Monday, September 21, 2009

Boots on the ground - in Chicago

A wee bit of political feedback aka “on the ground” in Chicago

Just got back from a visit to my “home sweet home, Chicago”. I hadn’t been back for over 2 years. I took photos of the loop, food and other random or regular stuff like squirrels as my friends observed “you are acting like a tourist...” to which I replied “well, I’m taking pictures of ordinary things you take for granted while you live in Chicago”. NZ, for example, does not have squirrels which I kind of miss ... they are cute.

Anyway, when I left in June 2007, things politically were pretty hunky dory and relatively calm. Sure, the ‘left’ had been bashing George Bush non-stop for almost the entire 8 years of his presidency. This never really bothered me much because most people I knew in Chicago were quite happy with their lives, the economy was relatively stable and life in general was good. Islamic terrorists tossed a few planes at the World Trade Center and the American general happiness bubble burst. But by 2007 though, people remained diligent this would not be allowed again. For all the mistakes George Bush may have made, no further terrorist attacks occurred while he was president. That is a fact.

But what now for Chicago? Were they all still riding the lefty bus trying desperately to get back to a pre 9/11 mentality? Had everyone gone over to a progressive thinking mindset? Was everyone happily sending their kids to Obama training camps to get re-educated?

After a year of avid reading and research of the constitution, legal filings, American history, facts and logic, I am pretty convinced the progressive thought bubble since January 20, 2009 goes something like: “... Crisis? Yes... please keep them coming! We need to keep the people scared so they accept ___ (whatever crap we are selling this week). No crisis? Oh damn it to hell - they may figure us out...OK QUICK - what can we do to create another crisis? Crap, get the Alinsky playbook out, what do we do next? Hey, give the state run media their orders...errr... memo so we’re all on the same page...”

OK, no, I certainly do not know all 9.6 million people in Chicago and surrounding areas. However, I was pretty apprehensive about travelling back into the beast of the corruption belly - but curious at the same time. What was everyone thinking 8 months into this ‘administration’?

  • Was the whole city still drunk on koolaid?
  • Does everyone happily read all the lefty newspapers and have blinders on to everything in Washington?
  • Is the state run media working their magical charms casting spells of hope and happiness over Chicago?
  • Are Chicagoans too busy working and living their lives to pay attention to the creeping power grab/take over by the current federal government?
  • Are people just accepting changes to their realities when directly impacted?
  • Did everyone still love the generic promise of “change” now coming at them so fast, hard and strong; like a steam roller on warp speed? Or are they just getting flattened?
  • Was my young cousin, married in October 2008 who included a pro-Obama campaign poster in her wedding photos, still enraptured with “the one”?
  • Dare I even ask opinions of those I know who used to proudly state they are Democrats, who may resort to calling me names instead of looking at facts or logic?
  • Would I lose friendships or alienate family?
  • Was I the only one in my circle of family or friends now considered to be a ‘radical’ or ‘in the mob’?
Well, “no” or “hell no” is pretty much the answer to majority of the above...

On my journey into Chicago, I did feel extremely confident I am in the majority of Americans. I was armed and ready with ‘righty’ or conservative feedback such as facts, figures, logic and truth. I could jump into any type of political discussion to quickly show where this has all gone horribly wrong and why America is now facing an internal ‘war’ with its own federal government who is violating the sovereign documents which make America America. I will be thrilled when, most likely, ALL lefties will be voted out in 2010. Average Americans across the entire country are now involved. I plan to submit my vote where possible as an American citizen living abroad. I was prepped to help educate my young nieces and nephews - or anyone I know – and dispel current myths the lefty media proprogandists are trying to foist upon America.

Luckily for me, politics didn’t come up too much. Below is a bit of feedback from the ground in Chicago. You tell me whether it’s ‘left’ or ‘right’...
  • One of my friends, who hates politics, thinks some of the current mess is “the mess BHO inherited” to which I replied “well BHO has put America way deeper into debt and has spent more than every single president combined”. She calmly agreed yes the economical mess is now definitely ‘owned’ by the current administration no matter what or wasn’t ‘inherited’.
  • Another friend feels Chicago may be so big the politicians need to be a bit corrupt to get anything done. Well, now that is an interesting thought, isn’t it...? Perhaps why the lack of corruption is so refreshing from people like Sarah Palin and explains why people who are tired of corruption gravitate towards her. I hope she stays in the game.
  • Next, a friend explained her teen, now in 2nd year at a very liberal college, was motivated to get involved politically by starting a young republicans group on her campus. Well, good for her: the youth are getting involved.
  • Last tidbit: but not from Chicago. On my way home, I was on a flight from Memphis TN to Los Angeles CA. I heard a few snippets of 3 businessmen having a lively discussion directly behind me about politics for the entire 4 hour flight. These men, all from California, were returning home from a business trip. None of these 3 were pro-Obama. One had gone to the Sept-12 march on Washington. He glanced over at me during this part of their conversation as he complained about the lack of media coverage, so I chimed in to ask how many people did he think attended? His guess was somewhere between 750,000 and 1,000,000 from his personal observation but he was not sure.

No, I did not eavesdrop or listen to every single word - I just caught bits and pieces as they confidently, not quietly, discussed many issues I've been reading about all year. I did however find this very reassuring and quite calming that even Californians are wise to the lefty administration antics.

* * *
So my report from the home front and travels in the USA?

I am still in the majority.

America is wise to the political corruption and lies being promulgated by the left media: the majority IS now fully awake, engaged and motivated to travel from California to Washington DC to simply express their opinion as Americans.

The youth are indeed getting involved – > against the leftist lies. Thank god: the real ‘movement’ is pro-America, pro-conservative and pro-truth.

* * *
America is not lost and is quickly tiring of the lies. She knows or is avidly learning the truth. She has a bit of buyer’s remorse. She is not going to become a ‘socialist’ nation if she can help it.

* * *
I will still worry, but feel confident America will find her way:

she has just begun to fight

P.S. dear ‘anonymous’ comment from Sept18th: this blog is only my opinion as I try to promote TRUTH of what is going on in America. You don’t have to read me. No, sorry, I am not ‘promulgating propaganda’: that is what the leftist state run media does. But a sincere thanks to you! Since I have now received my first negative comment after blogging for only a few months, I know I must be doing something right! Cheers for that, mate... good on ya. I hope you will open your mind to the truth as it does set you free...


  1. Just found your blog and it is good to see you are giving the good folks of NZ a dose of the truth. While Americans are waking up to the fact that their savoir is nothing more than another two bit political thug from Chicago, the rest of the world continues to BELIEVE the hoax. As a lifelong Chicagoan, I can tell you that there will be real CHANGE this year. Even in IL, where voter apathy is second to none (why bother voting when you are alive, it only gets counted when your are dead, automatically in the D column) people are thinking the GOP has a chance. Watch the Massachusettes and IL Senate races. They may both turn GOP. If they do, irony of all ironies will be that Obama's hellcare will not only lose his former senate seat, but also that of the long time socialist for whom the whole stinking plan came from, Ted Kennedy. Yes, a new day is dawning in America! Thank GOD!
    Hope you are having great weather. It was just above zero again this morning.

  2. Thanks for commenting Meg. Yep, I'm watching Mass. and Ill. races as best I can from over here. I don't watch American TV (although we have CNN and FOX here) but since I'm online reading alternative media, I feel more informed than ever!

    I think Illinois could use a dose of Republicans - only if they are conservatives and not RINOs. You might enjoy reading for their recent column on whether they think Mayor Daley will get re-elected.

    Weather here is excellent, fyi, 75 and sunny skies today. I miss snow & bitter cold of Chicago (I grew up there!) a bit at Christmas time ... for about an hour... then I take my shoes off, go outside to water my garden and get over it...