Friday, March 30, 2012

Monckton on eligibility, AGW, communism, Alinsky

hattip Ann Barnhardt

Lord Monckton clearly explains the Alinsky rules to shut down skepticism regarding the BC fraud posted on the White House's website and AGW...

Speaking of AGW deniers, Australia has taken a big step back from the carbon cliff with their recent Queensland and Victoria elections.  Jo Nova explains:

"We shouldn’t underestimate shift that has just taken place. The psychology of Australian politics moved as the large swinging center was revealed. Not only was the Queensland election worse for Labor than anyone predicted, the message was clear, voters rejected the lies, and rejected the carbon tax. The smear campaign by the Labor leader (Bligh) did more harm to her than it did to her target. Finally, the Hype-and-Spin Machine ran off the rails. This is real progress. Today both Queensland and Victoria are peeling back the warmist bureaucracy. I’m happy. The new premier of Queensland Campbell Newman, is scrapping many state carbon reduction schemes. Who knew that the head of Queensland’s Office of Climate Change was none other than Mr Withers, husband of former Premier Anna Bligh? Who said the Labor Party nowadays is just about government money for supporters and mates? Campbell Newman has said he won’t sack Withers. Instead he wants him to unwind all the programs he put in place. Newman is keeping the solar subsidies for household rooftops, but everything else is being dumped."

GOOD on ya, Australia!

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