Thursday, January 10, 2013

Chick's Feminism

Have you been over to Chicks on the Right?  They are inspiring and exactly the kind of gals I'd love to be friends with if  I ever moved back to the USA.  They are my kinda great ladies, outspoken, smart and true blue American patriots. 

Here's a video they put out about what a "Feminist" looks like:

I've always been independent, bought my own first home on my own after working and saving for 10 years.  I've worked full time for over 20 years and love the America I know - the conservative half.  I'm a Reagan girl who was always uncomfortable with the 'pro-choice' position and am now solidly in the pro-life camp.  I love Sarah Palin and all her awesome accomplishments. 

Conservative women are much kinder, smarter and more truthful than leftist women by any means. 

That's about all for the moment... I'm a good citizen, law abiding - and now I gotta get to work. 

have a nice day out there girls

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