Thursday, June 3, 2010

Will Chicago guv Blago trial reveal dodgy homosexual facts?

Funny picture, eh...

Well, the story isn't quite as "funny". If true, it certainly explains the holier-than-thou attitude Rod Blagojevich takes about being indicted.

Some say BHO went to Chicago recently doing behind the scenes recon for the Blago trial - or to (illegally of course) exert influence for this information to NOT become public.

Would the world or America even care if these guys are all gay? Maybe... maybe not. Mee-chelle and the kids would be upset (maybe... maybe not). The LYING is what matters.

Every time Obumbles opens his MOUTH a LIE comes out. No.Truth.Ever.

So was/is BHO a member of a gay club in Chicago as per BeforeItsNews? Follow up here from FellowshipOfMinds.

Maybe Rahm, too, from ZachJones... & BackyardConservative reports: Rahm been subpoena'd for Blago trial.

Blago trial starts THIS week: 3-Jun-2010... Tomorrow for you Americans.

Get your popcorn! Larry Sinclair is ready for vindication.