Thursday, November 10, 2011

grow the f&k up you stupid occu-poopers, shower and get a job

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For crying out loud, there are even stupid "occupy" protestors in New Zealand now.  Hey, NZ unwashed, entitlement-minded unemployed idiotic leftist-greenie goombahs who are "protesting", go home, take a shower and get a job.  I'm tired of you.  I'm tired of working EVERY day and that taxes I PAY are going for YOUR welfare because YOU are too lazy to work.  You are bunch of a&&holes. 


I'm reposting a great commentary article in full from James Lewis AT below and I agree with it 100000% percent:

The Only Good Occupation...

"Is getting a job. So you won't have to leech off Mom and Dad anymore.

Is taking responsibility for your own neurotic hangups, and not blaming your gnawing feelings of inferiority on the most miraculous, creative, and popular economic system in the world -- including the parts of China, India, and Russia that actually work.

Is learning about capitalism, before revealing your fathomless ignorance to the world. And no, Das Kapital is not about capitalism. It's about the personal alienation and greed of an angry kid who grew up in Prussia almost two hundred years ago, and who thirsted to make the whole world like the Prussian Empire, complete with millions of marching robots. (See North Korea today).

Is not getting manipulated by a sinister cabal of billionaire lefties who want to buy political power for themselves, and thinking that you're doing something noble, idealistic, and unselfish. You're not. You're just flattering your own neurotic egomania, the personality disorder that kept getting you in trouble with your family, your friends, and your impersonal sex partners.

Is growing up.

Is respecting other human beings, who know a lot more about living than you, in your arrogance, think you do.

Is understanding that the Nazi Occupation of Europe, the Chinese Occupation of Tibet, the Soviet Occupation of Eastern Europe, and the Radical Occupation of American Universities are all the same, evil, and deeply selfish thing. They always lead to tyrannies and dictatorships, and they always, always end in killing people by the hundreds of thousands. Or more.

Is to get that Communism has been more humanly destructive than Hitler, because Hitler lasted only 13 years before he shot himself in that bunker. Communist regimes lasted 70 years in the Soviet Empire, and killed 100 million people in that time, while making everybody else poor, miserable, and brainwashed.

Is to realize when you've been cultified and suckered, but good, by Crony Capitalists who have convinced you and a million other dead-heads to believe that you are going to bring peace, love, and proper obedience to the whole wide world. They are making out like bandits for themselves, and you're just the junior storm troopers.

Is to get that:

the leftie media are owned by Giant Corporations, you moron.

That the mind set of Occupy is identical to the mind-set of the Hitler Youth, of Mao's Red Guards who killed 40 million of their fellow Chinese, and of Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge, who killed three million innocent Cambodians --- while your kind did nothing but cover up those murders.

That Islamic mobs are just another version of your kind.

That the American people are learning from your Rich Kids' Revolution what you really are.

That capitalism is the engine of prosperity, technology, real science, and real progress.

Is to get it straight through your thick skull that we've seen your kind before -- we fought three major wars against your kind in the last 100 years -- and that the West, as decadent as it is, will gather itself together and win.

That normal people will win in the end, because capitalism, individualism, personal creativity, and electoral democracy are more powerful than a gaggle of power-hungry freaks.

So look, kids. There are all kinds of useful Occupations. But first one is to get a job and stop bothering productive people who are paying to keep your sorry hide in food, clothing, shelter, and police protection.

Lotsa luck, kids.

Don't forget to grow up. "

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