a very funny anti-hyphenated post from What were you thinking about called "What Kind of American Are You?"

tidbit: "I am sure the Constitution says something about me getting my own hyphen. Even if it does not, we know the writers would have added hyphen protection if they had the benefit of the knowledge we posses. I feel strangely inferior not having a hyphen. Maybe I will go with this one frustrated-aggravated-discouraged-annoyed-exasperated-over-taxed-under-represented-American! How is that for hyphenation?"

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Not flying in or to the USA any time soon, you?

For now, I enjoy a slow and laid back lifestyle living here in NZ. I did go back home to Chicago last year Sept09 and we are considering another Chicago visit in 2011.

However, with the TSA and political leftist crackdown crap right now: I sure wouldn't want to fly anywhere inside the USA. The scanners George Soros sold to TheWon's regime are taking all sorts of nasty nekkid pictures of innocent Americans. (hey are the machines zapping people with weird xray or gamma rays?!) Oh, you don't want to be zapped? Then get used to being molested. Be a good sheeeeep now, people. ILLEGAL!

Janet Incompitano has now stated in her VAPID marxist overreach, she wants scanners in buses, trains and seaports, too!

So THEN what's NEXT?...
every road in America will have a scanner?
everyone will have to pass through or get stopped for your daily rectal exam to ensure no explosive devices are in your cavities?!

Nope... no flying for me right now... I don't want an illegal and un-constitutional searches or scans to be done if I pay good money to fly around in a jet airliner.

ISN'T THE 4TH AMENDMENT still valid?
Amendment IV (1791)

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."
OK sooo beyond my TSA rant, I want to live in a country run by conservatives who have common sense.

WHERE the hell IS THAT right now anyway?!
Europe? Umm... nope, they are all going bankrupt because of the European Union bulldoody.
Asia? Umm... nope, mosly communists, buddhists, islamists or some other -ists.
AUS? nope... too many damn things in nature can kill you there...
NZ? ... guess it will have to suffice for now.

I must say as a conclusion to my rant to day, the general ignorance of many here in NZ about what America is truly about really drives me bonkers sometimes. TOO MUCH LEFTY NEWS is all New Zealand gets down here.

Guess my favorite politician of all time, Mr. Reagan will have to explain it to those who don't understand America:

Many in NZ don't quite understand who they are as a "people"... so guess they won't bother trying to understand what America is really all about...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

next potus momma grizzly 2nd book

BOOK #2 by the next USA president ... (?)... (!)
get the book from Amazon here

NZ mourns 29 lost miners at Pike River

Today, day 6 after the initial blast, a 2nd severe explosion today at 2:37pm at the Pike River mine.

All 29 lost miners are feared lost.

At some point, the coal mining will continue. Background on the mine below...

"Pike River broke through to coal on 17 October 2008 when a 2.3 kilometre tunnel intersected the Brunner seam of premium hard coking coal. The Brunner coal deposit runs six kilometres north-south and up to one-half kilometres east-west, and averages about 7 metres in thickness.

The seam holds the largest-known deposit of hard coking coal in New Zealand, with 58.5 million tonnes of coal in-ground. Sales markets have been secured in Japan and India, India being the destination of Pike River's first export shipment (20,000 tonnes) of hard coking coal, which the company celebrated in February 2010.

Pike River coal is sought after because of its special qualities including the world's lowest ash content for a coking coal, meaning more energy and less waste in the coke making process.

The mine is forecast to hit its 'steady state' rate of approximately one million tonnes a year in the first half of 2011, and maintain that production rate during its 18+ year mine life. There is potential to recover several million tonnes more coal from the Brunner seam and upside potential in the deeper Paparoa seams."

Story on the tragedy today at stuff.co.nz

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

MFA? This airline would be successful like CRAZY!

I think they might really be ON to something!
I'd fly with MFA, would you?!

Monday, November 22, 2010

scorched earth policy now in effect

you were warned

The American people have been stepped on by their own government officials... oooh, for a few decades now.

Purported "Main"stream media (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and the rest of the usual suspects) pushes propaganda as fact and evens admits it.

The last two years of liberal agenda gone amok has been a HUGE shock in America: enough of a shock to awake the silent majority. The Nov2 elections was a first step of the battle.

Now the American people are biting back.

iOwnTheWorld mentions a small, but good blog called StopShouting:

"I have been silent long enough. I have bent, I have yielded, I have endured slander, dishonesty, ad hominem attacks and actual physical threats.

Anger is a powerful motivator."

StopShouting seems annoyed, don't you think? I agree with everything she wrote. Great post. Here are a few tidbits.

On liberal-commies-in-charge pushing to enact the socialist-welfare state:

"No where in the history of civilization has the welfare state succeeded over the long term. From Plato to Thatcher, warnings about the propensity for the professional politicians to expand the looting of the public treasury and to debase the currency as a mechanism for retaining power has been well documented and a rallying cry for sound money and conservative principles.

I challenge you to name one state where it has survived longer than two generations, for it is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme predicated on the willingness of our youth to voluntarily shackle themselves."

To the liberal-facists-in charge of edu-ma-ca-tion system in American public schools:

"You have seized the public schools and the universities and conducted a purge of any non-compliant conservatives; a massive re-education for the faculty was in order. You believe you can turn our children against us. Unfortunately for you, all it takes is one look at their first paycheck as working adults for them to question the validity of your wealth redistributive economic policies. Homeschooling, constitutionally upheld, is on the rise; Ron Paul now fills college auditoriums, while the Won struggles to fill them without piggybacking on the coat tails of a free pop concert."

About that liberal-transparency myth?

"Your side knows you can not prevail on the battlefield of open and honest ideas, so you retreat behind the fortification of expanded regulation, unelected czars who rule by decree and diktat, and a boy-king who is being urged by the janissaries to complete the transformation to a totalarian state by executive orders."

What the liberals-who-will-be-expelled can expect in the next two years AND BEYOND...

"Except, that to emplace your policies and “vision” requires the consent of the people. You can not hire enough guards, build enough prisons, operate enough courts to entrap and control the whole population of these (for-now) united states. It only takes a small percentage of dissenters, non-conformists and cascading acts of strategic civil disobedience to bring your entire command-and-control crashing all around you. Decapitating by legal and tax retributive means, a few titular heads of the resistance, will only serve to strengthen and embolden the diffuse movement. Look back at how the Solidarity movement was organized and how it ultimately prevailed before you declare Victory.

Your side has chosen to engage in a low-level, asymmetric campaign for decades. Deceit, dishonesty and exploiting the mechanisms of state have been your weapons."


"Unfortunately for you, you can no longer hide and your methods have been revealed and exposed for what they are. The Fabian operational concepts are only successful when they are hidden and cloaked in disingenuous “narrative”. Thousands now are aware of, and have read, Alinsky and his fellow socialists and have formulated a counter strategy."

Yes, we will burn down the house of Progressive Democrats and lay waste to the entire construct of the welfare state. It will be a long, decades-long battle, but we will prevail because we learned the consequences of not teaching our young ourselves. We delegated that to you, and that was our first mistake. We assumed you were honest brokers, but now we know better."

Liberals want COMPRIMISE? ...

"now you want to petition for peace?

now you cry out for civility and consensus?

I have a message for you:

Go. To. Hell.

"Those who we have sent to Washington this January who yield will be removed from the field and replaced. Make no mistake about it."

This is our message to you:

The scorched earth policy is in effect.

A court of accounting will be convened.

Fix bayonets."

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Another reason to defund, stop the EPA

Briefing paper on how EPA proposals will inflict more harm than good:

Regulating Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG)

"EPA rules regulating GHG emissions under the Clean Air Act are scheduled to go into effect on Jan. 2, 2011. API joined a lawsuit against EPA's GHG rules, because the rules are an unconstitutional change to the Clean Air Act.

EPA has also proposed that some states be required to change their state implementation plan (SIP) to ensure GHG emissions are accounted for in the permitting of large new or expanded facilities, and to establish a federal implementation plan to apply to states that do not adopt such a SIP.

These rules could impose a significant burden on the U.S. economy, requiring expensive investments in stationary sources by businesses across the country, diverting capital that might otherwise create jobs and assist us in our economic recovery.

EPA does not have the legal authority to modify provisions of the Clean Air Act, as only Congress can change laws, not a federal agency."

From EnergyTomorrow.org:

"Domestic oil and natural gas resources help ensure our energy and economic security by providing affordable, reliable energy to Americans nationwide. Access to these resources supports more than 9.2 million jobs nationwide, provides billions in government revenues and creates less reliance on foreign imports. Public policy supporting the jobs and energy sources provided by the oil and natural gas industry is essential to protecting our nation’s future energy security."

HotAir discusses EPA overreach in the age of TheWon.

"How many new regulatory moves has the EPA been making? To put it in perspective, during the first 18 months of the second Bush administration, the EPA proposed 16 “significant regulations” which would have an economic impact of $100 million or more. During the first 18 months of the Obama administration, that number shot up to 42."

The biased BBC

Is "mainstream" media bias only prevalent in Russia or America?


The lies are rampant in the UK, too.

Check out the Biased BBC blog "exposing the reporting bias of the British Broadcasting Corporation".

Some commentary on corruption in Britain's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP):

"Everything that the EU does is mired in corruption, illogic and waste. Billions are being spent on recycling and CO2 measures, even thought they have zero beneficial effect and are the bureaucratic symbols of a jackboot centralised dictatorship of poilitical elites."

That sounds familiar, doesn't it?! Delingpole has recently pointed out "Why the BBC cannot be trusted on 'Climate Change".

The biased BBC blog continues on CAP: "The worst part of it all, of course, is the Common Agricultural Policy, a sharp-practice, mafia-like scam dreamed up by de Gaulle to protect French farmers in the 1950s, and virtually unchanged since (despite cosmetic changes). As a result of it, British farming has been put in a strait jacket of anti-competitive regulation and our agrarian lifeblood has been slowly been squeezed dry. Where once we led the world in innovation and ingenuity, we have been relegated into grape-growing, begging-bowl laggards.

The BBC, of course, does not give a damn."

Thursday, November 18, 2010

book: the deliberate dumbing down of america

(Get book here)

The American public education system is broken and needs fixing. Whistleblower Charlotte Iserbyt knows why.

Alan Caruba reviews Ms. Iserbyt's book in his commentary "The Subversion of Education in America: Lesson #1":

"I'll bet you think that the problems with our nation's schools are a fairly recent phenomenon. Wrong. It dates backs to the 1960's. Those that have implemented the subversion of our educational system have sought to fly well below the radar of public awareness, depending on stealth and duplicity to achieve the wreckage that has already stunted the lives of thousands who have passed through it.

No other topic has evoked as much email as did our weekly "Warning Signs" commentary, "Indoctrination, Not Education." Good. Time to wake up America!

In this and three other commentaries, I will walk you through the history of the problem with the help of an extraordinary book,
"The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America" by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt. The facts I will share with you are found in a fat compendium of research by this former senior official with the US Department of Education who discovered the mother lode, copied it, and fled. She is one of America's unsung heroes.

As Iserbyt points out, in the 1960's "American education would henceforth concern itself with the importance of the group rather than with the importance of the individual." The purpose of education would shift to focus on the studentÕs emotional health, rather than academic learning. Remember the 1960's? Sex, drugs and rock'n roll? Drop out, tune in, and turn on? Just about everything that is wrong with America today had its genesis in this pathetic decade of youthful self-indulgence."

In 1965, there were two major federal initiatives developed with funding from The Elementary and Secondary Education Act passed that year. One was the 1965-1969 Behavioral Science Teacher Education Program and the other was the publication by the government of "Pacesetters in Innovation", a 584-page catalogue of behavior modification programs to be used by the schools.

Let me repeat that: a catalogue of behavior modification programs! We're not talking of programs to teach students anything. We are talking about programs to indoctrinate children passing through the system to believe in values contrary to those on which this nation was based."

Additional links on this topic from Concerned Humanity:


"And, in case parents don't really believe that operant conditioning/behavior modification programs, which now will primarily use the computer for reinforcement, are dangerous and are designed to destroy your children's traditional values, read on:

The late Professor Benjamin Bloom, internationally known behaviorist, father of Pavlovian/Skinnerian mastery learning and outcomes based education, said in his Taxonomy of Educational Objectives:

"The evidence points out convincingly to the fact that age is a factor operating against attempts to effect a complete or thorough-going reorganization of attitudes and values. (Taxonomy, p. 85) The evidence collected thus far suggests that a single hour of classroom activity under certain conditions may bring about a major reorganization in cognitive as well as affective (attitudes, values and beliefs) behaviors." (Taxonomy, page 88)

Bloom also said the purpose of education was to "change the thoughts, actions and feelings of students" (All Our Children Learning, 1982) and defined good teaching as "challenging the students' fixed beliefs." (Taxonomy, page 55)"

"The following quotes from overseas are included as proof that the "restructured" American education system is part of the international (lifelong) computerized work force training system. These quotes were taken from an important Australian research paper, published on the Internet in March of 2000. They document the fact that the computerization of the classroom is the model for the international system to which all the world's children and adults will be subjected...and brainwashed."

"Is school choice a plot to implement the socialist, corporate fascist, workforce training agenda for the global planned economy?

You 'betcha.

This decision will succeed in carrying out the long-standing leftist/internationalist goal of total control of all education (public and private) through the dollar."

The Destruction of American Education And What We Must Do About It

"It's no accident that America's schools have slowly eroded and that the intelligence of the average American has become so debilitated. American learning has plummeted and public school performance has nose-dived ever since the middle of the twentieth century because it was planned that way."

"Deep down, most Americans once thought they were immune from blatant propaganda, government-sanctioned media-bias and psychiatric hospitals-cum-prisons — hallmarks of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich and Josef Stalin’s Communism. Such confidence is shifting as folks increasingly fear speaking their mind — on schools campuses, on the job, in houses of worship and public places. Worse, a metastasizing mental health industry has convinced government leaders that “nonprofessionals” — especially parents — are unqualified to make decisions on behalf of children. Average Americans find themselves intimidated by bureaucracies ranging from Child Protective Services to universities to the Environmental Protection Agency. These are just three agencies steeped in a deep-rooted presumption of citizen incompetence — precisely opposite the view of American Founders like Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. Today’s national leaders, agency heads and mainstream reporters are mostly hostile to American idealism, Christian morality and Western culture, which have taken the hardest hits under the banner of political correctness."

Why Americans Will Believe Almost Anything

"Deliberate misrepresentation of fact has always been the privilege of the directors of mass media. Their agents - the PR industry - cannot afford random objective journalism interpreting events as they actually take place. This would be much too confusing for the average consumer, who has been spoonfed his opinions since the day he was born. No, we can't have that. In all the confusion the viewer might get the idea that he is supposed to make up his own mind about the significance of some event or other. The end product of good media is single-mindedness. Confusion and individual interpretation of events do not foster the homogenized, one-dimensional lemming outlook.

For this reason, events must have a spin put on them - an interpretation, a frame of reference. Subtleties are omitted; all that is presented is the bottom line. The minute that decision is made - what spin to put on a story - we have left the world of reporting and entered the world of propaganda. By definition, propaganda replaces faithful reporting with deceitful reporting."

Gulf update: Sea Life Flourishing & 99.6% Fed waters OPEN

Ooops, sorry eco-greenie-warriors, the Gulf of Mexico is recovering on its own as many experts predicted.

Lou Dolinar at National Review points out: "The Great Oil Spill Panic of 2010 will go down in history as mass hysteria on par with the Dutch tulip bubble."

"The catastrophists were wrong (again) about the Deep Water Horizon oil spill. There have been no major fish die-offs. On the contrary, a comprehensive new study says that in some of the most heavily fished areas of the Gulf of Mexico, various forms of sea life, from shrimp to sharks, have seen their populations triple since before the spill. Some species, including shrimp and croaker, did even better."

"The growth of the fish population is not occurring because oil is good for fish. Rather, it is occurring because fishing is bad for fish. When fishing was banned for months during the spill, the Gulf of Mexico experienced an unprecedented marine renaissance that overwhelmed any negative environmental consequences the oil may have had, researchers say.

Even the researchers themselves, however, were surprised by the results."

"The Dauphin Island Sea Lab, a teaching and research consortium of 22 colleges and universities in Alabama, ran the fish-population study. Asked why the group has been virtually invisible in the national media, Valentine says that, unlike some scientists, they refrained from speculating about the impact of the spill until they had real evidence.

Although the early report has not been peer reviewed, it is credible — this kind of research isn’t anything new for the Sea Lab folks. They’ve been conducting surveys off the coasts of Mississippi and Alabama for years, which gives them a baseline with which to compare the post-spill numbers. Their methodology is powerful because it is simple and straightforward: They drag a net through eleven different survey sites up to 60 miles off the coast, then weigh, classify, and count the critters they snare.

According to Valentine, the last word will come in the spring — before heavy commercial fishing begins again — with a follow-up study."

Hence the OOOPS!

"These new studies are more bad news for headline-hunting journalists and the establishment environmentalists who have been cheering for the death of the Gulf of Mexico in service of their green agenda."

Oh yeah and "NOAA Reopens More Than 8,000 Square Miles in the Gulf of Mexico to Fishing" as of November 15, 2010 which means "99.6 percent of federal waters now open."

Sorry greenies, the Gulf will recover on its own... it don't need ya.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fire Bernanke, Peter Schiff should run the Fed

Wow, the USA should be listening to Peter Schiff. He accurately predicted the meltdowns America experienced 2008-2009 back in 2006! Watch here (he is even laughed at):

He is brilliant.

Who is he?

"Peter Schiff is one of the few non-biased investment advisors (not committed solely to the short side of the market) to have correctly called the current bear market before it began and to have positioned his clients accordingly. As a result of his accurate forecasts on the U.S. stock market, economy, real estate, the mortgage meltdown, credit crunch, subprime debacle, commodities, gold and the dollar, he is becoming increasingly more renowned. He has been quoted in many of the nation's leading newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, Investor's Business Daily, The Financial Times, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, The Dallas Morning News, The Miami Herald, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Arizona Republic, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and the Christian Science Monitor, and appears regularly on CNBC, CNN, Fox News, Fox Business Network, and Bloomberg T.V."

He points out Sarah Palin was CORRECT and Ron Paul was correct, too, in their criticism of the Fed.

He is now pointing out TWO BUBBLE bursts of the last few years caused by the FEDS and how Bernanke is now trying to create ANOTHER stock bubble RIGHT NOW with the damn quantitative easing/printing money plan! Mr. Schiff should be running the FED! From his YouTube channel:

His radio show is here. Go Peter, America needs your brain!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Conservative ideals for social workers

Dr. Helen points out "Conservative principles are completely congruent with the value of social justice" in a great article by Bruce Thyer called: Social justice: a conservative perspective which "describes a conservative perspective on the topic of social justice and illustrates how this view actually promotes a more socially just practice than a liberal orientation to practice and policy. Specific attention is given to the conservative perspective on the provision of social welfare programs, the use of the income tax as a means to redistribute wealth, on affirmative action, on the death penalty, and on abortion rights."

So what is "social justice"?

In this article, it is defined as "An ideal condition in which all members of a society have the same basic rights, protection, opportunities, obligations, and social benefits. Implicit in this concept is the notion that historical inequities should be acknowledged and remedied, through specific measures. A key social work value, social justice entails advocacy to confront discrimination, oppression, and institutional inequities."

Thyer then describes Conservatism in the following general definition:

"A political philosophy based on tradition and social stability, stressing established institutions, and preferring gradual development to abrupt change; specifically: such a philosophy calling for lower taxes, limited government regulation of business and investing, a strong national defense, and individual responsibility for personal needs (as retirement income or health-care coverage)."
Thyer states "there is nothing within this definition that could be construed as antithetical to social justice" especially because "Conservatives strongly promote human rights, especially those enumerated in the US Constitution, rights such as the freedom of the press, of religion, assembly, and to petition the government, the right to bear arms, freedom from cruel and unusual punishment, and the right of people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures; and the right to a trial by jury, to a speedy trial, to confront witness, and to legal counsel. Note that all of these rights are essentially negative rights, limits on what the federal government can do for its citizens. There are no positive rights, goods or services to be proactively provided by the national government, enumerated in the Constitution, except one - the right to have legal counsel appointed if a defendant cannot afford a lawyer. Our constitutional right to freedom of the press does not mean that the government provides newspapers or printing presses to the citizens. This right means that the government cannot (generally) prohibit someone from publishing books, newspapers or pamphlets, even materials antagonistic to the government. Freedom of religion does not the mean the government has an obligation to provide places to worship or an official priesthood, only that it cannot interfere (generally) from people practicing their religious beliefs. The right to bear arms does not mean the government must provide citizens with weapons, only that it cannot (generally) interfere with citizens owning guns.

Constitutionally, and hence from a conservative perspective, there are no constitutionally-mandated federal rights to goods and services such as food, housing, healthcare, or retirement income. These positive “rights” are seen as best secured by the individual citizens for themselves and their families, not by the federal government. Constitutionally the individual states may pass laws providing for positive rights (e.g. some states have passed laws providing for near-universal healthcare), but the conservative is more concerned with limiting the role of the federal government in this regard, than with the individual states, or lesser levels of government (e.g. cities that provide homeless shelters)."
Read the full article - Mr. Thyer is spot on and concludes, in part "Conservative principles are completely congruent with the value of social justice, as maintained by the profession of social work, as well as by society at large. By adhering to certain core principles - the value of human life and liberty, the right to own and retain one's property, the equal treatment of all persons under the law, conservatives can present a nuanced and justifiable argument relating to selected social justice issues of keen interest to social workers. Among the these issues are the morality of social welfare programs, the use of the income tax system to promote the redistribution of wealth, affirmative action, the death penalty, and abortion. Conservative social workers believe that adhering to their principles results in a more socially just world via the creation of more socially just programs and policies, than the practices espoused by their more liberal colleagues."
And to the liberals in this field: "It is both ironic and socially unjust that conservative political ideology is both largely ignored and demonized by mainstream social work. The profession needs both a greater appreciation and acceptance of the legitimacy of the conservative political ideology held by so many of its members."

Monday, November 15, 2010

Why leftist ladies dislike Sarah Palin

NiceDeb has a great Friday free-forall: Dems in chaos post.

I dig this guy who explains why leftist females hate Sarah Palin:

Palin & others quantitative warning: don't print $ to force inflation

Sarah Palin is correct in her warning about quantitative easing. Hattip from Moonbattery: what is quantitative easing anyway? Watch the video:

James Pethokoukis from Reuters points out Why Wall Street Should Fear Sarah Palin "In a speech and a pair of Facebook postings this week, Palin unexpectedly warned her followers about the inflationary dangers of the Federal Reserve’s “pump-priming addiction” — a reference to the latest round of bond-buying by the U.S. central bank, known as quantitative easing. That’s hardly a novel or unreasonable critique. Many conservatives, and even some Fed officials, share Palin’s unease."

Conservatives4Palin points out Wall Street Journal's Paul Gigot says Governor Palin "Leading the Pack" on Monetary Policy. The WSJ "editors noted the degree of sophistication Governor Palin is bringing to the table as she attempts to focus the nation's attention on the disastrous repercussions which must result from a further inflating of the currency. Specifically, she referred to QE2, the Fed's plan to pump another $600 billion to as much as $1 trillion into the economy via the purchase of U.S. government securities."

"Gigot is correct when he points out that Governor Palin is practically the only prominent Republican touting the virtues of a sound currency. Palin understands as did Reagan that a sound currency is a prerequisite for real economic growth and rising living standards. Just as you can't build a house on a weak foundation, you can't build an economy on the shifting sands of an unstable currency."

CHINA, GERMANY and BRAZIL (to name a few) are also NOT happy about the Fed's plans. So Sarah is in good company and correct in her concern and attempts to bring public attention to this problem.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The good, the bad, the strange in NZ

Yes, I was going to say "the good, the bad and the ugly" but I think ugly might be a bit harsh.

I currently like living in NZ... or do I? I'm obsessed with reading about American politics right now... but as the Nov2 elections show, I'm not the only one.

My obsession has me both happy and unhappy at the same time. Strange. America has lot of work to do right now. I am a T.E.A. partier at heart.

Would I want to move back to Chicago? Not right now. I DO miss the people and American attitudes. Last year when I visited home, I noticed the fast fast paced Chicago lifestyle... do I want that again? Not sure. Would I miss the laid backness in NZ? Probably. Do I want to shovel lots of snow again? Hmm... snow can be fun, but honestly I don't really miss it.

So am I living in NZ just for the climate only? There are some things here in NZ that are good, bad or strange. The government here is a really weird "MMP" system. It is unjust and not fair. Why? Because minor, small parties get WAY too much "power". The two bigger parties and the final party elected should call the shots. (...yes, I'm used to a two party American system where primaries select the 2 candidates and elections sort the winner)

With itty bitty parties like ACT, Greens and Maori, the NZ National party has to do lots of DODGY deals to get legislation passed. It is not "fair" a separatist party, solely based on race, lobbies for stuff for THEIR race ONLY. What the hell kind of racist shite is this? But NZers don't see it this way. They see poor wee Maoris as victims, so Maoris see themselves as victims hence the political party to get as much stuff for their people... who are victims of what, who knows... They think the Waitangi agreement (which formed the country) was a bad deal and they want the country back?

OK, so yes, the political system in America has a few current problems... after all, the left lulled the majority of Americans asleep for quite a few decades. Luckily the current leftist SHOCK squatting in the W.House WOKE the majority up: awake and engaged now. I see many battles happening the next two years, but the evils and communist infiltrators WILL be purged.

The left has America on the wrong path... and NZ as well.

OK, so what is good about NZ:
Food, beautiful landscapes everywhere, tropical birds, palm trees, beaches, temporate climate on the north island, daily sunshine 8-9 months straight, mountains, forests, volcanoes, tourism, jet boating, glaciar hiking, movie making (hobbits!), athletic competitions, entrepeneurship in dairy, wine and other export markets, friendly people who will chat with you at the local store and a slower-paced way of life.

The bad:
NZers are really naive about America. NZ believes in and follows UN propaganda. The main paper, the NZ Herald, often runs many COMPLETE LEFTISTS LIES and propaganda about America. I saw a commentary from some woman who loves Mee-chella Obama. I almost barfed. Mee-chelle & TheWon and their leftist regime is running America off a cliff. If America goes down, NZ won't survive either.

Many in NZ, including the political "green party" are just non-thinking sheep who believe the man made global warming B.S. (ha! baaah.. baaaa). Good god, can a leftist not read facts and data, learn then change an opinion? NZ are now paying taxes for AIR and trees. WTF...

Politics in NZ (as mentioned) are left of center or REALLY far left with little minority groups weilding too much power - like Maori. There is a Maori queen (why?) Maori make up 1/2 the people on the dole: that is their way of life. Non Maori NZ taxpayers work so 1/2 of the dole, who are Maori, don't have to? Waaaah waaaa, Maoris, get off your asses and get jobs. NZ All Black rugby matches insist on hakas (Maori challenge/war chants) before national games. If NZ was ONLY a nation of Maoris, this ritual might make sense. But it isn't so it doesn't! 85% of NZ is non Maori!

Should NZ have a WHITE ONLY rugby team, political party or special queens? Where are the Indian, European, Chinese or other special promotions or perks NZ? Are there any Chinese rugby clubs? How about celebrating ALL previous ethnic backgrounds and being more of a melting pot. I suppose my Americanism is showing, isn't it.

NZ is not "one people" if they keep all the special Maori crap going on. It will continue to be more divisive. Maori now push for special forshore and seabed laws = want more free stuff! 15% of your population is VERY racist and separatist NZ. Wake up...

I thought I was paying higher taxes to have free health care in NZ. But, I have to wait in line, though, just like Canada and the UK. There is private insurance here though, but EMPLOYERS don't offer it (like they do in the states). This sucks. If I buy my own insurance, can I pay less taxes then? Crikey...

What is strange:
Why does NZ celebrate "Guy Fawkes" day? It's an old British holiday. Noone I've asked in NZ knows WHY the 'celebrate' it... weird. Are they happy a terrorist tried to blow up British parliament ... or are they happy the guy and his cohorts were caught and hung?

Red sliced beets on hamburgers... yuck.

NZ wants good trade with America, but too many in NZ have bought into the leftist tripe & think Americans are crazy, violent war mongers. Do you hate or love America? Stop reading the NZ herald's false leftist deranged opinions on America, NZ. You should support Israel, NZ, not the terrorists in Gaza. You should wake up, greenies, the science is NOT settled and AGW is false. If anything, the earth is in a cooling trend right now due to sun spot activity.

Wee wittle grandma's-garden stories get a lot of news talk... so really not much goes on here in NZ (well, perhaps that is sort of on the good side actually...)

NZ parents seems to really coddle their kids. Harden up. Kids should do chores for their allowance, get full licenses & drive at 16 and have part time JOBS at age 16 upwards. Learn responsibility kids. Teenagers leave home, don't get jobs then go on the dole. Nice. My taxes have to then pay for YOUR laziness kid?! Get a job flippin' burgers, work the crops or sweep floors. My taxes pay for your SHITE on the dole? Get off my tit.

Guess this is just my rant for today... For two years, I've felt my American home has really gone down the wrong road. If TEA partiers keep up the fight and Sarah Palin or another corruption fighter becomes president? I might have to move back... For now, I think I've learned the NZ whinging pretty well. Guess I'll work in the garden...

Whittle explains: Immigration

Thursday, November 11, 2010

America will roar back, just watch

American Thinker always has excellent articles. I recommend you read it daily. Here are a couple of tidbits.

Great Nations Don't Decline -- They Just Get Tougher

"Is America declining? Not once we get rid of the saboteurs: the Democrats and the lie-a-day media. Just toss out Obama and the Left and watch our screeching tires as we take off. America is ready to roar back as soon as the O'noids get out of the way. Obama is becoming President O'noya. He can bug you, but he will keep us on the boil as long as he does. You want a big incentive to stay active in Tea Party politics? Here's all the incentive you'll need. Just watch this clown make goofy faces for another two years, and you'll be roaring to get back to the polls. Meanwhile, just cut away all the underbrush that gets in the way of the final act of disposal. Get rid of the illegal "czars."Sell back the car companies and the banks. Get ready to roar.

Fortunately, Obama has made a good start toward his own Decline and Fall in less than two years. When he goes from Decline to Fall, with a little luck, he will take all the little Marxists with him. If not, just let them know they are no longer welcome in the Land of the Free.

Great Nations don't decline, but they do have ups and downs. Look at Russia twenty years after the Soviet Empire, crumbled from its own silly delusions. Look at China decades after Mao Zedong killed forty million Chinese people. America has never had to deal with those kinds of self-inflicted wounds. We are awesome, and we are just waiting to explode into a new period of prosperity and strength.

And this time, we won't be suckered by the sucker play of the Left. This time, they pay for their greed for power and corruption. It's time for them to grow up and get a job."

HELL YEAAAAAHS! And speaking of lie a day media, the alternative truth media is growing by leaps and bounds. It will win.

Fire the Media

"The Giant has awakened. The American voter just threw the bums out of Congress -- not enough of them, but a very good start.

The crucial question today is: Will the Giant just turn over and go back to sleep?"

"America has always been different from Europe. The United States saw wave after wave of poor but ambitious immigrants coming to our shores, keeping their families intact and working their hearts out for a generation, two generations, and rising in America. Italian peasants became middle-class producers, still family-oriented and the envy of their cousins in the old country. The Irish, who came fresh from the Great Famine and absentee landlords, started to make it big in the New World. The Jews, literally beaten by persecution in Russia, Poland, and finally Germany, fled to these shores and churned out productive and sometimes brilliant new generations who contributed to society by contributing to themselves. Because that's the secret of capitalism: to make a better widget, and to sell it to millions of widget-hungry people at a better price.

Today it's happening to the quiet Vietnamese boat people who took our side in that war and were put in concentration camps for their loyalty to liberty and self-determination. They were Catholics and Buddhists who could not abide the Worker's Paradise of Ho Chi Minh's terror state. Their story is never told in the American media, but it doesn't matter, because like the Jews, they still have their families, they still have their work ethic. Go visit any major campus today, and you will see mostly Asian faces -- and remember that they got there by years of hard and persistent study. Quietly, behind the scenes, there are blacks and Asians (and whites who still form the majority, contrary to all the propaganda) who are still making it work.

They are the Giant that just woke up."

"If the Giant rolls over and goes back to sleep, Obama and his ilk will never leave D.C., or Illinois, or Michigan. They will suck the substance from this country by setting women against men, blacks against whites, and illegals against citizens.

Watch 'em doing it. It's not a secret.

If you don't act, this merry-go-round will keep turning, and the next generation will have to work it out for themselves again and again.

Turn off the legacy media. Use your own God-given capacity think and act. Be peaceful but decisive. Live up to the ideals of your fathers and mothers, who understood what was at stake. Be true to yourself and your family. Be confident of your own judgment. Don't fall for the con artists like Obama and Michelle. They never have your best interests at heart.

Stay decent and calm, and act firmly and wisely. Don't forget you are dealing with lifelong liars. Keep studying them, for your future and the future of your country is still in grave danger.

Election Day is only the first step in a long struggle. That's what they call it "the struggle"...and if you don't recognize that, you are surrendering."

Ryan & Issa: 2 big R stars to watch make progress

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

One trick pony and LOTS more pie please

At BigGovernment today, Paul A. Rahe points out how TheWon is A One-Trick Pony:

"Newt Gingrich once remarked that the most impressive thing about Bill Clinton was that he never stopped learning. By way of contrast, the most impressive thing about President Obama is his incorrigibility. He really is a one-trick pony incapable of learning anything new. He and his party have just suffered electoral defeat on a scale they have not seen in more than seventy years, but there is not going to be any change of course. Instead, the President is going to deploy his teleprompter and lecture us over and over again. The endless campaign – with its vapid rhetoric – is going to go on and on and on.

If I were John Boehner or Mitch McConnell, I would be pinching myself. Who could believe their luck? The only thing that it would take to complete their good fortune would be the return to prominence of Nancy Pelosi as minority leader in the House of Representatives – for that, coupled with Harry Reid’s continued ascendancy in the Senate, would be a signal that the Democrats have decided over the next two years to wage an all-out partisan war.

In sum – thanks to the unholy trinity of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid – what we can expect in 2012 is a replay of 2010."
I like pie. Americans like pie. Pie is mentioned in the definition of Socialism? (huh?) I searched for the history of the term "piece of the pie" and first pop up was from "Your dictionary.com":
"Socialism is a system whereby the ownership of capital, resources and production capability reside with and are controlled by the citizens. In theory, citizens have equal access to the products and resources and are compensated based on the amount of work performed.This form of economic control claims to have the benefit of allocating resources, services and compensation equitably among the population. In other words, the system purports to be fair to everyone and to provide everyone with an equal piece-of-the-pie."
The problem is, as history proves over and over (and over and over), socialist are wrong: there isn't just one pie. Ingredients are plentiful, they CAN be made out of thin air and there is actually an endless supply of pie!
Dan Mitchell, also at BigGovernment, discusses the economics in Debunking White House Pro-Tax Increase Propaganda:
"1. The economy is not a fixed pie. Notwithstanding all evidence, there is a near-religious view on the left that the rest of us somehow must have less if a rich person earns more. The video highlights important evidence on income mobility and economic growth.
2. There is a Laffer Curve. Folks on the left assume that higher tax rates have no impact on economic performance. Not surprisingly, there is widespread evidence that taxpayers are very responsive to changes in tax rates. Using IRS data, the video explains what happened with tax collections from the rich during the Reagan years.

3. Keynesianism is wrong. The Obama Administration has a simplistic Keynesian approach to fiscal policy. As such, they only think tax cuts help growth if people rush out and spend the money. Yet this was the same rationale for the failed stimulus, and the video shows how unemployment is far higher than the White House promised."


Watching... Michael Ramirez cartoons at IBD

another Michael Ramirez political cartoon from Investment Business Daily

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Help "The Lion Man" Craig Busch return to Zion Wildlife Gardens

From YouTube:

"Craigs Mother and the new management are misleading visitors of the park and the Zion website that The Lion Man is still in charge and are riding on the back of the success and global fame Craig has brought to it. He now needs the support of ALL his fans to show Patricia that we want Craig to come back. Because without the Lion Man, the long term future of Zion Wildlife Gardens and these endangered species is at risk, not to mention The Lion Man TV show which has captured so many hearts across the world and raises the awareness of the near extinction of these beautiful animals."

SUPPORT CRAIG HERE: http://www.nzlionman.com/