Wednesday, February 9, 2011

09-Feb-11 smart energy, drill locally Sarah Palin

above from Conservatives 4 Palin

Patrick's World explains why Palin fans compare her to Ronald Reagan:

"While there will never be another Ronald Reagan – just like there will never be another Abraham Lincoln – there will also never be another Sarah Palin. While we have had 44 presidents, it is the rare great one which comes along every couple of generations or so that stands out. You can probably name only four or five great presidents off the top of your head. When we say Sarah Palin is the next Reagan, we say it meaning she’s the next great one."

As OIL and GAS prices 'necessarily skyrocket' due to TheUrkel regimes illegal, unconstitutional and horrid energy policies, America will be YEARNING for cheaper, safe energy - and MORE of it.

Sarah Palin has already been down this road very successfully in her home state.

"Drill Baby Drill"! will be a successful Palin Policy and will lead America to better national security: instead of relying on foreign nations who do NOT have USA's best interests at heart, USA can create jobs, innovation and drill LOCALLY for energy needs. Oil, Gas, Coal... AMERICA has it... just need to drill more baby. Build more nuclear plants, too. Sarah has stated her energy policy will be an "all of the above" approach. THAT will be GOOD for America.

Sarah Palin will make an excellent American president because: she understands the energy needs of America.

Still not sure about Sarah Palin? Read up at Liberty's Lamp. Sarah can restore America:

"The promise of the restoration of America comes with knowing that the reward for the tough work is that we will prosper as a nation again. We will do this by drilling for oil and gas in every possible location where it is available, cutting the size and scope of government and empowering the private sector to create jobs, providing the stability of a fair and flat tax structure, making us comfortable with good private sector health insurance plans, making us confident that there will be money there when we retire and freeing us from the fears of being destroyed by Islamo-fascism with a strong military and properly executed foreign policy."

"Sarah Palin has withstood the opposition and attacks from those in her own party in Alaska. She had the courage to speak out and shake up the good ole boy network. She has withstood the media driven vitriol, lies and slander thrown at her relentlessly during the 2008 vice presidential campaign. She has withstood the knee-capping and the leg cutoffs that came from the Left who kept going after her even after the election was over because they feared she would come back stronger. She risked it all by resigning her governorship rather than be a political sitting duck for her enemies fully knowing that it would be used against her should she ever decide to run for public office again. That’s courage."

"Ladies and gentleman, supporting Sarah Palin and getting the country to see past the media smokescreen is not about a political faction or a fan club trying to get its guy or gal into the White House. It is about the future of America for all of us. Many don’t see it yet. Some never will. But it becomes our job to properly inform all that the media has lied to them and that Sarah Palin is worth the emotional investment. If you want anything less, than you aren’t thinking big enough and you’re not willing to take the risk associated with achieving greatness."

"There are many people willing to go to the mat for Sarah Palin. Just as there were writers who ran cover for supply side economics and a confrontational policy toward the Soviet Union despite the vitriol heaped on Reagan by the mainstream media, there are writers and pundits who can run cover for a drill, baby, drill energy policy and a confrontational policy toward Islamo-fascism. If you can’t find the muster, borrow some of ours.

Most of all and most importantly of all, what’s the alternative?"

great stuff...! read the whole thing here...

In Mar-Apr 2008, Governor Palin accomplished: