Saturday, June 5, 2010

Le Fifi arrivez

We just got a new cat from the city shelter...

She is a cute, wee, thin little female and looks like Pepe Le Pew's girlfriend so we've named her Fifi.

Bonjour Fifi! Welcome to our home...
Le Meow, baby... Le Meow!


  1. She looks a lot like my little buddy Bucky who I had to put down a couple of months ago. Congrats on the addition!

  2. Sorry about Bucky... we just had to put our little dog Sheela down... still working on a post, but check out this tribute to here (if you're a dog lover):

  3. Very nicely done. Life is so much duller without animals for companions...
    Bucky was only 4 when I had to make the decision. I stayed with him while the vet did it...I was almost OK until I got a sympathy card from the vet. People who've never had a four-legged friend have no idea how attached you can get to them.

  4. Only 4? That is a shame...