Sunday, November 27, 2011

13 families in one house a "better arrangement" and more just?

A WONDERFUL life explained under communism - a clip from Doctor Zhivago (movie I referenced in my last post)...  Haven't seen the film but have heard people thought it was good?  Go watch it again.  It demonstrates the decay of people into 'revolution' and into the 'glory' of communism and its horrors of the state and people who follow the state's orders like zombies... It is about the the loss of FREEDOM in one man's life.  He works hard as a doctor but the family home is taken away because 13 families can fit in there... He has to work for the state, he has to participate in warfare, he cannot be free... Is that how you want to live America? 
You tube won't allow me to embed this video, so go watch the clip to see what I mean:

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