Friday, May 4, 2012

Harvey: If I were the devil from 1965... still true

Marathon Pundit: Occupy Chicago May Day march pics you won't see in the establishment media
 The push for communism -> is alive and well in Chicago and other cities at their recent violent promoting "May Day festivities"...  **sigh**

This is my 1000th post since I started blogging couple of years ago...

This blog has been a great way to vent my frustration with the numbskulls in America who "voted" in a fake, usurper illegal form of the devil himself into the people's White House in 2008. 

image from Facebook - where many patriots post lots of center/right truth now
 Is enough of the American electorate awake yet to stop the tide in 2012?  They woke up in 2010 with historic elections putting T.E.A. party conservatives in state office and congress.  But, the devil is still very much running the show in Washington.  Reaganite Republican posted this Paul Harvey video from 1965 which is still very relevant today...

Communists have purposely infiltrated and yes, are still trying to take over and "America Can Survive Barack Obama - It Cannot Survive An Electorate And Mindest That Elected Him"

She is at a precipice...  You have a choice Nov 2012, America, what will you choose?



  1. Lisa,
    Congrats on the milestone. I too blog to keep my head from exploding.

    Harvey's speech was amazingly prophetic. Remarkable actually! Who would have thought we would be there right now.

    The late Czech president (Baklav Havel) said it well when commenting on our 2008 election - "... a nation cannot survive its fools".

    This November will be the test if we really have such fools. Let's see if the old adage of "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me" works.

    If Zero wins we are finished, as is the whole West.

  2. Lisa- I read your comment on H/nox's blog. Damn it, i resemble that SouthSide remark. LOLOLOLOLOLOL.. There's still some good one's out there. Bridgeport, Canaryville, Mt. Greenwood, we're here.....

    Might want to rethink admitting the Wilmette thing. Only a stone's throw from Ravenswood. You know who lived there before his incarceration. Not to mention who lives there now............. ;)

  3. hi Hardnoz, J.O.B.... thanks for commenting guys! Harvey's speech was eery with its current relevance... Nov will be a good test to see if the individual fighting spirit is larger than the gimme-gimme taker attitudes... we'll see!

    Wilmette is far, far away from anything happening in Ravenswood... Evanston is the multi-cultural barrior between Wilmette and southern stuff... Wilmette likes their liberalism, too, but they like their money much much more... but seriously, Wilmette is a great suburb, clean, rich full of nice people and caring neighbors. I loved living there and had an awesome childhood in dat hood.

    I do worry for Chicago area and Illinois in general.. you know you are broke, correct? The liberal policies loved there are hurting ya'll badly! Good luck!