Saturday, April 17, 2010

American Majority can train U to go beyond TEA

Want to go beyond attending a TEA party protest and really get involved? All politics are local. Want to get involved further but not sure how? "American Majority" can help with the roadmap back for conservatives and republicans as mentioned at Riehl World View.

"At American Majority, we believe that power should rest with the individual citizens, and that makes us different from other, more traditional political nonprofits which operate in a top-down system. We advocate for increased citizen involvement in the political process, defining our success through the achievements of our training attendees and partners. Our goal is to empower the individual to take back the country our forefathers fought for.

Other political nonprofits ask for your money, your time, your volunteer efforts- and then attempt to make decisions on your behalf. At American Majority, we seek to help every American make wiser, more powerful decisions to better their lives and the lives of their families. We are a liberty-minded political training institute dedicated to the freedom of the individual and freedom in the marketplace; we are committed to this mission, and to the people we train. Entirely funded by true grassroots, liberty-minded citizens like you, we receive no government stimulus funds and don’t answer to a big liberal backer. Our small, results-oriented staff ensures that small contributions of time, energy and effort go a long way. Our belief in the American people has helped our staff of just over a dozen train thousands of candidates, activists and college students since our inception just a short time ago. With your help, we look ahead to even greater success in advancing the liberty movement in 2010 and beyond."

Services & Programs
Move beyond the protests and learn how to implement freedom.
Learn to champion freedom in your community through effective groups and new media.
What type of leader will you be on your campus?
A closer look at the founding principles behind limited government and the free market system.

Civic Forum PAC thinks American Majority's "Ned Ryun is right about the blueprint as Ryun makes the point that Republicans (conservatives) can, and must, replicate the Democrats’ efforts in Colorado and take them nationwide, advocating for what he calls a “conservative privatized political infrastructure.”

... Go for it Americans: get more involved!

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