Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Learn from history: FDR wrong. Dems wrong. Paul Ryan right.

Paul Ryan (R - Wisconsin) is correct in describing the current mess the always wrong Democrats have gotten America into... again:

Guess what: history shows FDR and "the new deal" was all wrong, too. And now the same damn mistakes from the 1930s are being repeated as Obamster-regime tries to push America towards the European socialist-marxist model. A good Feb 2009 post from Instapunk explains FDRs failures well - with YouTube clips even:

"It's simply false that FDR was universally admired and that there was never any doubt his policies had rescued the American economy from the Great Depression. The truth is, there's a growing school of revisionist thought which asserts that FDR almost single-handedly kept the United States in a depression that could have been cured with a lot less government interference, no matter how much he is idolized by people who swallowed the MSM idolatry of the time."

This week, the brilliant Rush Limbaugh warns Republicans the Democrats have probably figured out they will lose HUGE in November (if rampant voting fraud by Dems isn't successful): so Dems will try to blame Repubs for the Dem MESS they have created since 2007:

"The Republicans have been blocking and Democrats have been doing great things, but they're not getting any credit for it. No. The reason they're not getting any credit is because nobody likes anything that they're doing. So back to the scenario: All of the excrement hits the fan starting in January, coinciding with the Republicans taking control of the House, maybe even the Senate, and being sworn in, and Obama proposes all these fixes. The debt commission, by the way, can't do anything on its own. The debt commission can make recommendations, but then they have to be enacted into law via legislation or executive order or what have you. So let's say the Republicans say, "We're not gonna do all this. It's gonna destroy what's left the country." There's Obama saying, "See? See? I appointed this commission. I got people that really care about this! We gotta fix this country. I inherited a mess, and the same people from whom I inherited the mess are now in charge over in the House of Representatives."

And you can bet that the media chorus would just line up and follow the same thing. I mean, I think the Democrats, Obama, might actually hope the Democrats lose so big that they might as well go for broke and get everything they can during the lame duck session and then with the help of our one-party media, all the things rammed through in the lame duck Congress will be blamed on the Republicans -- and if not that, when things go to hell in a handbasket starting in 2011..."

Elected and current Republicans better talk up Paul Ryan's plans LOUDLY and often - Roadmap for America's future:


  1. I wish Paul Ryan would run for president. He's got a great plan. He gets it. -- SCOTT

  2. Yes he does Scott... Rs need to talk up SOLUTIONS to the Dems mess they've created...

    More like Mr. Ryan please. USA will need better and VOCAL financial leaders starting Jan 2011 when GWB tax cuts cease and Rs sweep the house & senate... UAS econ will probably tank in 2011 and Ds will BLAME all the Rs.

    Rs need to PREPARE NOW for a FINANCE BATTLE! ;)