Saturday, February 5, 2011

05-Feb-11 leader Sarah Palin

from iOwnTheWorld

Patrick's World points out in each of the 50 (no, not 57) every American state, an army of outspoken now follow and speaking out for Sarah Palin. You cannot 'force' people to follow a non-leader. Why do they believe in Sarah? Her supporters "flooded the blogosphere to respond to the smears"... Why? THE MESSAGE. They "stand up for the one person who had finally arrived to be the voice of a conservative movement that had been longing for a messenger since the passing of Ronald Reagan. Sarah Palin is a real leader with the true message." Go read Patrick's exellent post.

When there is a vacuum of leadership occurs (like the complete LACK of it currently in Washington taking Americans down the UNDESIRED road of socialism): people will seek out a new leader. Simple. For millions across the USA:

Sarah Palin would make great POTUS because: she is a true leader

In Aug-Sep 2007, Governor Palin accomplished:

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  1. Lisa,

    Not to sound like a sexist pig but Sarah has GREAT legs! Todd is a lucky man.

    Sarah is definitely the people's choice. I hope that she runs. She will definitely define the argument despite what our state controlled media and the Demmeroids blather about.

    Back to being a sexist pig... I will enjoy watching her pretty face on TV when she sits in the Oval Office. I am so past tired of seeing Zero and the Moocher. They are disgraceful.

  2. Todd is pretty cute, isn't he Hardnox! :)

    I can picture her and all the lovely, real American Palin family members happily in the people's White House, too!

    if she runs? let's make that picture a reality...