Wednesday, February 23, 2011

grim sunrise in Christchurch yet some lives saved overnite

Last night 65 confirmed dead. They've pulled 11 people out overnight (like lucky but bedraggled chap above).

Some weren't so lucky as one story reports a mother died protecting her child - with the baby in her arms.

Latest estimates: may be up to 300 dead. Trevor at is OK. We don't know anyone down in Christchurch, but we wish them well and hope more survivors are found.

Sunrise in New Zealand summer is usually just beautiful. Let's pray morning brings good news to Christchurch...


  1. As a Californian I have been in many big quakes. The 7.3 Easter quake last year was epic....but our damage was so minimal due to building codes. Hopefully when they rebuild they will built with the possibility of quakes in the future.

    So sad. My thoughts and well wishes to the people of Christchurch.

  2. Thoughts and prayers to all the fine folks in NZ from all your like minded friends in the states.

  3. @Jenn, good point about the building codes, hopefully when they rebuild that will be taken into account...

    @anonymous - thanks

  4. I feel like a bitter jerk in that,after my first obvious thought of sympathy for the victims,my second thought was that the media won't cover this very much since it didn't happen in a "Third World" (i.e.,politically correct) nation.

  5. Interesting point tjones, you mean like Haiti?

    Haitis has fully embraced victimization - for many generations - they don't help themselves.

    NZ citizens are a little more plucky and realize they are (mostly) on their own on a small contintent in the middle of the huge Pacific ocean. NZ just gets on with it: helping each other. Probably why lack of coverage in mainstream media outside NZ? Nothing to gain by promoting victimization - the left's favorite trick.

    I'm hoping the best for CChurch... its sad

  6. Exactly.But really,not so sad,in the end.Self-reliant folk ALWAYS fare better than those whose culture teaches them to grovel,rather than take care of business themselves.They have dignity,THE key ingredient for a life of freedom,for all it's uncertainties.Others make the trade,and wonder why their lives are continuously messed up,and who they can blame (wise old Jewish saying:"We can't always help what happens to us,but we control how we re-act to it")...

  7. Haiti...exactly!Old Jewish saying..."We can't always help what happens to us,but what matters is how we react to events".This is a key to freedom.Some idiots just don't get it...

  8. Old Jewish saying (paraphrasing)..."It doesn't matter so much what happens to you,as how you react to events".THAT is the key to Freedom...

  9. I got ya tjones... a true nanny state (like the mentality of Haiti and other places) is never productive - just like how socialism, communism and other statism: doesn't work, never had, never will

  10. Oh dear someone from California suggesting that their 7.3 quake was right under a major Californian city at a depth of only 3 to 5k.

    Good we have American experts on the net to give we kiwis advice.

    So the reason the acceleration of the city buildings being 2 to three times that of Sept was what ?

  11. You'll have to ask an earthquake expert or two to explain the building impact in Christchurch after this quake... could it be where the earthquake hit? depth? building structure? Just a guess...

    Update to this post: the picture above is Shane Tomlinson who was pulled out from rubble and later died in hospital... good bye Shane and hope you have peace in your afterlife...