Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 America: few with morals in site

Yep, immorality is on the rise in 2013. Browsing a few commentaries at PJ Media today, one lays out the specifics very well by Bryan Preston Can you fight futility?:

"When you have more takers than makers, as seen in the eleven “death spiral states,” you have people helping themselves to the fruit of other people’s labors. In the current president, we have a man encouraging that behavior on a grand scale, with his callous class warfare and continuous assault on “the rich” and “those who aren’t paying their fair share.” He was re-elected running up larger deficits than the ones he called “unpatriotic” when it was convenient for him. He was re-elected never defining what “fair” is or explaining in detail what taxpayers are getting for their money. He was re-elected breaking his word. More Americans know about and are enraged by Dan Quayle and “potatoe” than the fact that their taxes just went up, that their president lied, and that we’re still hurtling toward the mathematical fact that our nation is on track to spend itself into bankruptcy. They don’t realize, or just don’t care, that this president once labeled his own policies “irresponsible” and “unpatriotic,” and that if he was right then, then he must be wrong now.

I can sit here arguing all day and all night, here in this space or on Twitter or Facebook or wherever eyeballs happen to be, how awful all this is but it does no good at all. As soon as you bring up the m-word — moral — you lose most of your audience. Most Republicans no longer want to hear that word, let alone Democrats or independents. To use it is to jostle up memories of that world that’s gone, Father Knows Best and all that. It’s antiquated. Quaint. Intolerant. Gets you labeled as a crank and dismissed.

So we fight the details of this or that policy in utter futility. We’re nibbling around the edges of the crisis, though. The next assault will be against a fundamental right enshrined in clear ink and with clear purpose, the right to bear arms. Having surrendered the right to be left alone, and having severely damaged the freedom to think, and having pushed our transcendent beliefs off to the margins, it may be easier than it has been in times past to assault the right to self-defense. A moral people would realize that the move to grab firearms from the law-abiding is going to empower criminals and politicians — sorry to be redundant — while doing nothing to make anyone safer. That assault will be followed by others, and phony crises and posturing and heavy spin. A moral people would see through the spin. A moral people would discern truth from lie.

But are we that anymore? For the answer, just look at the quality of the people we have placed in power over us. Just look at the things we choose to care about, and the things we let slip by without them bothering us."

Mr. Preston is right, "we" aren't a moral majority any more in America. So, who cares? I turn 50 this year and my New Year's resolution this year is to care more about MYSELF, my family, friends and my life. Tough cookies for you, lefties.  Illinois is one of the 11 'death spiral' states Mr. Preston mentioned.  Well, of course it is.  Not my problem.

I wrote the following on Dr. Helen' PJ Media post New Year's Resolutions so I quote myself:

"I’ve been venting by blogging, facebook-ing and now twittering, but I think I’m just preaching to the choir. Lefties in my family just shake their head and don’t listen to my “crazy ranting” (I don’t, I just offer the truth)…

Who am I kidding? The left love their lives and they will love them to the demise of everyone else since the end (their utopia) justifies the means. I see the USA going down, slowly, with help from pansy “Republicans” in power, who vote along with Dems to keep their place at the treasury trough...

But see, there I go again, obsessing about politics.

OK I realize I cannot stop caring about America. I do… but I don’t live there any more, so who am I? I’m just an expat, who was lucky enough to live through Reagan times and had a very rude awakening in 2008 when I realized the “country” was filled with leftist nincompoops in power (media, schools, political offices) all over the place...

Yep, I love capitalism – but I live in a quasi-socialist country now (NZ)… and I’m not fully enjoying myself. I have to find the good… I plan to get involved (as much as I can) locally to see if I can help stem the tide of NZ’s own march towards communism. Dunno if anyone will listen to me down here. I follow conservative NZ politicians so will continue that...

Well, summer here while USA has winter – so that is a good thing.

I’ll continue my “ranting” about the truth and how it is all citizens responsibility to keep their government accountable. I will cheer all gains by center-right-moderates in the USA. I’ll stop stressing, but keep talkin'

I can’t “un-know” stuff now… too late, I know the truth.

Damn… (deep breath, enjoy my life, family, friends, pets, beautiful home, great job, OK health and gorgeous country... I can do it... breathe...)"

In conclusion on my thoughts for today, why should I care about leftists? They are getting exactly what they want. The media, Hollyweird, schools are all teaching leftism to kids. This has been going on since the 1960s and longer. We have reached full indoctrination point. Sure, there are teens and 20-somethings who care about conservatism, are participating in T.E.A. parties, speaking out, doing great youtubies, blogging, etc. These youth are rare diamonds. The rest of 'em have complete apathy about what is going on - exactly how Mr. Preston describes.

Sad really. I'll remember the 'good old days' for me - which were under Reagan. 8 years of bliss - I didn't worry about America at all. My president was handling things, big things and kickin' a&& globally. We had star wars, business growth, financial reckonings and the end (even if temporary?) of the cold war. The wall did come down. We were the shining city on the hill.  I'll have those wonderful happy 1980's memories... until I leave the planet. I'll always have it and it cannot be taken away... You can have your Snooky, your O-phones, your immorality, your welfare baby momma handouts, your abortions, your gay marriage, your leftism and your march to communism.  How fun for you!

I already know better. I'll be a good citizen and speak out, maybe, here and there... but, psst, hey lefties, I just don't care about you any more. When the gubmit $$ runs out, and it will, you'll finally be on your own. Too bad you won't have a clue on what to do then... good luck, don't let the door hit you in the a&& on your way out.

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