Monday, January 28, 2013

USA frozen? Aw too bad, so sad; summer here

Good morning from Auckland on a sunny, summer day in January 2013.  Yep, while N. America is freezing cold, we have lovely, relaxing summer weather.  We have a work holiday today Monday the 28th and are probably going for a hike nearby on a trail, then maybe do some gardening or barbecue-ing... we'll be chillaxin' for sure. 

Neener neener.


  1. Well...not all of North America is freezing.We got in the high 50s today in Nashville....tho,I gotta admit,I'd like to be "chillaxin" there in NZ.A friend who lived there always got misty-eyed when he spake of New Zealand.Ironically,I earlier ordered "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd....Have many Good Days!!!

  2. hi Hardnox, tjones.... sorry for the smarta&&-ness...

    ok, nope, not really sorry... weather been great here this month... and a big part of reason we moved down here to the S. Pacific.

    cheers guys and thanks for stopping by! :-)