Friday, February 11, 2011

Defiant Mubarek to O: stuff your liquid?

From GWPundit: “Brothers, Would You Have Me Crawl Away at the Command of Obama?”

Andrea Shea King reports: "During the meeting with the Military Council Mubarak made the following statement:

“We are brothers, soldiers, we have bled together for Egypt, we have shed blood together. Today, we are faced by an enemy who demands we hand Egypt over to our enemies. The people of Egypt have been silenced by these insurgents and we have been more than patient. Will we all sit here and obey the Obama regime? Will we not once again, with honor stand up to our enemies? Will we not continue to stand for Egypt with honor?

Brothers, would you have me crawl away at the command of Obama? Would any of you crawl away like a dog that has been kicked? Would any of you bow down to the fools he has chosen to take our nation from us?"

The W.H. spokesman says it is a "fluid situation"... and Michelle Malkin asks, well what kind of fluid exactly?


  1. Lisa,
    The fluid situation is the pee running down Zero's leg after Mubarek told him to f-off and mind his own business.

  2. Indeed one possibility Hardnox... ;)