Friday, February 18, 2011

Sorry Wisconsin govt unions: America is NOT with you

More pictures from Wisconsin state capitol at Ann Althouse.
A letter from "harbormaster" on a Michelle Malkin post to the "protestors" in Wisconsin puts this in perspective ('day of rage' is supported by DNC and W.House groups!):

"First off I want to tell you all that I am a resident of the great State of Wisconsin.

I am tired of being held at gunpoint (figuratively) to pay ever increasing property taxes to pay the salaries of and benefits of public servants (go watch the video!).

A local radio station (the one that employs Vicki McKenna) just reported that the average compensation package for a Madison teacher is $79,000 per year. The average Milwaukee teacher compensation package is $101,000 per year.

Both of those are considerably more than what I make. In fact, last year my wife noticed that I made the same amount of money I made ten years ago. Of course, I am non-union, and my pay is merit and economy based. If the economy isn’t performing well, or if I do not perform well, I don’t get paid more, no matter how long I have worked. My employer does not provide me with a pension. My employer does not pay for all of my health insurance.

It used to be that people had to choose between higher pay and job security. If you chose public service, you had job security but you sacrificed higher pay. If you chose private industry, you likely got higher pay, but did not have job security.

These protesters need to realize they can’t have it both ways."

Sorry "protestors" who are being paid VERY HIGH WAGES with American TAXPAYER MONEY, nope... America is NOT WITH YOU...

Newly elected Governor Scott Walker (R) needs to hold firm and fire teachers who are absent: America is with YOU sir.

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