Thursday, August 27, 2009

Two types of Americans exist right now

This is a GEM of a comment from GatewayPundit. In a posting about Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, Rush states this about BHO's policies: "This is statism, totalitarianism versus freedom". In the comments about this article, Alana smartly suggests there are only 2 types of Americans right now. What does Alana mean?

Judging by the people I know, we have two types of people in this country right now.

Those who know things, and those who don't.

The ones who don't, listen to the MSM and quote - get this! - quote the White House web site as the final answer to all the "misconceptions" about the health care bill.

They are the ones who always say, regarding any topic at all, "but Obama said," as if that is an answer.

Then there are the ones who go farther than the MSM, and farther than "Obama said." Who go onto the Internet, who read for hours and hours, who put things together (it's all out there), and know things.

Two types of people: The ignorant and the ones who have done a bit of research.

The ones who have bothered to read, even a little, are very concerned, and for very good reason.

The rest - like the trolls here - are just ignorant. The sad thing is, they don't know it. They have no idea how much they don't know. They take everything on faith.

Well said Alana, well said.

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