Monday, June 10, 2013

FIGHT to KEEP free speech in USA alive and well

Freedom of speech is the FIRST AMENDMENT of the USA constitution! 
It is the bedrock of the United States Constitutional Republic!
Free speech isn't 'free' unless free people FIGHT to retain and keep it!

Pam G's has a fiery speech about this topic recently in Tennessee:

So why exactly is Pamela G. all fired up in Tennessee?  Details from Cliff Kincaid over at Trevor Loudon who writes:  "An Islamic Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee features “Strong Islamic studies,” a term that implies Sharia, or Islamic law."

A TENNESSE MOSQUE is advocating for Sharia law WITHIN THE USA. Islamic supporters want to make CRITICIZING Islam illegal.  This mean: THEY WANT TO BAN FREE SPEECH!

Mr Kincaid continues "Lafferty said it was entirely predictable that when Killian mentioned the name of the Attorney General, Eric Holder, who is neck-deep in several scandals, people in the audience booed. “Every mention of Holder had the same effect,” he noted.

Killian’s speech, Lafferty said, was that “Muslims are misunderstood and they are no different than you or me” and any criticism of Islam is “hate-mongering and bigotry.”

“The biggest story of the event was the crowd,” Lafferty said. While some people were angry and animated in their reactions to Killian’s lecture on “hate crimes,” he said there was intimate knowledge of Islamic practices and that when Muslim speakers at the podium with Killian talked about Islam as a peaceful religion which valued good citizenship, people interrupted with the word “takiya,” a reference to the Islamic concept of deception.

However, CAIR and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) insisted that local residents, as well as Geller and Spencer, were at fault for reacting to the DOJ campaign against the First Amendment. This became the story line of much of the coverage of the event.

The SPLC works hand-in-glove with the Obama/Holder Justice Department, smearing opponents of radical Islam as “Islamophobes.”

But Lafferty of VAST said the focus was “that a special meeting was being conducted to talk about the Department of Justice’s commitment to protect the rights of one religious group—Islam.”

Lafferty and others question why the Justice Department has singled out Muslims for special protection and that such a practice reflects adherence to Sharia, or Islamic law, over and above American law and the Constitution.

He noted that the DOJ based this meeting on the fact that a local Tennessee politician had posted a stupid gag on Facebook about targeting Muslims, and that the incident was “being used as the pushing off point for Justice to scrutinize every statement about Islam on the Internet.”

“Both Pamela Geller and the incomparable Robert Spencer spoke brilliantly about free speech and the threat posed to it by government suppression,” Lafferty said."

"I don't care if you want to worship a stone, just don't stone me with it!..." P. Geller

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