Monday, September 5, 2011

soon: 10 year anniversary of Sept 11, 2001 jihadist attacks

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Interesting round up from the UK's on the upcoming 10 year annivary of America's Sept 11, 2001 attacks by Islamic jihadists - and some highlights on related attacks since by (guess who!) Islamists and players involved like from 01Mar2003 when "KHALID SHEIKH MOHAMMED, the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, is captured. He is in Guantanamo Bay, facing death sentence." Check out The Day The World Changed Forever.

Where you you when it happened?  How did it impact your life?  Do you think it is a "day of service" (as USA "Democrat" history revisionists like to call it) - or do you remember it for what it really was:  an attack of war on American soil by Islamic jihadists.

Do you agree with politically correct nincompoop NY Mayor Gloomberg (P. Geller's nickname), who is in bed with Shariah financeers, that a mosque on ground zero is the way to go?  Or do you agree NO Islamic victory mosque (ever) on a site they attacked?  (Islam is in to the conquest thing!)

How will you remember the 10 year anniversary?  In the lead up, I'll be watching some of the National Geographic rememberance programs with my husband starting with the George Bush interview I have taped ("My Sky'd" aka Tivo'd). 

If you're in NY that day: join the Freedom Rally - say YES to freedom and NO to stealth jihad

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