Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gunwalker "most important political and legal story in America right now"

guns, lots of guns... were GIVEN to Mexico cartels courtesy of USA feds...

Bob Owens at Pajamas media says the Gunwalker story is "the most important political and legal story in America right now."

Could be...

Owens says "I don’t wish to understate it: elements of the U.S. Departments of Justice, State, Homeland Security, and Treasury are responsible for supplying an arsenal to narco-terrorists waging a civil war against an American ally. Our federal government may bear responsibility for at least 200 murders committed with “walked” firearms, in what Mexican Attorney General Marisela Morales describes as a “betrayal” of her country by the Obama administration.

Are there legal ramifications? Perhaps. According to Title 18, 2331 of the U.S. Code, Operation Fast and Furious may amount to international terrorism, which carries with it stiff penalties for conspiracies that result in homicide. The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act — which was originally used to prosecute the mafia — and the Arms Export Control Act (AECA) may also fit, as may assorted state and federal charges. Charges may also result from two investigations launched by Mexican authorities, and Mexico could conceivably file charges with the International Criminal Court."

Could you imagine Obama, Holder and others up on charges, convicted and sent somewhere in orange suits?  Now THAT would be a celebration of justice for those killed in Gunwalker.

Yep...   So WHERE is the AMERICAN MEDIA on this story, eh?  hmmm, mmm, mmm


  1. They are AWOL HERE as they are AWOL on leftists calling for violent revolution in America and an overthrow of the Constitution and Federal Government.

  2. you're right as usual Gunny... its crazy or should I say "they" on the left are crazy, eh