Monday, November 16, 2009

Is green NZ re-thinking AGW?

Beautiful New Zealand ... clean and green
... and everyone down here has completely bought into
man-made global warming mythology / hysteria
... are New Zealanders "globalists" or was that just Helen Clark's push?
...don't know, but she is working at the U.N. now...

Awash in happy green liberals down here, today my heart warmed as I saw TWO recent articles which actually decry and question AGW (anthroprogenic global warming). Will debate occur?

NZ is such a small nation. It does not belch pollutants in to the atmosphere like China, India or the USA. NZ media though has NZ convinced they are horrible "proportional polluters"... (huh...? give me a break...)

From Nov 16, 2009 "Running hot and cold" comments on 9 areas which NOT "caused" by global warming because the facts do not support it:
  1. Bangladesh - sea level
  2. Sudan - expanding deserts
  3. Caribbean - hurricanes
  4. Australia - droughts and bushfires
  5. Siberia - warming
  6. Tuvalu - sinking
  7. The Great Barrier Reef - in decline
  8. Alps - glaciers retreating
  9. Britain - more floods and storms

Another article from a month ago was also referenced by today's. From Oct 15, 2009 "Change is in the air - but it's not man made". This author states:

I am not, and nor are the many, many people - scientific and lay - who agree with me, a climate change denier. We cheerfully admit that our climate is changing. It would be hard not to, since climate change has been happening since the Earth was created.

- and -

My scepticism grows when I note the fact that the Franz Josef and Fox glaciers are increasing in ice, that the ice melt across the Antarctic during the summer (October-January) of 2008-09 was the lowest ever recorded in satellite history, that western Antarctica has had a major increase in ice lately, and that there are 200-odd peaks in the Himalayas that are increasing drastically in ice and snow.

"The science of climate change is far from settled. Meanwhile, there is no compelling evidence that human-caused climate change poses a strong future danger."

Professor Carter says no measurable environmental benefits have resulted from actions taken under the Kyoto Protocol, nor can they be predicted to result from CO2 emissions restrictions more generally.

On the other hand, the social and economic "disbenefits" of governments deploying such instruments are reported daily in the media.

* * * *

Beautiful, clean, green and contains those capable of critical journalism, healthy sceptism and real investigation?

Wow... I knew I loved NZ for a reason...

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