Friday, November 11, 2011

the abomination of American gridiron football

John Martin's The Destruction of Sodom and Gemmorah

So have you heard about Penn State's football coach being recently fired and students 'rioting' in support of their 'beloved' coach?  Did you know WHY he was fired?  Did you know Penn State was pimping out young boys for sex to their big dollar donors?  Did you know the 'beloved' coach Joe Paterno knew full well what was going on and did not stop it?  Did you know a prosecutor went missing in the Sandusky case(s)?

Ann Barnhardt explains "It is now all over the internet that Sandusky was running a high-dollar pedophile ring, and that "Second Mile" was merely a front and means of recruiting and enslaving young boys who were then pimped to wealthy Penn State donors for sex.
Penn State should be shut down. Not just the football program - the entire university. Shut it down immediately. Any student of Penn State with any sense should be making arrangements to transfer to another university, because graduating from Penn State would necessitate that said person list Penn State on their resume, which will now be a major, major strike against that person. Why? Because they knowingly entered and subsidized a cult that worshiped an old man who "coached" a football team. And, as it turns out, that old man (Joe Paterno) facilitated and enabled a massive pedophile ring. Further, said students, even after learning of this and seeing that "old man" fired, RIOTED last night IN SUPPORT OF THE CULT LEADER / PEDOPHILE RING ENABLER. "

Wow, just wow.  But heck, it is all OK because NOTHING ELSE MATTERS EXCEPT WINNING A GODDAMN FOOTBALL GAME, right?  A GAME!!   Is THAT what it comes down to America?  Winning a pointless GAME?  America, are you SO in to your bread and circus forest you are completely unable to see the trees around you? 

My God... Amazing. 

Its all about the money, huh.  No matter if young boys are raped.  No matter if player has murdered people - or served time in jail for brutally murdering dogs(Oblabla even "praised" the Eagles who re-hired the dog murderer!!)....   Gridiron American Football = Win win win at all costs - NO MATTER WHAT THEY ARE... huh? 

Utter rubbish... and completely disgusting...  American mindless zombies vote in "democrats", allow immorality to seep in across the country and into sports, education, politics and entertainment... and the zombies just keep following them into the abyss - destruction of American culture = God's wrath upon America?.  America has become a city of Sodom or Gommorah...   America is destroying themselves... and God won't intervene... the destruction of America is happening from within.  This Penn State / football shite is just another example of it...


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