Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sunny's Top Five Reasons To Be a Commie Pinko

Excellent list (I love lists) featured at PJ Media from miss Sunny: her top 5 reasons to be a commie pinko!

1) Free stuff! "Need an apartment? It’s free! Never mind you have to share it with 20 smelly strangers — because … wow! You don’t have to pay for it!"

2) Really Cool Propaganda Art "Why are Communists so good at this? Probably because reason doesn’t work in their case; they HAVE to appeal to your emotions; and boy, do they ever!"

3) Easy Disposal of Your Enemies "Is a neighbor bothering you with his overly perfect lawn? Did a coworker best you in a meeting the other day? ... Well under Communism, you don’t have to take that s*it. Just report to the authorities that your enemy was complaining about the government, and voila! Problem solved."

4) Baryshnikov

... and finally:
5) Being a Rebel WITH a Cause Is Good for Your Pathetic Self Esteem "If you lived in a Communist dictatorship, you could become a capitalist. In America, you have to become a Communist to experience the same joy of counter-culture rebellion where you can take all your victim issues out on everybody else but appear as if you just “care about people.” It’s incredibly satisfying. Like taking a big dump."

great job, Sunny ... keep it up! 


  1. thanks RR, yep I suppose it is a bit weird... did you go read Sunny's commentary at Breitbart? Its pretty good...

    The "glamour" of communism is completely false - if you re-watch Doctor Zhivago, as I did a month ago, you'll recall Hollywood putting a bit of glamour as a coat of paint (lovely movie stars) as they brushed their screen canvass of the horrors of the Russian revolution and communism.

    Recall the scene when "the people" (communist wannabes aka revolutionaries) take over the doctor's home: a woman defiantly states "there was living space for 13 families in this one house!" ... oh yes, how wonderful and glamourous communism can be... when houses, food nay, health care and even ideas are RATIONED...

    yep, its weird the people in America WANT communism and WANT socialism and WANT marxism... and selected a false potus and are OK with him and congress being lawless and not following America's constitution...

    weird, yep, weird... have a good day RR or should I call you comrade? ;-)

  2. (correction, Sunny's comments are at PJmedia)

  3. if communism killed 100 million then capitalism killed
    1 billion and counting
    man people are blind and hold money above their freedom
    "It's called the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it." George Carlin

  4. Haruhi, I published your comment even though it has no logic whatsoever and you have provided not proof whatsoever.

    If you would like to be a happier person and understand truth: go read anything by Milton Friedman to understand economic systems.

    To understand the USA and what a constitutional republic is about, read "the 5000 year leap" available at Amazon (

    There have been MANY more deaths under communism, Marxism, socialism - which can all be categorized as "statism".

    Countries which believe in human rights, privacy and individual freedom - follow more capitalist systems. These have LESS death than ANY country which follows STATISM.


    ... now go do your research and learn something