Thursday, November 19, 2009

You gonna sit back and take it?

Where do you find courage?
"What do you do when you have a serious problem? Do you simply pray about it and wait for the answer? Prayer alone is not enough.You must do your part. As the saying goes, after praying for a good harvest, you keep on hoeing. Trusting God is waiting actively, not passively. And that takes courage!"

Althought raised Catholic, I admittedly had some serious issues with specific teachings. But without getting into my reasons for those issues, I can say firmly I did appreciate lessons learned in the church growing up. Did I absorb some of these lessons ... ? (probably!...)

Take the story of David v Goliath. Yes, it is a biblical story, but isn't it more of just a human story? David somehow finds inner courage to battle the giant Goliath and wins with a well aimed slingshot to the head. Sure there is more to the story, but the "moral" for everyone, no matter what religion, is David wins because he found courage.

American people need courage right now. The USA federal government has become a seemingly unbeatable giant. The American people need to do whatever it takes to find and keep their courage to fight. John Charlton recently wrote if the people want liberty, they can seize it peacefully. Legal court cases continue battle on the NBC front (see Mario Apuzo's new ad in the Washington Times Nov 16, 2009). All peaceful means will be pursued, however, Americans will not submit to slavery willingly and concede defeat. Too many people are awake now so I'm quite confident that will never happen. For now, I will keep spreading the word!

Back to finding courage. Even if you don't dig the David v Goliath story, you might have your own stories of courage. I found a good article about "courage in a time of crises" by Robert Fellows from 2003. When the author finds himself "deeply affected by any crisis" he takes "five actions to reduce anxiety":

  • Reality checks - ask other people how they feeling about the crisis (you're not alone!)
  • Taking control - noone can control everything, but you can get involved in a way that makes you feel more in control
  • Fitness - go to the gym! take care of yourself
  • Rational thought - take charge of what you can, pursue your own goals
  • Faith - everyone can at least find faith in themselves... it is always darkest before dawn

He describes these much better than I do, so click here to read the full article.

Last month I blogged about concrete suggestions to undermine PINO's power and today saw a good article "Kiss your freedoms goodbye if health care passes" by Judge Andrew Napolitano.

People have asked the judge: What can we do now about the loss of freedom?

His answer:

  • For starters, we can vote the bums out of their cushy federal offices!
  • We can persuade our state governments to defy the Feds in areas like health care—where the Constitution gives the Feds zero authority.
  • We can petition our state legislatures to threaten to amend the Constitution to abolish the income tax, return the selection of U.S. senators to state legislatures, and nullify all the laws the Congress has written that are not based in the Constitution.
  • One thing we can’t do is just sit back and take it.
GREAT advice! The first one worked in recent Nov'09 Virginia and New Jersey elections! (sha zam!). Progress... In NY23? Well Doug Hoffman has "un-conceded" (if possible) as the VOTE COUNT still continues there. (Keep fighting, Doug!)

Click here to read the full article by Judge Napolitano. He is great, as usual.

For the rest of us? Time to find your inner David courage and FIGHT Goliath!

Don't sit back and take it...

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