Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm sure Rahm will cure all Chicago's ills, right?

Oh... Chicago... I weep for your continued slow demise... thank god I grew up in Wilmette...
Exactly how TheWon and Queen Antoinette Meechelle are solving all of America's problems by spending the nation into growing debt and dark oblivion, I venture an educated guess Mr. Rahm, the new selected Mayor of Chicago, will be super dooper GREAT for the city and solve ALL of their nagging wee problems - in probably the same manner... Never let a crisis go to waste!

Gird your loins Chicago residents... for large tax hikes in your future!

I chalk up the ongoing "progress" (?) in Chicago to the blind, leftist media and rampant, continued corruption. Al Capone got 'nuttin on the current Chicago gangsters...
Michelle Malkin points out a few statistics:

"Just a reminder: What Rahm has to look forward to:
- A $654.7 million city budget hole.
- Massively underfunded city pensions.
- Public school disaster.
- Public housing disaster.
- 10.8 percent unemployment.
- Public corruption And more corruption. And more corruption.
- Consistent ranking as one of the nation’s most miserable and stressful cities.
Good luck, man."

(is she being slightly sarcastic in her well wishes to Rahm, what do you reckon?...)

Rick Moran at American Thinker weighs in:

"Chicago is a one party dictatorship as there were no serious Republican challengers. There never are. The Chicago Machine's minions make sure of that. Tactics ranging from physical intimidation to legal skullduggery keep the city safely in the hands of the crooks who milk the taxpayer until they scream for mercy - and then milk them some more.

Emanuel was not very specific in his program for the city. He didn't have to be. He got the blessing of Godfather Daley (behind the scenes) and his Patrone Barack Obama. As usual, the reformers were disorganized, listless, and fought among themselves regarding which candidate to back. Not that it would have mattered. Loyal alderman were standing by to make sure that the "right" election outcome ensued.

A recent Wall Street Journal article highlighted the Census Bureau's finding that the population of the city of Chicago has sunk to levels not seen since 1920. Sky high taxes, crime ridden wards, and an unfriendly business climate have all combined to drive jobs away from the city, along with people. If this keeps up for another decade, the Windy City will begin to resemble the Motor City.

A testament to what power and greed can do to a great city."

Indeed...! Go bleed those Chicago taxpayers dry, Rahm, bleed 'em...

dats da Chicago way


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  2. Remember Escape from New York? Well, we did an escape from Chicago, if you want to call crossing Harlem Ave. over into Harwood Hts an escape. Nevertheless, it's still a great improvement from not having to pay the city sticker alone, which I think is at 80 or 90 or even a 100 bucks now. Here it's $15. Yes, I grew up in the city with the Milwaukee Ave. exodus. You see, if follow Milwaukee from Downtown all the way up into Gladstone, you'll understand that was the direction white flight took place for decades. You start with Humbolt Park, up to Logan Square, then Belmont/Cragin, onto Portage Park, finally Jefferson Park before ending at Edison or Gladstone. Now, what's left is a triad of white, black, hispanic, and the rest of course. We got Yuppies living with gangstas in Logan Square. Neighborhoods that were once terrible now host half million dollar condos. It's a joke. It'll never be the way it was. Woolworth's, many bakeries, even Maurice Lenell are gone. Not the same town of the Sixties and Seventies. You may know me Lisa from IOTW, try to guess. LOL. I like your blog. Anyway, sorry about my rant and boring comment. I'll visit again. Remember, Superman's father never really perished with the planet Krypton.

  3. thanks for commenting anonymous (or is that Chalup or Doc??)... good ol' Harlem Avenue! Have traveled up and down that quite a bit mostly up around Edison Park though. My sister currently lives in Park Ridge and my mom in Glenview. I don't miss Chicago area weather or shite politics - sure seems its going downhill for business and many people leaving...

    I worked in the financial district in the loop for a good 15+ years and always commuted in by Northwestern trains. Those trains are awesome!

    cheers from NZ