Saturday, April 13, 2013

Leftist media ignoring serial killer #Gosnell trial because pro-abortion

Ugg... there are 2 horror trials going on this week.  NZ's media is actually covering their Gosnell trial.  The NZ Gavin Gosnell trial is of an evil guy who beat up a 15 year old, left him overnight to die then dismembered him.

The USA "media" (and I call them that loosely - the are just lefist propagandists) is purposely ignoring the USA Kermit Gosnell baby murderer trial.

Only bloggers and online center-right media is extensively covering the USA Gosnell trial.

A comment from CitizenEgg on Twitchy sums it up pretty well:
"Tell the media that he had 'binders full of babies!' Okay, that's not true. They were jars. Jars.Of. Baby. Parts. Perhaps the people who were so interested in voting with their #ladyparts would be willing to consider why we're so upset by this murderer and his collection of baby parts."

JD Mullane points out local media are ignoring it in Pennsylvania

Fox had a bit of coverage - covering why aren't the other media covering this story (so not too much on the actual details of the actual trial, etc).

I'm trying to get the images out of my mind from post Kermit Gosnell's House of Horrors at The Brenner Brief.

Ugggghhh...  USA has a cancerous, satanic darkness creeping over it and infecting it.  Its called Leftism. 

Twitter users are pushing back with the #Gosnell hashtag.  Prepare yourself for the emotional horror, then go read up on the atrocities... and then re-think your "pro choice" abortion position.  Murdering a baby when its a few cells AND when its almost full term -> is STILL murder. 

Would there be media coverage ("if it bleeds it leads") if they butchered DOGS?  Of course.

Or how about guns? GOP Rep: ‘If Gosnell Had Walked Into A Nursery and Shot 7 Infants With An AR-15, It Would Be National News’

Dana Loesch says "Even If It Saves Just One Life: Abortion Regulation NOW". Nice play on the 'gun control now' leftist media meme being pushed right now.

Michelle Malkin pointed out the left's hero Margaret Sanger-pro-abortion-eugenics tie in back in 2012 with ‘To Stop the Multiplication of the Unfit’:  The Left HATES people and is trying to kill them wherever they can 'legally'.

Too many people on the planet using up resources doncha know is the loony GREEN communism position, too.

THAT is why the USA lefist 'media' won't cover the gory details of the #Gosnell trial. They believe in their culture of death - its A-OK with them - just fine and dandy...even if its racist!!

Ugggh indeed... I need to hug my pets now.

THANK you birth mother who chose adoption instead.  I'm on the planet because she chose adoption.

ADOPTION NOT ABORTION...  stop the death culture.

You should be properly disgusted with the Gosnell stories and media's ignoring them, but I'll leave with some happy images.... *sigh*

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