Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This time: lives lost in latest Christchurch earthquake

A large cathedral is damaged with its top portion hitting the ground below.

Christchurch has had hundreds if not a couple thousand (not sure) after shocks since a big earthquake hit the region last September 2010.
This time, lives have been lost with witnesses reporting bodies being pulled from the rubble. This poor town is sure not getting a break from mother nature.
Pray for the lives lost and impacted families. We are all OK up in Auckland...


  1. Just checking in... sounds like you're OK, some others not so fortunate tho

    My prayers are with them across the miles

  2. Lisa G, glad you are OK. We are thinking about you back home and at iOTW. Sending prayers for the people of New Zealand, too.

    Ginger @ iOTW

  3. Lisa:
    Got the post from over at iOTW. Hope you and yours are well. I'm here in So. Cal, so I know how terrifying earthquakes are.

  4. thanks so much! scary times for Christchurch... but Auckland mostly worries about volcanoes or tsunamis (not much better?)... Christchurch & Wellington are on a big area of known fault lines - White Island is a small but active volcanoe on this line. Wellington should worry one might hit near there next... but Auckland is OK for now...

    cheers everyone

  5. Glad you're fine. It appears Trevor from New Zeal and his family were not seriously impacted, either. Condolences and prayers to the victims and their families. -- SCOTT