Saturday, August 1, 2009

Missing Ronald Reagan and the 1980s

The man....
OK, I'll say it: damn, the 1980s was fun! Clothes with stunning unisex fashion, music like New Order and the Cure, dancing at a local pubs and learning to be an adult. At 18, I graduated high school in 1981 and proceeded to have an awesome decade.

The 80s had its share ups and downs for America, but the economy was on an upswing with supply side Reaganomics. In general, most people in Chicago and in my circles seemed quite happy with life.

As a young adult in the 80s, I started noticing a bit of what was going on in politics. Little stuff was happening such as the Star Wars defense systems or the Berlin wall coming down. However, I didn't really worry too much about politics or America's well being because I felt completely and utterly safe with president Ronald Reagan as the captain of our ship. America and the world I knew made sense. So amongst all the fun and news I did not watch on TV, I do remember the hub bub about the "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall" speech in 1987. It was a good speech. 20 years later, via audio or video clips, President Reagan's words are eerily still relevant. His message still inspires and probably influenced me to become the strong conservative I am now. I have a friend I have known for many years. She is still on the liberal side of things, was happy BHO got elected and is now in the anti-Palin camp. She is obviously still watching the propaganda put out by the biased mainstream leftist American media. She has not opened her brain to reality yet and it is a real shame. She is, for the most part, unhappy with her life. I, on the other hand, appreciate everything I have.

The current 2009 regime of progressives/liberals want to forcibly implement "good" ideas for the collective which end up hurting people. One example of a good idea gone bad has been going on for decades: welfare. More and more people go on welfare, so the left expands welfare thus more people go on it. This was started back by FDRs programs. Analysts have stated FDR prolonged the depression...
How exactly does giving people hand outs incentivise them to get off the dole and back to living happy, independent lives rather than becoming dependent on said government hand outs?
Why do welfare mothers get more cash for more babies? The welfare cycles are getting worse not better. Star Parker has written a book about this called "moving back to Uncle Sam's plantation" and recently about health care and the push for "a government health care plantation". "Health care reform" contains more great ideas such as counseling to encourage euthanasia for the elderly and money to pay for illegal citizen's care.

Here are a few better ideas off the top of my head: If people are in the country illegally; ship them back to their country of origin. Use any additional funding to expand existing progams for the elderly care and veterans. Make abortions harder to get and expand adoption programs for people who actually desire kids. Don't give the welfare mother extra money for kids. If she has over 3 kids, give the 4th and 5th (etc) up for adoption. Create plans and training to give incentives to people to get off welfare.
I digress... so what do these ideas have to do with missing Reagan and the 80s? Nothing. Just a sidebar to give a glaring example of ongoing failures of progressivism. Life is not as simple to understand like it was in the 80s. It is way more complicated now.
Glenn Beck is worried about the whole government infrastructure. Today he states "I believe I now know exactly what they're doing. They are putting a structure in place, around our existing government. An exoskeleton is being built around our Republic. And rather than support and protect, as exoskeletons are designed do in the animal kingdom, this one is designed to feed off its host. At the same time, the host is being attacked from every direction, also by design. The attack agents are cap-and-trade; health care reform; card check; the collapsing dollar; bailouts; stimulus bills; "cash for clunkers"; gigantic, unsustainable debt, and on and on." Read the whole commentary here.

All of this information is starting to make my head explode as the 'one crisis after another' Alinsky concept is meant to. They want the public confused and in crisis to foist their regime onto them.

I would like to peronally know the answer to what is the "greatness" of "the one": why liberals? What specific policies make BHO the great president you think he is? Have you seen the unemployment figures? Is everyone you know much happier NOW compared to same time last year? How's the housing market in your area? Lots of jobs in your neck of the woods? Great progress in 6 months?

If you cannot think of direct benefits helping you personally, which policies help your town? How exactly? How about your county or your state? ...No? Can't think of any direct benefits? Then why is this presidency working for you?

Now I am off on too many tangents, but getting back to what I do miss about Reagan and the 80s: a complete sense of safety, security and prosperity of the American way of life. I personally feel safe and happy living in New Zealand, but I fear this way of life for Americans is being purposely flushed and a lot of young people who missed out on the 80s will not even know what they are missing...
Amazon still sells the "Preppy Hand Book" (funny)....

My sisters and I with our 1980s hair... ;)


  1. AMEN to that! I miss those times so much words can't express. Back in the 80's all my dreams seemed most reachable. Now there is total despair as the semi-conductor company I had worked for for so many years moved operations overseas selling out American workers. Now we have hardly anything left due to the greed. We will become a 3rd world nation I am afraid. I miss Reagan so much. It was nice to have the American dream for awhile anyway.

  2. Bummer your company moved ops overseas... a lot of that has happened the last 10 years or more...

    My husband & I have lived in NZ since 2007 - but if we had stayed in Chicago, we BOTH would have lost our jobs in 2009. I worked for a large corporation which laid off 6000 people (I would have been one) and my husband's small IT management company went out of business in 1 week after the boss died.

    Luckily we are both employed in IT field down here in NZ. For now!

    NZ is now taxing its citizens for air (yes, we have an emissions trading scheme) as NZ follows the UN malarky about man made climate change and carbon trading... so there is silliness down here in politics

    good luck anonymous & thx for stopping by...

    1. Yes, that man made climate change not proven by scientific facts.... oh wait. Quit being an ignorant fool. Love, a fellow New Zealander.

  3. And you, Thomas Knudsen thinks man's .06% of Carbon Dioxide is influencing the earth's climate in the slightest?

    BRWA HA HA HA HA HA HA ha ha ha ha! thanks for a laugh, I needed one