Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jackson: when liberals ruled America

say, what does a clean dog do the first chance it gets...? image from profimedia
 Another excellent commentary from Kevin Jackson: When Liberals Ruled America - tidbit:

"The Occupy movement was to be Liberal’s manifest destiny. Occupy was supposed to catch on and become the next battle cry for a Progressive Liberal Utopian (PLUtopian) revolution, yet it’s far from it.

The Occupy movement reminds me of why it’s totally unnecessary to bathe a dog. The first opportunity the dog gets, it’s just going to go outside to roll around in the dirt again.

Here’s a quick recap of the Occupy:

First there were thefts of Occupants by Occupants. Then there were sexual assaults. Many Occupants used these gatherings to buy and sell drugs.—nothing like drug-crazed zombies roaming the streets to define your movement.

After all the eating and partying, eventually nature called, and some Occupants “paid their water bills”[1] in the park skipping the porta-potties. If that wasn’t enough, one Occupant pinched a loaf on the flag and another defecated a police cruiser. Occupants’ sexual activities created a run on free clinics for STD testing, and much of what the Occupants have done has created a public health issue, including an outbreak of tuberculosis in Atlanta.

Adding to this impressive resume of accomplishments, the Occupants assaulted cops, which in some cases are the very same cops asked by the Occupants to roust the homeless who wished to join the “cause.” Apparently the Occupy became a “members only” club, and the homeless were not on the list. We have a dress code, you deadbeats!

It’s easy to see why Democrats from the top down supported this movement. Obama praised the Occupants’ courage for marching against the excesses of Wall Street, and Pelosi all but organized a prayer vigil. But hold on Hank Johnson, as Guam may have finally tipped over—Democrats may be regaining their sanity in all this.

Democrats will allow Occupants to steal, molest, pillage, harass cops, disrupt business, and reject the homeless, but they draw the line at their voters killing each other.[2] So with the recent public safety issues, it is said that the Democrats are distancing themselves from the Occupants."

Read the whole thing here

The only thing I disagree with Kevin on is I think some Demcrats (now many of them open Communists) will happily allow voters to kill each other - whistleblowers (and others) get killed on behalf of a dem-com requests - more often than people think!  Remember the dodgy list of 100s of mysterious deaths under Clinton?  And yes indeed, a mysterious death list under the Oregime has commenced as well... (so you might want to rethink that one Kevin)...


  1. Saucy,

    You don't have an Occupy Auckland movement? A fellow Marine and I went to Occupy DC and handed out US Constitutions to the useful idiots. You might enjoy the series with pictures that I took at my blog.

    We're certainly on the same side of this one.

  2. Hi Common Snse... I left you a few comments... yep, the nutters are indeed down here in NZ... our leftist rag paper calls the "global occupy movement a biblical voice"


  3. Lisa,

    Thanks for the visit and the tip on the "Biblical voice." I attend a Methodist church in the US - I'll check up and see where our folks come in on the protests. Gotta keep a eye on those preachers!