Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why my blog is 100% extremely pro America

“The Gadsden Flag, 1776 – The uniquely American rattlesnake became a popular symbol in the American colonies and later for the young republic. When the American Revolution began, the rattlesnake appeared on money, uniforms and various military and naval flags. To provide a striking standard for the flagship of the first commodore of the American Navy, Christopher Gadsden, an American general and statesman from South Carolina, chose the rattlesnake for his design.”

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I have been recently called an "extremist", that my blog is "anti-American" and I believe in "conspiracies against the president".
All of this ... from a family member...

OK, where to start? Am I an "extremist"?

I have been posting pro-freedom and pro-constitution information like a mad fiend on FaceBook all year. Posting the "truth", however, now seems to be "extreme" to people this year.

Interesting isn't it...

Why do I post? Why do I blog?

Just trying to WAKE UP brain-washed liberals who DON'T understand they've been BRAIN WASHED! The ones that don't know things now actually welcome and believe the anti-American crap sandwich being fed them and are OK with commie-czars currently running amok in the PINO administration.

I say: Who cares if the O-bam is 1/2 black or a super dooper sweetie pie (gag) or nice-guy...
read my lips: HIS POLICIES STINK and are BAD for America (in way too many ways to list in this posting).

So, I purposely post thought provoking things and I get a few comments on facebook and my blog, but mostly my friends just ignore me.

Unfortunately, these friends are bury-ing themselves in the sand... (phrase 'go along to get along' comes to mind)

They ignore politics and "assume" everything will just be hunky dory...

Some are still happy PINO got elected...

This is a huge mistake.

Now, more than ever, people need to get involved. (Look at people in Virginia and New Jersey. They "get it" & got involved recently electing conservative Republican governors a week ago. THIS WAS A HUGE UPSET TO THE DEMOC-RATS.)

Why should everyone be involved?

Because the MAJORITY of America is conservative. Communism (or whatever evil-ism) WILL NOT WORK in America.

With freedom comes RESPONSIBILITY. America only exists if her citizens keep the responsibility of the founding documents alive and in tact. If we NO longer follow the constitution and the other founding documents, we are NO longer a constitutional republic. We are dangerously close to the precipice if not already there. It is 5 minutes to midnight.

These head-in-sand friends & family unfortunately may remain this way indefinitely.

Some have already been "normalized" (brain washed) by decades of purposeful liberal / communist efforts.

What do I mean? There is an actual METHOD for brainwashing an entire nation! The KGB has used it (& still might be). Watch these creepy videos on Dr.Kate's View blog.

This KGB expert from 1985 outlines the 4 stages of brainwashing:

1. Demoralization
2. Destabilization
3. Crisis
4. Normalization

I can think of many examples from THIS year about fake crisis foisted upon Americans. (Why do some accept crisis as the new normal?).

Here's one specific example: I recently asked a Chicago suburbanite I know, who isn't much into politics, why he thinks Chicagoans knowingly put up with corrupt mayor Richard Daley. He is corrupt and 'everyone' knows it. His answer: "well Chicago is so big, I think you need to be a bit corrupt to run it..." See? This person ACCEPTS the corruption as status quo! He has reached 'normalization' by just accepting a mayor he knows/agrees is corrupt. It has become the new 'normal'.

So back to the question I started with, am I an "extremist"?

Well what does this word mean?

From a random search of the definition of extremism, from the 'free dictionary':

Extremism - See also Fanaticism

drys - advocates of Prohibition in America. [Am. Hist.: Allen, 41]

Jacobins - rabidly radical faction; principal perpetrators of Reign of Terror. [Fr. Hist.: EB, V: 494]

John Birch Society - rabid right-wing group ideologically similar to the Ku Klux Klan. [Am. Hist.: Van Doren, 576]

Ku Klux Klan (KKK) - group espousing white supremacy takes law into its own hands. [Am. Hist.: EB, V: 935]

McCarthy, Senator Joseph (1909–1957) - anti-Communist zeal frequently resulted in injustice. [Am. Hist.: Van Doren, 522]

Mikado of Japan, the - demands Ko-Ko execute one person a month. [Br. Opera: The Mikado, Magill I, 591–592]

Now those examples are "extremism" ! It does not describe me or ANYTHING in my blog at all...

HOWEVER, if you recall, the far left government types ARE trying really HARD to RE-DEFINE what an "extremist" is.

Janet Napolitano, earlier this year as an official part of the United States government, named the following people extremists in an 'official 'report (based on "internet chatter"):

  1. Pro-lifers
  2. Ex-military / returning veterans
  3. Believers in free speech
  4. Believers in small federal government
  5. Believers in state government
  6. Those for traditional and against gay marriage
  7. Those against illegal immigration
  8. People who are pro guns and pro 2nd amendment

ummmm.... that is probably quite a LOT of Americans! (so are we all extreme? don't think so).

At LEAST 40% of the country define themselves as 'conservative'... So nope, sorry Napolitano, your new definition doesn't work... hey, by the way, Janet baby - based on YOUR report: how's the lawsuit filed against you going? Read about the suit against Napolitano by the Thomas Moore Law center.

Read the actual DHS report April 7, 2009 for yourself (which Napolitano later sorta, semi-apologised for).

BUT not really, because same 'faux' concerns given to cops were warned AGAIN September 25, 2009 about 'false' extremism. (Repeat lies often enough and... are they believed...?)
So no, sorry to disappoint(?)... the short answer: I am not an "extremist" at all.

Nor am anti-American but rather following my duty as a proud American to fight FOR America by posting and discussing the TRUTH.

And a conspiracist? Well, guess what, something is not a conspiracy if it is ACTUALLY HAPPENING. Take the fact PINO is not legally the president (not elligible!) as defined by the constitution. That is probably the biggest truth labeled a conspiracy I can think of. His 'election' was based on fraud. Not enough people were awake to prevent this, but it will be resolved hopefully sooner rather than later.
A bit of what I love about America...

...I still believe in the American dream

...I understand responsibilities of and the need to fight to keep freedom

...I appreciate the USA military standing on the wall protecting me and providing my freedom

...I understand she stands as a beacon of hope for immigrants from opressed nations who arrive to pursue their own American dreams

...I grew up in an upper middle class neighborhood with peace and prosperity everywhere I looked or went (1980s under Reagan was awesome)

...I believe in the Declaration of Indendence, the Constitution of the United States of America and all the founding principles

...I believe America is a republic, founded 233 years ago, as a nation of laws and being a law abiding, contributing citizen

...I understand she is not perfect

...I believe she is exceptional

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