Thursday, November 24, 2011

Climategate 2.0: can another huge storm of truth be ignored by warmists?

a storm of truth in the distance?
Yep, 2 years ago there was Climategate 1.0 - now there are more emails released - with even more damning evidence of the scam (that the very tiny bit of C02 man emits has ANY effect on "global" warming of the planet). Truth seekers are calling it Climategate 2.0

Here are a few examples of the liar's emails - which only prove their AGW political-activism-ideology.  (< look! an "ology"!).... Hey, we are the "scientists" with grant money - you must believe us, our "science" is SETTLED - because we (the IPCC and alarmists!) want our money to continue - just so we can spew our ideology! ... Flipping amazing:

<5315> Jenkins/MetO:

would you agree that there is no convincing evidence for kilimanjaro glacier melt being due to recent warming (let alone man-made warming)?

<2423> Lanzante/NOAA:

While perhaps one could designate some subset of models as being poorer in a lot of areas, there probably never will be a single universally superior model or set of models. We should keep in mind that the climate system is complex, so that it is difficult, if not impossible to define a metric that captures the breath of physical processes relevant to even a narrow area of focus.

<4443> Jones:

Basic problem is that all models are wrong - not got enough middle and low level clouds.

Much more here, here or here to get you started...

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