Monday, May 14, 2012

A Constitution-wielding American public

Behold, the establishment and the media's very large enemy for the 2012 elections... a constitution-wielding American public.  Jay Clarke at American Thinker points out the TEA party isn't gone, missing or asleep, its just been steeping:

"The political earthquake of November 2010 was a Tea Party-inspired event. Since then, the grassroots movement has matured from a simple protest movement into a professional coalition of local and national groups dedicated to re-establishing fiscal responsibility, constitutional rule, and accountability of elected officials. They know what they want. They've learned from their mistakes. And their political savvy is growing.

Numerous websites, blogs, and radio programs are being created every day by average Americans intent on defending their God-given rights. Writers, authors, speakers, filmmakers, musicians, actors, and artists have all added their talents and abilities to the cause. People of every background, race, profession, and religion are joining together in a vast and powerful citizens' movement to rein in our out-of-control federal government and hold unruly politicians' feet to the fire.

The Tea Party movement is no flash in the pan. It is not a fad, and it is not temporary. It is American patriotism and citizenship on fire. And it will continue to grow in strength and influence because it is born of the American people, stoked by a love of country and fanned by a deep yearning for liberty.

As the movement grows, expect to hear the same dire predictions and "woe is me" coming from liberals, progressives, media outlets, and moderate Republican policymakers. Just as they did two years ago, they'll mourn the good old days when Republicans were known for their "bipartisanship" and willingness to compromise rather than their loyalty to the Constitution.

The socialist left and the Republican establishment have a lot to lose in this election. They may even join forces as they suddenly realize that they have much more in common with each other than either would have believed.

They both seek power. They both seek wealth and influence. Their primary motivation is self-preservation. And they share a common, dreaded adversary.

A Constitution-wielding American public."

AMEN brother!

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  1. Lisa, I completely agree that the Tea Party is not a flash in the pan. It's very much a grassroots movement of Americans who have actually read the Constitution and believe it to be a founding document, not a "living" document. I am quite curious to see what happens this election cycle.

    By the way, I have changed the format of my blog and have taken on a co-writer.

    ~ G

  2. thanks again rightg.... I've deleted the lunatic leftist comments from this post, but your feedback is appreciated

    I am tired of tolerating the left... they are not worthy of my time...

  3. Lisa- That was a decent article. I do think that some TEA Party members became complacent. However I do believe that Obama's latest support may actually garner more votes for Romney. As for your previous post, I feel that it's best right now not to debate you on your opinion. Let's face it though, Homosexual marriage is something that seems like a no win argument. You'll never change my opinion, and I'll never change yours. So like Tenth and myself usually say, we'll have to respectfullt agree to disagree.

  4. hi JOB, thanks for the comments... did you read the 10 reasons against homosexual 'marriage'? I am fine with gay couples having legal civil unions and contracts with each other for benefits in case of death (etc), but for western society as a whole: "marriage" is a unit for 1 man and 1 woman. Simple. Go read the reasons... I am not in favor of homosexuals raising children either... There you go, that's me.

  5. Lisa- I read it, I just don't agree. I appreciate your honesty on the matter. I know it's delicate, that's why I don't wish to debate you on it. I just hope you feel the same way. I got some s##t on the Chicago NATO protest on my blog. Check it out if you get a chance.