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Were Celts the true indigenous people of NZ?

The Triscele was a sacred symbol to the Celtic People, representing the eternal rhythm of life. This ancient symbol adorned their most sacred places representing the trinity of life, most significantly, it represents the Goddess in all her forms ~ Maiden, Mother & Crone.

I was having a back and forth on Trevor L's site NewZeal yesterday and an anonymous comment suggested Maoris are NOT the indigenous people of NZ.

Were ancient Celts the true indigenous people in NZ and were they here long before Maoris?

The site "Ancient Celtic / Scottish / Viking sites in NZ?" suggests "There is much to be resolved, and much much more to be uncovered in New Zealand. " and raises lots of questions such as:

  • Should descendants of the perpetrators of such heinous crimes (as mentioned on their site), have been displaced from lands acquired by such barbaric methods?

  • Should such people cry foul over land they "sold" to European settlers, or perhaps had confiscated, yet suffered little more than a perceived loss of dignity and access to land they never husbanded or owned?

  • What recompense for their victims?

  • The people removed by murder, rapine and desolation of the worst kind?

  • Dubious land claims recognised by the Waitangi Tribunal have not addressed the situation that will arise when descendants of the early Scottish settlers make their legitimate claims as the original indigenous population. Their documented history of possession starting in the 11th Century when the land had NO other inhabitants will be revealed! Similar claims could no doubt be made against Maori by descendants of Waitaha, Moriori, by Portuguese settlers, even by the Patu-paiarehe or Turehu if any still remain alive. (And strangely enough it seems there may have been reasonably recent sightings of these folk.).

  • How far back do we go do we go to make restitutions?

  • Is the Waitangi tribunal acting out of fairness or has it become rampant revenge on the part of some Maori?

  • Or a means to entrench a Maori aristocracy to overlord it's graft and corruption into a society already labouring under other inequities?

  • Not all the inhabitants of the lands we know as New Zealand were even given the oportunity to view, negotiate or sign the Treaty. Where are the Moriori, Turehu, Patupaiarehe and Waitaha signatories? Unfortunately utu begets utu and ultimately all Maori may lose face and mana as more damming reasons for revenge are found on behalf of the earlier Celtic settlers.

  • Forgiveness is much more appropriate, but some Maori entities, fully aware of the past are seriously endeavouring to destroy all evidence in artifact, land and access, that could re-establish common knowledge of the earlier groups of 'indigenous' peoples - the real Tangata Whenua!

  • It is interesting to learn that the term Maori only gained recognition during the 1800's and that prior to the expansion of European settlement, the term Tangata Whenua was used by Maori to refer to peoples here before they arrived!
Fascinating stuff... I'm curious for answers! Click here to read the rest.

The above book "Ancient Celtic New Zealand" also asks:

  • Why has the New Zealand "Department of Conservation" been suppressing knowledge of a huge, pre-Polynesian, stacked stone city in the Waipoua Forest of Northern New Zealand and why was the archaeological report to be withheld from the public for 75 years?
DAMN, is the NZ government covering up historical artifacts? Crikey that is el stinko if true...

Lots of information exists on ancient Celts in the Americas and Europe. Go do some research.

For example, Ancient Celtics knew full well how to carve in Jade / Greenstone. Could Maori have learned their carving skills from the ancient Celtic peoples?

Pre-Columbian Jade artifact - looks quite similar to carved greenstone Maori items
(wouldn't it be quite ironic if Maoris used carved weapons to kill all ealier indigenous people who had taught them carving skills?)
Ancient Celtic spiral pattern - looks similar to Koru patterns?

And why would the Maoris want to HIDE all of this information?

Goals and statements from their "Election polity" own site ("Maori Party" formed in 2004) suggest they claim New Zealand is "theirs" as the indigenous people:
Our party, the Māori Party, incorporates the name of the indigenous peoples of Aotearoa - maori - in this sense meaning natural. Our commitment to you is that we will uphold indigenous values, to ensure our country maintains its natural beauty for all who call this land home.
We are working on further developing an identity which is truly of the Pacific.
This is our long term plan.
- and -
The Māori Party is the only political party where the Treaty underpins its actions through kaupapa tuku iho. The Māori Party is calling for open and informed debate for constitutional change.
Our priorities are:
Constitutional Commission
• Establish a Constitutional Commission to begin a constitutional review aimed at, among other things, drafting arrangements that give effect to the Treaty of Waitangi.
Parliamentary Commissioner for the Treaty
• Appoint, as an Officer of Parliament, a Parliamentary Commissioner for the Treaty to proactively promote the Treaty's commitment to partnership.
So I'm guessing the Maori party is NOT happy with the current government and the Treaty of Waitangi which formed New Zealand!
The Maori Party wants Maori to win back control of New Zealand. In a world where the abolition of privilege is a central tenet of modern democratic reform, the Maori Party wants to create a world where the colour of one’s skin determines social and economic advantage. On its own, the creation of racial privilege for anyone calling themselves Maori is a preposterous notion. But with the acquiescence of John Key’s National Party, it is exceedingly dangerous.
* * *
Alas, the question "Were Celts the true indigenous people of NZ?" remains unanswered.
I wager the Maoris hope everyone else in NZ does NOT figure it out!


  1. No, I do not believe the Celts were the true indigenous people of NZ. But I do believe Pacific groups lived here before Maori take over and that these groups were fairer in complexion/hair than Maori and were passive in nature. However the true Persian and Turkish peoples were also fair in complexion before Arab invasion- this does not mean that they were Cetic nor Christians. Celt peoples were not Christian in the beginning.

  2. It does seem there were other sea faring peoples who arrived in New Zealand before Maoris.

    Perhaps the Maoris ate them all. No matter... what is irksome is the Maoris big push to get all sorts of special treatment because they happen to be here before the latest round of Europeans.

    The Maoris act very separatist IMO. What makes them more special than anyone else especially all the NON Maori peoples who have made NZ what it is today? NZ won't prosper or grow up as a big, mature country if we keep responding the Maori cry babies.

    Laws for everyone should suffice.

    thanks for stopping by Anonymous...

  3. Last month I was visiting a museum where it has many jade stones with an interesting hieroglyphics about the Celtic's customs. It was wonderful.

  4. Wow, Pere, thanks for the long winded commentary, and a lot of it is just air... Um, what the heck are you on about? Of course there were different people who arrived on the islands now called NZ before Maori. The Maori tribes fought amongst themselves quite a bit... and to stop this in-fighting was part of why they signed the Treaty, correct? Ya know, to get British protection...

    Face it Pere, NZ was colonized. Done deal my friend. If anything, the non Maori who now run NZ allow the 15% left of part Maori to have a very loud voice in NZ out of respect. The Maori are just pissed off they got colonized. Too bad, so sad...

    I think if noone ever got here, Maori a) would have killed each other off and only the largest strongest tribe would have survived and b) NZ could still be Aoteoroa... but it would look just like Samoa... Wee, cute lil island folk with lots of brawn and not a lot of brains. Dats it, dats what these islands would look like. No European or Asian brain influence... Sheesh, you give some Maori tribes money and they spend it all on stupid investments and LOSE it all... you can't even GIVE them reparations these days ... nope, all brawn, no brains... Prolly why they are so good in sports? Uh huh... be offended ALL YOU want you wee person... Its my blog and we are ALL entitled to an opinion... Go away now or I'll delete your silly trite

  5. my ignorant troll Pere has been deleted... its comments pollute my lovely blog...

  6. Sorry "dazzl sukz" or whatever your name is, your comment isn't worth publishing. Sorry if my post got your goat. Too bad.