Monday, November 30, 2009

Just some facts on the fraudulent AGW source code data

Leonardo da Vinci was awesome: fact or opinion?

I have always loved science and math. In high school and college, I took biology and disected frogs and a fetal pig. We studied all the biological systems: skeletal, respiratory, circulatory, etc. It smelled gross because of the formaldehyde (and my being a teenager), but it was fascinating. I love learning scientific facts about how things work. The human body and natural world is amazing. I also took chemistry, physics and a good deal of math, too and even several psychology courses. But science was always my favorite. If Buddhists are correct and I get to have another life, I'm going to study hard for the 4-5 years needed to become a veterinarian. (Remember to always spay and neuter all your pet dogs and cats people!)

Enough about my love of science.

You've heard the warming mantra "the science is settled" right? This is part of the warmists propaganda. What has been settled in the last couple years, and is currently and purposely being ignored, is the MAN has not caused the earth to warm up at all by "tons of toxic C02 emmissions". Not in the tiniest bit. This is not my personal belief: the fraud of AGW is in the data.

Nov 24, 2009 from PajamasMedia: ClimateGate computer codes are the real story
Nov 25, 2009 from AmericanThinker: CRU's source code: ClimateGate uncovered
Nov 25, 2009 videos explain it: More on the ClimateGate source code

America has been conned. Big Time.

Nov 29, 2009 again from AmericanThinker: The warmist PR con job

& what do the facts also tell us? TIME TO POSTPONE COPENHAGEN!

***Update on how media is doing their damndest to ignore this story***

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